Nice! Our test employed nearly identical Goodyear Eagle GT ultra-high-performance all-season tires in all five sizes, inflated to manufacturer-recommended pressures. If it’s acceleration you’re after, stick with the smaller, lighter wheels and tires.

We may earn a commission for purchases made through our links. A steel wheel weighs more than an aluminum alloy wheel, so the latter enhances performance by reducing the unsprung weight.

going from 17" to 16")? I really want to go Stage 1, but I need new tires bad. Cookies help us deliver our Services. By matching lower-profile tire sizing to larger-diameter wheel size, speedometer and odometer readings should change only a little, if at all. The plus-size concept basically works like this: As the wheel gets larger in diameter, the size of the tire’s sidewall must shrink to maintain the tire’s overall diameter. Those tires need a lower profile (or sidewall height)  to maintain adequate clearance when they go over bumps and potholes, which makes the suspension fully compress and rebound. But, as the wheels get larger and the tires get thinner you begin to feel more and more bumps. The goal is always to decrease that rotating mass, bringing it closer to the hub and decrease the effect of inertia, as well as to reduce the unsprung weight as much as possible. 17" wheels = look the coolest, offer improved performance/handling, are OEM size, 16" wheels = cheaper wheels, cheaper tires, more variety of tires, more comfortable ride, less grip/handling(? For example, if the original stock tire size is 215/65R17 and you buy 18-inch wheels, the right tire size for the larger rims might be 225/55R18, with the differences being the larger-diameter wheel size, wider tread (225 millimeters instead of 215) and lower profile, 55 instead of 65. I run a set of Bridgstone Potenza RE71R for autocross competitions. For everything you need to know about buying and maintaining tires, click here. If you have an ideal off road tire that works with that size then go nuts. Anyone in New Jersey that can help me with a CDL question?

On my daily wheels I run Michelin Pilot Super Sports on me oem Fiesta ST wheels. I run a 205/45/r16 size for a total diameter of 23.2" of overall diameter. Wanting a setup with no lift and just want the pros and cons between the two different setups. 15s definitely clear the brakes. I plan on doing suspension mods vs lift in the future so I wasn't trying to change diameter and ruin any of the limited up travel we have. I have seen a lot of 16's with the wheels tucked in the fenders just a bit more and I prefer the look. Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of doing a 215/75/15 setup vs a 215/70/16 set up. I went with 15s because I wanted taller sidewalls, I think it looks better, and in my experience off road tires are much more availabile in 15" than 16". From the May 2010 Issue of Car and Driver. Do your brakes/calipers still fit with smaller wheels? You can sign in to vote the answer. What's everyones thoughts? The benefits of reducing unsprung weight if often said as being the same as removing anywhere 5 and 8 lbs from the car per pound of unsprung weight removed. It's similar to an R compound.

This is the point where I will tell you that the tires you choose will make more of a difference on every parameter you expressed above (comfort, speedo accuracy, grip, handling, etc) than the wheel choice ever will. I've got mud flaps on and they don't rub. some of it depends on the tread of the tire, but if your talking about the same tire and different rim size more tire would make it smoother but would not make much difference in my opinion. How to complain about a establishment taking parking spaces off the street.. I am in the market for some new tires, which has lead me to look at new wheels also.

If we then look at the 29” wheel, its axle will be 1.5” higher. Press J to jump to the feed. Whether you move to a larger-diameter wheel as an option on a new vehicle or as aftermarket wheels for the car you already own, there are plusses to plus-sizing, but some minuses as well. Neither is a huge surprise, but we measured a 10-percent drop in fuel economy and a four-percent degradation in 0-to-60-mph acceleration from the 15s to the 19s, which is worth considering should you be thinking about “going big.” Increasing wheel diameter and width, in turn, requires wider tires with shorter and stiffer sidewalls, which we found will increase skidpad grip, but as our test shows, there is a limit to this assertion. Larger wheels offer better handling (probably not really noticeable unless you do autocross or anything like that), and the smaller wheels would offer a slightly more comfortable ride. Save cars. Call me stupid, but I do like the look of 17" more but the 16" seems more practical.

the type of tire determines how smooth it is. With larger wheels and lower profile tires — and the resultant shorter sidewalls — they’re stiffer and there’s less of an air and rubber cushion than before, increasing the chances that hitting a large pothole could damage the tire, wheel or both. ok, me and my dad are arguing over rim and tire sizes for the mini cooper. ? To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. Currently I have 16 inch wheels.

A 15” frame will be 15.75” on a 27.5” or 16.5” on a 29”. I suggest watching many of the videos on Engineering Expalined's Youtube channel and googling around for what people run in racing to get an idea of what they run and why. Wheel size is a hotly debated topic in both the street-custom and racing scenes. I'm thinking about moving down a size, but am not sure. I'm sure there's other factors but that's what I was told, and the differences are minute too so don't worry about it. Still have questions? Is it possible to afford a new car working a minimum wage job? Why are Michigan speed limits so @#$#@$ up? Trailer Tire vs. Trailer Wheel Weight Carrying Ratings; What is the Bolt Pattern for Dexstar 15x5JJ Trailer Wheel 17-384; What Does JJ Mean for a Trailer Wheel; What Info Is Needed to Upgrade a 15 inch Trailer Wheel and Tire to a 16 inch Wheel and Tire; Dexstar 15" x 5" Wheel with 2,150 lb Weight Capacity Needed for Trailer Spare Tire The aftermarket wheel we chose was a cast-aluminum ASA GT1, which is available in 16- to 19-inch sizes on the Golf. How do you think about the answers?

15” size is equal to the stock 18” as far as overall wheel size but the 16” is within 1%. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, The Best Winter Tires for Safer Snow Driving, New Tire Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know, Check Your Car's Tire Pressures and Save Money, How (and When) to Put Air in Your Car Tires, Best All-Terrain Tires for Trucks and SUVs, How to Change a Flat Tire in 5 Easy Steps.

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