The new HD channels rely on the MPEG-4 video format which is not compatible with Australia's earliest HD televisions, set-top boxes and personal video recorders.

WordPress Website Development & Design by DMC Web, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Big Mob Brekky: “How has it taken this long?”, Seven Cricket: “Bring on Australia v India!”, WordPress Website Development & Design by DMC Web. [7] However, 7HD became the first free-to-air commercial television channel introduced to metropolitan areas since 1988, when it launched prior on 15 October 2007, with 25th Hour being the first program broadcast at 10:30 pm.[1]. Programming [ edit ] Further information: List of programs broadcast by Seven Network Tune in to see the “Best Aussie Channel in the World Ever” permanently in HD on Channel 74.”.

Southern Cross announced in March 2017 that its Seven affiliated station TNT Tasmania would have a high definition simulcast, Southern Cross HD, launched in time for the first match of the 2017 AFL season later that month. “12:00 pm today in each local market the 7mate HD simulcast commences on channel 74. 7HD returned as a high definition simulcast on channel 70 on 10 May 2016.

Programming. I’m thrilled by this news.

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I noticed some promos today (watching Family Guy from last night) on 7mate advertising 7food on 7flix from 8am.

since 2016) is MPEG4, as are all HD stations currently available. This simulcast showcased native high definition content alongside standard definition services on Seven. However, Melbourne and Adelaide were the only cities that received 7HD as a simulcast of Seven's primary channel on that date; Sydney, Brisbane and Perth received 7HD as a simulcast of 7mate. 7HD returned as a high definition simulcast on channel 70 on 10 May 2016. Of course the big picture is that Seven is now armed with two HD channels for the Tokyo Olympics in July; a first for Australian free-to-air television, says TV Blackbox viewer advocate Steve Molk.

Just wish they’d get rid of Pioneer Woman at 7am, everytime she begins to over salt the meats or actually cook, they cut away to some rubbish happening on the ranch like washing cars, doing a scrub burn off, or showing the same renovation scenes on some warehouse in town she owns. And just to let all the TV executives reading this know – my family will never watch an SD channel. Jason January 17, 2020 10:25 am.

I would like to see 24 hour music video channels, like the ones they have in UK Freeview, such as Now 80s, Now 90s, Kiss TV, Magic TV etc. Tune in to see the “Best Aussie Channel in the World Ever” permanently in HD on Channel 74.” Log in to Reply; seantheaussie January 16, 2020 11:26 am. Even though its interlaced, broadcast is a lot better than 9Now. Surely at this point most of the channels can be switched over to HD, doesn’t it take up less bandwidth? © 2020 TV Tonight.

Bring on the AFL up here in Sydney, and thanks to 7 for doing this. Now that both broadcasters offer two HD channels, AFL and NRL fans no longer need to worry about their team being relegated to a secondary SD-only channel in some states, says TV Tonight editor-in-chief David Knox. I suspect the reason SBS dumped Food Network was because of the cost of licencing so I’m not sure it’s something they’d want to go back to. Queensland Channel 53 | SDTV 576i. Our population is not big enough for all these channels. The channel will be available on the Seven Network's owned-and-operated stations ATN … At all other times it redirects to 9Gem (SD). On Thu 16-Jan, when 7mate HD (maaaaate!)

This follows the switch-off of 7food and will be a win for content including AFL, original titles which have included Fat Pizza, Rostered On, Aussie Lobster Men, and international titles including The Simpsons, Family Guy and NFL.

If 7food closes,i would like to see another multichannel instead of making 7mate HD. Last night, I didn’t watch the BBL match on 7mate on 74 as I headed out to dinner with family and friends but did they have the HD bug plastered on the screen? Tags: Aussie Lobster Men, Family Guy, Fat Pizza, Rostered On, Super Bowl, The Simpsons.

[5] The Seven-owned STQ Queensland transmitters did not carry 7HD in any form until 26 November 2018, when it is available in MPEG-2 format. they’re saying in the article that the partnership with Food Network is continuing.

[5], In 2004, after the 2001 introduction of digital terrestrial television in Australia, the Seven Network began a part-time high definition simulcast on digital channel 70 under the name 7 HD Digital. Search.



Still SD in Newcastle. [2][3], In order to allow the 2016 Summer Olympics to be broadcast in high definition in all capital cities, 7HD was temporarily changed to a simulcast of Seven's primary channel in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth on 5 August 2016. For the AFL fans in non AFL states, its such great news. I’d rather see 7mate go HD. The NightCap was broadcast exclusively on 7HD on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10.30pm until its axing during the Easter non-ratings break of 2008. 7HD then returned to being a full high definition simulcast of Seven, before finally being replaced by 7mate on 25 September 2010.

With the ABC and SBS already offering two HD channels, that now leaves Network Ten as the last one of Australia's five major broadcasters still only offering a single HD channel. Upon its revival on 10 May 2016, 7HD returned to 1080i high definition, but was broadcast in MPEG-4 format as opposed to the standard MPEG-2 format. Sport broadcasters finally come to the party with multiple HD channels.

Because at that time, there were virtually no TV's with mpeg4 tuners and very few STB's that were mpeg4-capable and the ones that were back then were extremely expensive. Does anyone even watch the Olympics?

HD should be standard across all current channels before we worry about new channels getting added. why dose it say around the country if its only Metro thing isnt it Misleading? Are you confusing native HD and upscaled HD? [4] Breakaway programming will be used to show further AFL matches in HD. Only good reason I can think of is to 100% replicate 7mate’s “male” success? A full-time high definition simulcast of 7mate launched on 16 January 2020. 10 May 2016 – present (for HD primary channel simulcast).

This simulcast showcased native high definition content alongside standard definition services on Seven.

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