In silencing the position, he alleviated the danger to his unit and allowed the battalion to resume the advance. [59], The 10th Welsh moved up to cover the gap between the five battalions already engaged and the 13th RWF were deployed to clear the German position in front of their sister battalions; divisional engineers arrived to dig trenches and lay wire. Guard units began movement to Camp Shelby Mississippi starting in late September 1917. It is today part of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, Maryland Army National Guard, Ohio Army National Guard, and New Jersey Army National Guard.

First & Second 38th Infantry Regiments. After a brief clash, in which five Germans were bayoneted, the survivors again surrendered to Williams. On 28 July 1914, the First World War began; on 4 August, Germany invaded Belgium and the United Kingdom entered the war to uphold the Treaty of London (1839). The initial attack by the 115th Brigade failed, in turn impeding the 113th Brigade, which was unable to approach Mortho Wood due to concentrated German machine gun fire. [190][191] At this point, the divisional insignia was worn only by the permanent members of the division. The company would also have a platoon from the Minnesota National Guard under its operational control. In the present day the 30th Armored Brigade Combat Team is now a part of the North Carolina National Guard and their most recent combat deployment was in 2019. The 30th Infantry Division was a unit of the Army National Guard in World War I and World War II.It was nicknamed the "Old Hickory" division, in honor of President Andrew Jackson.The Germans nicknamed this division "Roosevelt's SS". [154][162][163], The 38th (Welsh) Infantry Division became active on 18 September 1939; its constituent units had already formed and had been administered by the 53rd (Welsh) Infantry Division. It received further training and the duty of the defense of Oahu. He proceeded to organise the defence of the position, and fought off a German counterattack with heavy losses using captured machine guns. [20], The Division moved to the area east of Manila, 1 May, and attacked enemy forces behind the Shimbu Line. In April 1918, a springtime tornado struck Camp Shelby with enough force to damage the tent city and kill one soldier. The cloud and lightning flashes are an allusion to the cyclone. The remaining Germans offered determined resistance and the 16th Welsh were held up by machine gun fire and the use of a flamethrower. The division was ordered to retake this to deny the Germans the ability to observe the British positions and to gain observation positions overlooking the German lines in the Ancre valley. The 13th and 14th Welsh then pushed beyond their sister battalions up the ridge, along with the remaining half of the 13th and 16th RWF.

The unit is second only to Company D Rangers for being the most decorated and combat experienced company sized element in the Indiana Army National Guard since World War II. The 30th Infantry Division was a unit of the Army National Guard in World War I and World War II.It was nicknamed the "Old Hickory" division, in honor of President Andrew Jackson.The Germans nicknamed this division "Roosevelt's SS".

[8], The division deployed overseas to Europe in October 1918, where it landed in France at the height of the German "Peace Offensives". 38th Infantry Division exercises Training and Readiness Oversight of the following elements, they cannot be considered organic:[6], 38th Infantry Division shoulder sleeve inisgnia. The brigade was earmarked for an operation to liberate the Channel Islands and was re-designated Force 135. Report on the M7 Operation - 38th Infantry Division "The Avengers of Bataan". Higher-level actions took longer, with the 38th Division headquarters not organized and federally recognized until March 1923, with Major General Robert H. Tyndall as the division commander. By 30 June effective enemy opposition had been broken, although the division remained engaged in active combat operations until 14 August 1945 when President Harry S. Truman announced Japan's acceptance of the Potsdam Declaration and unconditional surrender. The medical, quartermaster, and division special troops elements were divided among Indiana and Kentucky.

Activated 17 Jan 1941  •  Entered Combat 11 Jul 1944  •  Days of Combat 210  •  Casualties 3,464, Maj. Gen. Robert Tyndall   (Jan 41 - Apr 41) Maj. Gen. Daniel I. Sultan   (Apr 41 - Apr 42) Maj. Gen. Henry L. L. Jones   (Apr 42 - Feb 45) Maj. Gen. William C. Chase   (Feb 45 - Jul 45).

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