Given the revolver’s cost and the limited ammunition supply, both it and the round found little market traction. There were many handgunners that disliked the heavy Super Redhawk, and waited for Ruger to release the cartridge in their Super Blackhawk single-action. Like the old howdah pistol, a mega-magnum can provide one crucial, powerful shot which may save a person’s life under such circumstances. The mega-magnums are a logical development in this light. Other small companies offer .480 ammo, as well. This was the first new cartridge introduced by Ruger, and was at time of introduction the largest-diameter production revolver cartridge, at .475 in (12.1 mm). Although the .480’s case is based on the Linebaugh, which is itself a shorted, modified .45-70, it is different in many respects from the Linebaugh. The .480's large diameter rim is also turned down, which is required to fit the 6 cartridges in the Super Redhawk's cylinder without interference. The larger bore size allowed Ruger to use heavier, wider bullets than the .454 Casull.

In 2003, Ruger brought forth the .480 Ruger. Although the .480’s case is based on the Linebaugh, which is itself a shorted, modified .45-70, it is different in many respects from the Linebaugh. However, its large-bore allowed Ruger’s engineers to reduce the .480’s working pressures by a wide margin and still proved terminal performance equal to, or greater than, its two main rivals. Typical numbers for these are 1425 – 1600 fps, and 2254 – 2297 ft-lbs. On paper, the .480 appears under-powered compared to either the Linebaugh or Casull. And that’s good news. In the years since, several gun and ammunition companies brought still more powerful handgun cartridges to the market. In 2003, Ruger brought forth the .480 Ruger. Rather than using the Blackhawk, Ruger chose to chamber the new round in the double-action Super Redhawk, and designed the cartridge to fit in a 6-shot cylinder. 180 Grain Power Point, Find More Elk, Faster [Great How-To Video], How to Hunt Pronghorn (Guns, Gear, Tactics), Top 5 Ranger Secrets for Hunters (Be Silent-Be Invisible), .45 ACP vs. Bear (Lifesaver or Get You Killed? The .454 Casull offers power far beyond the .44 Magnum’s standard load: a 240 grain, .429 caliber bullet fired at around 1270 fps which generates 860 ft-lbs. If there is one consistent theme in human history it is the search for more.

Besides, who doesn’t have a secret desire to possess the biggest, baddest toy around? The recoil is also amplified in direct proportion to the increased power. By 1959, Casull had all the kinks worked out and another wildcat cartridge maven, P.O. Those who carry it accept the extra weight and inconvenience in order to have as much stopping power as possible in a handgun. The .480 Ruger is often viewed by some as a ".475 Special"; in other words, as a slightly downgraded version of the super-magnum cartridge. In large part, the mega-magnums are a marketing exercise designed to extract cash from shooters who wish to boast, “Mine is bigger than yours.”  Freudian implications aside, though, these handheld beasts do have a purpose, and used correctly, are appropriate tools for certain, narrow in scope, jobs. This provides 1,500 ft⋅lbf (2,000 J). Their almost uncontrollable recoil is immaterial because it is unlikely a person will get off more than one round in a nose to nose encounter with a large, violent predator. LocaCarnivore Expert: .41 Remington Magnum (The Perfect Revolver Cartridge? No other handgun specific cartridge could match the .500 Magnum. This also produces a cartridge with a more progressive recoil impulse.

At the moment, few major ammunition manufacturers make .480 Ruger ammunition. Without a doubt, these rounds are far more powerful than anyone in the 1970s could have imagined, but are they worthwhile? Given the .500’s proportions and performance, there is little chance another production handgun cartridge will surpass it for years to come—if ever. At last, the .454 Casull had stepped into the light. In Casull’s opinion, if the .44 Special made a good start point for Keith, the .45 Colt made a better one for him. Management decided whatever the company might develop to rectify the situation, it had to do it on such a grand scale no other firearms company would attempt to duplicate, much less surpass, the new cartridge. Some specialized, ultra-hot .44 Magnum loads now produce similar numbers, so many shooters don’t see a need for the Ruger. This got firearms experimenter, Dick Casull’s, undivided attention. The world will never lack for someone who desires more than is available, no matter the category. The .480 is a well-balanced cartridge, providing a lot of energy without the recoil of larger hard-kicking rounds. The .454 Casull might have faded into obscurity, but Ruger recognized its potential.

Both cartridge and gun proved true monsters. The .475 Linebaugh was designed for handgun hunting of large game, such as bear, where deep penetration is required for a quick, humane kill, and the heavy, cast Keith style semiwadcutter bullets out of the .475 Linebaugh penetrated very well.[2].
The .475 is a wildcat cartridge made by cutting the .45-70 case to a length of 1.4 inches (36 mm), and necking it to accept a .475 bullet. Used as directed, they provide options no other handguns can. It is also reasonable, and advisable, for a handgun hunter to dispatch their prey with a quick, decisive blow. The standard .44 Magnum powders, in similar amounts, will push a 400-grain (26 g) bullet at over 1300 ft/s (thus yielding a TKO factor around 35.28 vs. 34.62 for a 325 gr 454 Casull at 1,650 ft/s (500 m/s) ). The .460 is also billed as the fastest handgun cartridge.

For its brief history, it has always meant close contact with one’s potential dinner, much like bow hunting. Boutique ammo brand, Buffalo Bore, sells a .480 Ruger load with a 425 grain bullet at 1200 fps/1311 ft-lbs.

The standard .44 Magnum powders, in similar amounts, will push a 400-grain (26 g) bullet at over 1300 ft/s (thus yielding a TKO factor around 35.28 vs. 34.62 for a 325 gr 454 Casull at 1,650 ft/s (500 m/s) ). The .480 is in decline these days. ), LocaCarnivore Product Review: Cabelas Iron Ridge Insulated Hunting Boots, Delicious Bacon-Wrapped Tenderloin and Heart Recipe, Crimp Your Cartridges! (This was based on muzzle energy alone, with no regard to either bullet diameter or weight, or to TKO, as was evident in the sales literature and magazines of the times, which compared the new 325 gr load's muzzle energy to the muzzle energy of other handgun hunting cartridges. He set about to design a cartridge which would put the .44 in second place among handgun cartridges.

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The .460 S&W Magnum fires the same bullets as the .454 Casull, but at much higher velocity. They saw the interest the .475 Linebaugh generated in the handgun hunting fraternity and decided to market the world’s biggest bore, production handgun. The .475 Linebaugh is an immensely powerful cartridge, almost as powerful as the .454 Casull, the most powerful production revolver cartridge at the time (the .475 generates about 1800 ft-lbs of energy. No shooter who touches one-off ever forgets the experience. Model 29s sold for three, even four, times their normal retail price. The .475 diameter bullet allowed bullet weights over 400 grains (26 g), a feat not possible with the .45 caliber cartridge cases, and the terminal ballistics of the heavy bullet, even when loaded to moderate velocities, were impressive.

In 1983, a boutique gun company, named Freedom Arms, brought forth a limited production, single action revolver they dubbed the Model 83—for all intents, a stainless steel Ruger Super Blackhawk on steroids. The firm hadn’t introduced a new magnum to its lineup since the .41 Remington Magnum in 1964. Those that are successful in Alaska are those who are flexible, and allow the reality of life in Alaska to shape their dreams, vs. trying to force their dreams on the reality of Alaska. Do they fill an actual need for shooters, or are they just a fashion statement for size fetishists? The X-Frame brought a new era in powerful handguns to the public.

Perfect for heavy bodied, dangerous critters such as bears. Hornady’s 325 grain, XTP hollow-point load, for example, yields 1350 fps and 1315 ft-lbs. The larger bore size allowed Ruger to use heavier, wider bullets than the .454 Casull. Soon, other companies chambered guns for it, too. The .480 has come and gone from Ruger’s Super Redhawk lineup over the years, and now it’s back.

However, with bullets of 400 grains (26 g) and higher, the .480 Ruger starts to show more potential. The .480 Ruger operates at a maximum pressure of 48,000 psi, whereas the Linebaugh has a maximum pressure of 50,000, showing how close indeed the two cartridges are. Although their power begs the question why a hunter doesn’t just use a rifle and be done with it. Magazine articles and online forums were, for a brief while, replete with discussion about the potential of the cartridge. This makes a .480 Ruger a bit less painful to fire than the high pressure mega-magnums.

.475 caliber handgun cartridges are not a new idea. More food, more land, more mates, more power. The .460 is, in reality, an elongated .454 Casull, and at the moment is the ne plus ultra in production .45 caliber handgun rounds. Throughout the 1970s, anyone who fancied themselves a true handgun aficionado, had to have one. In the 21st century’s earliest years, Ruger decided the world needed a revolver cartridge with a bore larger than .45 caliber. In fact, .480 Ruger rounds will fit and function in a .475 Linebaugh revolver, just as a .44 Special will fit and function in revolvers chambered for the .44 Magnum. The short-barreled mega-magnums on today’s market pitched as bear-defense guns reflect this heritage. It excels, however, with heavy bullets in the 400 to 500 grain range meant for large or dangerous game. Handgun hunting is a challenge. Anything the Casull can do, the .460 S&W does bigger, better, and faster. In 2003, Smith brought the .500 Smith & Wesson Magnum to an awestruck world along with their brand new X-Frame, Model 500 revolver to house it. It fit between the .454 Casull and Smith’s monstrous .500 Magnum. The lower velocities and lower pressures mean the .480 Ruger has less felt recoil and muzzle blast than the higher pressure super-magnums. It made the .44 Magnum, once the most powerful production handgun round in existence, pale in comparison. The .480 Ruger uses lower pressures than the .454 Casull at 48,000 PSI,[3] so the .454 Casull can produce higher velocities and more energy, although, with much lighter bullets than available in .475 caliber. Sturm Ruger has a reputation for independent thinking. Smith and Wesson went almost a full century before they introduced an all-new revolver in 2003. Initial concepts toyed with .60 and even .75 caliber bullets. I've shot several 454's, 475's and 500's (linebaughs) and I can't take that level of recoil. It launches 300 grain slugs, for example, at a nominal 1750 fps., which translates into 2040 ft-lbs. This the same energy a 180 grain, .30-06 makes at 250 yards.

300 – 360 gains are common. Your email address will not be published. The future of this round remains cloudy. Now, Harry Callahan would have to admit his big, bad .44 Magnum placed a mere fourth or fifth on the most powerful list. Smith couldn’t keep up with demand.

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