The sake brewer separates 20-25% of the total rice (we use 25% here), from which to grow kome koji or rice koji and which we’ll simply call koji. I have a question about the primary fermentation (moromi). Table three compiled from various sources: Hough, Briggs, Stevens, Malting and Brewing Science, Chapman & Hall; Amerine, Berg, Cruess, Technology of Wine Making, Avi; and other sources. 3. 8. Saw a good amount of airlock activity but it never really seemed to take off. This recipe makes what the Japanese call Nihonshu, Japanese shu (rice beer). Previous batches were great. (Pricing for U.S. orders only), BREW YOUR OWN 5515 MAIN ST. MANCHESTER CENTER, VT 05255 PH. The resulting temperature should be somewhere around 75F/24C.

Many premium sakes have distilled alcohol added before pressing so I tried doing that.

Over the next 48 hours the koji will work its magic and the rice will almost completely liquefy. Keep the mash at room temperature and stir every 2 hours for the next 12 hours, then twice a day for the next 36 hours. The measurements for koji in the recipe are for the final koji weight or for the rice separated for koji weight? This was with a ferment similar to what is called doburoku (home-brewed farm sake). All should be capped (loosened) and placed in the refrigerator at 35-38F/2-3C for about ten days. Gently mix this, with mild agitation, into the fermenting mash for a few minutes. How will it be different? float a sterile container of ice cubes in the mash). Once the gravity has dropped below 1.000, it is time to separate the sake from the rice lees (called kasu).

As I understand it, the secondary fermentation is meant to stop the activity of the yeast and the koji correct? Be sure the mass has cooled well, and is no warmer than 90F/32C, before adding the fully fermenting mash from the small fermenter.

I once approached a kura in Japan to buy a sack of rice. 5.

As noted earlier, our finished sake is rather dry at SMV +16/s.g. 2. 1. Cover with a plastic sheet. Let me suggest that you make a copy of this master recipe, and mark it with date-time notes about when those tasks need to be accomplished. Brown rice can be used, but it is not recommended. (Roughly), Does that not seem wrong or am I misunderstanding or misreading, Thanks – what a great gift you’ve produced. At the proper time, steam the rice for one hour; and while this is going forth, clean and sterilize your large fermenter if you haven’t already done so. For example cheese cake.

3. It is also called Seishu: refined shu or rice beer. Cool it by adding the water you saved, and chilled, in the refrigerator (#8a above), and/or place the container in a cold water bath. It must ALWAYS BE KEPT REFRIGERATED.

Be sure the mass has cooled well before adding the shubo ferment, so as not to damage the active yeast mash. But I was wondering, is there anywhere I can get your book over here in the UK? The koji for each addition (except that for the very first step, shubo or yeast mash) is always added to the mash 12- 18-hours before adding the rice for that addition. Not nit picking, just requesting clarification since the recipe is what is critical. do you think this will work with Kviek Yeast?

Steam the next segment of rice (48oz/6.5c/1360gm) in the usual fashion. This batch liquefied quite rapidly and has a much more pleasant fragrance. In the first 14-days main ferment most of the alcohol is formed, often at about 1%/day. That evening, prepare 2.5 cups (20-oz/600ml) good brewing water that has been de-chlorinated by standing for a couple of days. I have had maybe 15 attempts at making sake from this receipe, but the results are always disappointing and don’t really taste like sake. I mill my rice using a Twinbird rice mill from Japan. e. If you have stored your koji in the freezer move it into your regular refrigerator. With modern refrigeration equipment, keeping to that traditional timetable isn’t strictly necessary, but for the homebrewer on a budget it can help. Instructions Wash and coarsely crush rice. I’d do almost everything the same but use kviek and don’t worry about keeping it cool. The water used for making sake should meet the same requirements that hold for beer: clean, good tasting and chlorine-free. Properly soaked rice is just slightly less than crunchy and breaks up easily, but is not squishy. Kimoto and Yamahai are methods where no lactic acid is added. Most in-stock items ship in 24 hours! I know it’s soft naturally but don’t have the mineral analysis. The three storage containers will have your clear sake, as it is ready, to bottle. At first glance it appears very complex, labor intensive, and intimidating.

Since pasteurization does the same, would it be wise to try the sake often during the secondary fermentation and pasteurize when i think it is good? Correct? b. • A small fruit press. Our sake — final — SMV+7/0.995 16%abv TA 1.7.

Please note that you can NOT produce usable koji by merely adding rice and water to some kome-koji. The drop of 7 SMV is accomplished by adding sugar in the amount of 1.75gm/liter. Just ended a batch that didn’t turn out as expected. Will those lees in my carboy be too thick to drink? 12-hours later — stir gently again for about five minutes. Moromi or main ferment, consisting of. From here on maintain these low temperatures if possible. There are many steps in the process, so it helps to keep a checklist and a calendar. I’m glad it is working out and that you like it. Use a racking cane to siphon the cloudy nigorizake out from under the floating cap of kasu and into sanitized one gallon glass jugs until you can’t draw off any more liquid. Temps in the area were well into the upper 90’s. Move the fermenter to a location that will maintain it at as close to 50 ºF (10 °C) as possible and allow it to ferment undisturbed for the next three weeks. It is possible to continue building up alcohol by adding additional sugar until fermentation ceases. By now you have tripled the volume of the original shubo, and the ferment will be quite active. Pour hot water over rice and stir in all ingredients except yeast and nutrient. The 35cm aluminum steamer Mong Lee Shang brand is available from Lieh Gee Enterprises, Taipei, TAIWAN. Keep the mash covered. It’s very easy to do. Steamed rice is ready when it is not quite Al dente (as for spaghetti), it should not be soft and gooey as cooked rice is. – Yes, it should inflate. 5. Stopping the process sooner will keep it from getting very dry which may help. All in all the sake will tell you how well you have done but it looks good and your well on your way. Take your homebrewing skills to the next level. All-grain beer brewing is not simple either; but if you want that, you do what it takes. For more information, visit my Web site The night before starting the main ferment, add koji (1.5-cups/7.25-oz/205gm) to the yeast mash (which has been working for 7-days). This time I’ll be checking to make sure my koji is properly grown and won’t just be starting the ferment like I did last time (got a tasty but fairly weak sake). Now add the fully active WYeast Smack pack (activated as per instructions) contents to the 2-cups of water you left standing 24-hours (at 70-5F/21-4C). It will speed the particle drop rate and time to next rack. -Main ferment ~8 gallons c. Tomezoe. Continue to maintain the temperature (73F/23C) through the sixth day and stir twice daily (at 12-hour intervals). Meanwhile, rinse 1.5 cups of rice and cover with 2 to 3 inches of water. Rinse the equipment carefully in this solution, and allow to drain completely before using.

The ingredients are assembled in the fermenter in five increments: 2. During this period gradually raise the temperature to 73F/23C and maintain that temperature as best you can. If that seems imminent dip out a portion to another smaller container, and add it back later when the ferment recedes, as it will. How long did it ferment for? 2. The following morning, drain and steam the soaked rice. I have a question regarding the cooking of rice. This causes a couple of problems when it comes to making a fermented beverage out of the grain. The Water Addition consists of adding about 40- to 156-oz/1180-4600ml of chilled water, the amount of which will depend on the final desired alcohol content.

This mold is known for its ability to create a lot of amylase enzymes — the very enzymes we need to break down our rice starches and make them available for the yeast. Those early brewers found that they could use this initial sake as a starter mash, and then double the mash to start a real ferment, which was doubled again after a day of rest, and doubled twice more (a total of four doublings). The order or sequence of those tasks, each of which is relatively simple, is why it SEEMS complex. Fortunately, the US grows some excellent quality, hybrid, medium-grain rice. The best of both worlds.

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