Apr 5 @ MIN, DEN (52-26) beat MIN, 110-87, 80. Weems was the 39th pick of the draft. Dec 28 @ NYK, DEN (20-11) beat NYK, 117-110, 32. AccuScore has powered more than 10,000 simulations for every NBA game for ESPN.com, each simulated one play at a time and minimum of 10,000 times. Visit ESPN to view the Denver Nuggets team roster for the current season

Nov 14 @ BOS, DEN (5-4) beat BOS, 94-85, 12. Mar 10 @ MIN, DEN (43-21) beat MIN, 110-102, 65. George Karl spent his entire career pissing people off.

Dec 27, DEN (20-11) lost to DAL, 96-104, 32. Logos were compiled by the amazing SportsLogos.net. Subscribe to our Free Newsletter, This Month in Sports ReferenceFind out when we add a feature or make a change. Jan 17, DEN (27-14) lost to ORL, 88-106, 42. Karl and Melo actually butted heads a few times before Mr. Big Shot arrived. Feb 5 @ LAL, DEN (34-16) beat LAL, 126-113, 51. 102.4 (20th of 30), SRS: 4.15 (8th of 30) Jan 20 @ GSW, DEN (27-14) beat GSW, 123-118, 43. It appears the Lakers will have to choose. Record: Def Rtg: 106.8 (8th of 30), Preseason Odds: Nov 5 @ GSW, DEN (1-3) lost to GSW, 101-111, 7. good ol' park hill.boy chauncey billups, damn i missed both those nuggets teams. Nov 25 @ MIN, DEN (11-4) beat MIN, 124-111, 17. Def Rtg: 107.5 (16th of 30), Preseason Odds: Nov 11 @ MIL, DEN (6-3) lost to MIL, 102-108, 12. Championship +1500, Over-Under Do you have a blog? Follow along as we track each team's progress in the 2009 playoffs, from 16 to 1. Feb 4 @ OKC, DEN (33-16) beat OKC, 114-113, 50. The 2008–09 Denver Nuggets season was the 42nd season of the franchise, 33rd in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Recent Game Results Height of bar is margin of victory • Mouseover bar for details • Click for box score • Grouped by Month But what most people often overlook is the craziness of the 2009 Denver Nuggets at the start of the year a.k.a the D-Thugs. White who was acquired from Houston a few weeks ago has great potential, but NBA teams have already given up on him. Nov 11 @ CHA, DEN (4-3) beat CHA, 88-80, 8. Before we start talking about the rosters I'd like to talk about a couple names that I was surprised to see not on the roster.

However, not long after the break, dark clouds gathered around the team as coach Karl was diagnosed with neck and throat cancer. Pepsi Center He's 6'7 so his height is a bit suspect, but if he has a strong performance he could make the opening night roster in Renaldo Balkman's spot and he could challenge Malik Allen and Joey Graham for minutes at the back up small forward and power forward position.

Last Season:Lost in Western Conference first round, Championships: 14 (5 as Minneapolis Lakers).

Jan 2 @ UTA, DEN (21-12) beat UTA, 105-95, 34. Jan 27 @ HOU, DEN (31-14) beat HOU, 97-92, 46. I don't know much about Dontaye Draper, but he will challenge White for a spot at making the roster for the first seven games. Lakers point guard Derek Fisher has never lost a first-round series in his NBA career (11-0). There's a reason he hasn't gotten another job yet, as good of a basketball mind as he is. Mar 12 @ NOH, DEN (44-21) beat NOH, 102-95, 66. Find out more. [He eventually checked himself into rehab] (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/184277-starting-over-fresh-the-story-of-chris-birdman-andersen). Does not need to be explained too much. Also never knew Nene had cancer. Northwest Division, PTS/G: However, the Nuggets lost to the eventual NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers, ending their playoff run. But most of it came from his ferociousness - both in his style of play and his personality. To be fair, the team only played together for a few games before a major trade changed the lineup. : 4–1 (Home: 3–0; Road: 1–1), Conference Finals Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. [citation needed] This was the second straight year the Nuggets had their season ended by the Lakers. Dec 10 @ DET, DEN (16-7) lost to DET, 99-101, 27. Feb 7 @ NJN, DEN (34-17) lost to NJN, 70-114, 52. He's lost over $450 000 in fines and suspensions, and has had trouble with the law as well after pleading guilty to manslaughter and losing his license 3 times in the state of New Jersey. He's the one who started the NBA cultural revolution. Dec 7 @ PHI, DEN (16-5) beat PHI, 93-83, 22. 706,165 (17th of 30), NBA 2009 Playoffs: the official stats partner of the NBA. From the espn article, now that's quotable lol. 106.5 (3rd of 30) The 2009–10 Denver Nuggets season was the 43rd season of the franchise, its 34th in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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