A: XRT takes the time to develop Transmission tuning based on feedback and countless customer reviews to make that difference. XRT XTMP http://xtremeracingtuning.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=122&t=743, http://xtremeracingtuning.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=122&t=509, RonS – 2011 ADM Subaru Forester S-edition 5EAT, http://www.xtremeracingtuning.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=140&t=810, https://www.facebook.com/XtremeRacingTuning/posts/1302594823211375, StephenC 2008 USDM Subaru Legacy LGT 2.5 5EAT Tuned for Response, Bartosz Rotrex Supercharged 2004 EDM H6 3.0 5EAT Outback, http://fmic.pl/jednostronne/279-interco … x65mm.html, PaulH – 2011 JDM Subaru Impreza WRX STI A-Line 2.5 5EAT, http://www.tactrix.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=17&Itemid=53, http://www.romraider.com/RomRaider/Download, http://www.romraider.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1642&start=1, http://www.tactrix.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=36&Itemid=58, MTX-L PLUS: Digital Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Kit, DLG-1: Dual Lambda (Air/Fuel Ratio) Gauge. Each package is built in house to your exact specifications. Subaru CVT Tuning by Xtreme Racing Tuning (XRT), Subaru Tuning that affects 5EAT Operations & Performance, Subaru Tuning that affects 4EAT Operations & Performance, Subaru 5EAT Super Superb Shifting and Control, NiltonS – 2013 USDM Crosstrek/XV 5MT Turbocharged (XRT-XVT02), RogerI – Raptor Supercharged 2006 EDM Subaru Outback H6 3.0R 5EAT, 2010+ Subaru NA CVT | 2015+ Subaru Tuning, Sleeping Beauty Staci Townes 2014 Subaru Legacy 3.6R Supercharged, 76mm piping before SC, 63mm after (incl. A: XRT collaborates with its customers for troubleshooting and diagnostics through data logging and reviews. No big deal though;-). We just love to take what is given to us and optimise it. However, as predicted, the pinging (feedback knock, fine knock learning) was endemic, over all grades of petrol. Give us a call for discounts on our towing, shipping, Subaru performance parts and custom Subaru upgrades. Car feels amazing during pulls and can’t wait to get it on a nice stretch of road, The car is now feeling much better than I imagine, it moves and feels GREAT threw out the entire power-band, no more waiting till after 5000rpms to feel being pushed back in the seat. Please disable Traction Control. Torque Management are already patched in those tuning! we create our own definitions for full support, even able to offer better support as a tuner compare to other tuners using Cobbs, Ecutek, etc. XRT continue to MASTER the Operations and Performance of the transmission (5MT, 6MT, 4EAT, 5EAT, CVT) delivery of TORQUE & POWER to the ground in any models utilising the 32bit ECU (Legacy, Impreza WRX & STI, XV, Crosstek, etc). Give us a call for discounts on towing and shipping and custom installations. Final drive ratio - 4.44

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful. My Cobb stage 2 provided predictable, modest power improvements as advertised from Cobb. This is seen through tuning, customer feedback and REAL results based and posted all over the internet, including here on XRT. All of Level 10’s Subaru performance transmissions are built to order. 4EAT stands for Four-Speed Electronic Automatic Transmission. 1.866.828.7267 (Toll Free) or 973.406.7000 (international) Email- sales@ipttrans.com We can arrange to pick up your ride, custom build your transmission and have it ready in just 1-5 days. This is a picture of IPT’s upgraded input clutch pack for the Subaru 5eat automatic transmission. Shopping Cart Powered by Volusion. Turbo Heat shield and blanket Remove transmission assy, Drain completely, “so no oil leaks during shipping” Secure to a pallet and send here. Grimmspeed EBCS Night and day over an Off The Shelf tune…. Shopping Cart Powered by Volusion. BRAVO Edward!!!! Why not spend a few days on vacation while your new Subaru performance parts are installed?

The stock set up is in the foreground. Blouch 20G XTR (8cm) (47lb/min|480CHP) Copyright © document.write((new Date()).getFullYear()); WWW.LEVELTEN.COM. If you are a top wrench, we will supply everything you need to perform the upgrade.

New Product Level 10 Subaru PTS Valvebody Kit 4EAT, Level 10 PTS Subaru Bulletproof Rebuilding Kit 4EAT,5EAT,R4AXEL, Level 10 Subaru Bulletproof Valvebody (send In Yours) 4EAT, Level 10 Subaru PTS Bulletproof Torque Converter (Send In Yours) RATED AT 700 RWHP, Level 10 Subaru PTS Bulletproof Torque Converter (Built From Scratch RATED AT 700RWHPch) 4EAT,5EAT,R4AXEL, Level 10 Subaru Pts Bulletproof Transmission (Send In Yours) 4EAT,5EAT,R4AXEL, Level 10 Subaru Pts Bulletproof Transmission (Built From Scratch) 4EAT,5EAT,R4AXEL. XRT does not adhere to today’s trend in tuning that is growing worldwide where attaining the customer money is key and providing great service takes second place. 4th - 0.694. Please see our tuning strategy below that makes this all happen….ingrained in out DNA. Call today to speak with a performance transmission specialist. XRT was born out of WRX/STI tuning. DLG-1: Dual Lambda (Air/Fuel Ratio) Gauge It feels like it hits a shot of Nitrous about 4600RPM as it transitions from 8.5degrees to 10.5degrees of timing. Subaru Tuning that affects the Torque Management Operations & Performance of the Engine by Xtreme Racing Tuning (XRT) XRT continue to MASTER the Operations and Performance of the transmission (5MT, 6MT, 4EAT, 5EAT, CVT) delivery of TORQUE & POWER to the ground in any models utilising the 32bit ECU (Legacy, Impreza WRX & STI, XV, Crosstek, etc).This is seen through tuning, customer …

I urge any Cobb tuned customer to consider XRT. We have been building performance transmissions since 1972. Only after a couple revisions he had the power far above Cobb’s tune, and a transmission that provides strong, fast shifts. Not everyone has the ability to correctly install a transmission.

Level 10 Subaru Pts Bulletproof Transmission (Send In Yours) 4EAT,5EAT,R4AXEL, The Bulletproof Subaru package is rated to 500HP and can be built up to 1000HP.The factory transmission has a 87 % failure rate after installing a supercharger or turbo. Call today to speak with a performance transmission specialist. A: Yes, we do. From time to time, I do get questions referencing XRT. And the shifting and throttle response are unreal. What makes XRT different to other Tuning Companies/Tuners? Turbosmart compact recirculating BPV (not a mod really but…) We are onto Rev 5, and the power keeps building and I’m getting zero pinging under all conditions, on standard Canadian 91 petrol! Ed’s knowledge and feedback to my queries has been fantastic. VF52 turbo, mild porting of exhaust It’s subtle, not a surge, but I thought I’d point that out. Q: Why does XRT costs a little more when compare to other ETunes? Subaru Complete Performance Transmission. Zero Sports pulley kit Level 10 Subaru Pts Bulletproof Transmission (Built From Scratch) 4EAT,5EAT,R4AXEL Our Price: $4,298.00 Level 10 specializes custom Subaru performance parts and upgrades, including Subaru performance transmissions, Subaru torque converters and Subaru valve body kits. I don’t really feel that transition in this circumstance. As we are getting close to the end of the tuning process I’m thoroughly impressed.

Call 973-827-100 or email us at info@levelten.com and we can get you a fast quote on your custom Subaru upgrades. We offer a more reliable and safe tune. We believe the service we provided is important and is second to none. If you have an 5EAT or if you are Cobb tuned on Canadian petrol, you need to contact XRT tomorrow!! Turn the car from slouchy to speedy, XRT Stage 2 We can arrange to pick up your ride, custom build your transmission and have it ready in just 1-5 days. A: XRT does not distinguish the difference between Etuning & local tuning as others do. Copyright © document.write((new Date()).getFullYear()); WWW.LEVELTEN.COM. 2nd - 1.619. XRT 5EAT Tuning Grimspeed EBC 973 827 1000Give us a call and Feel the power! We do not offer off the shelf maps with minor tweets or one rom for all cars with the same ECU ID. Most auto shops do not have the expertise to correctly install Subaru performance parts. That’s, RomRaider – http://www.romraider.com/RomRaider/Download

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