The next morning, Vera awkwardly maneuvers a laundry cart into the apartment. 4000 Miles - Play.

A grandmother who was a leftist/progressive and her grandson, an "Occupy"-era, free-thinker. I'd definitely like to see it on stage someday though I wish I could've seen Mary Louise Wilson! Still, very readable, and it was very easy to 'see' the play happening in my mind. Read the Theme Developer Handbook to learn everything about WordPress theme development. Her play 4000 Miles, which ran Off-Broadway in 2011, was a finalist for the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. A portrait of two lost souls on opposite ends of the generation gap still searching their purpose in life, this play certainly helped me see why Amy Herzog is a playwright to watch! I kept thinking how slight the story was, even with a first-act reveal of foolish, damaging impropriety. Find out more about trigger warnings for 4000 Miles. I thought it got a little too sentimental at the end for me, but the sentimentality is buttered up with the odd couple set up. Once again Herzog writes brilliant and nuanced dialogue, and ties up just enough pieces of the story to be satisfactory but still open to interpretation. This a fantastic play. We’d love your help. Upgrade to PRO Even though it is primarily about this one relationship between grandson and grandmother, or at least that is the focal point, a picture is slowly painted through the play of all the people around them and their wider relationships, their histories, so much information subtly and carefully layered in. Add Your Theme.

This is a wonderful heart-warming play about a relationship across two generations. As the play progresses we learn that Vera is confronting old age with denial, She has an hearing aid and constantly refers to her memory loss as disgusting.

Lead Characters. 0. View More. There is a lot here for the actors to work with, it would be great to see what they do with the humor, the emotionality, and the snappy dialogue. He must be apart of nature and go with the flow. Bec has decided to grow up and Leo tries to reclaim her to their old lifestyle.

Get Tickets. I often get bored with reading the modern realistic/dramatic/comedic style that is so pervasive in the scene, but Herzog does it right every time. Leo is a self proclaimed freeman a.k.a a hipster who cannot be tamed. She briefly checks on Leo-- still sleeping-- and begins to fold his laundry, which primarily consists of an assortment of strange bike shorts and various wicking fabrics. 0. 4000 Miles is no different. Wonderful writing. I'm also a sucker for old lady roles; I just have a long time until I can play them. I'm also a sucker for old lady roles; I just have a long time until I can play them. I am the director of a Professional Actor Training Prog. 4000 Miles treats their remembered life events with humor and compassion. Once again Herzog writes brilliant and nuanced dialogue, and ties up just enough pieces of the story to be satisfactory but still open to interpretation. 4000 Miles - Play.

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