Prior to the 1944 American invasion of the Philippines a hand-picked team of U.S. Marine Corps amphibious reconnaissance scouts is landed by a PBY Catalina with the mission of contacting an intelligence agent who has crucial information. just as “The Things They Carried” sets up ideas that are addressed The movie ends with Grenier looking at the ocean while he listens to General MacArthur speech as he awaits pick up.

Good film ,but a bit dark at the beginning.

Please try again.

A Marine unit on a Japanese-held island in the Philippines tries to … An excellent cast of characters that portrayed U.S. Marines doing their job. He clashes with ill-advisedly red-capped Private James Mitchum (as James Grenier), who has no combat experience.

When a scientist threatens to detonate a powerful bomb in the heart of London, Scotland Yard has just seven days to find him before it is too late.

A squad of Marines arrives at the Philippines, in October 1944. Their mission is to link up with a Japanese-American woman and radio back information she has on a coastal bay to be used for the assault. More than twenty years after the end of the war, O’Brien’s

The year is 1944.Just prior to General Douglas Macarthur's Philippines campaign, a small team of crack marines arrive on the islands.


Reviewed in the United States on May 6, 2020. So when I spotted it on amazon I thought I would relive some of my youth You know the sort of youthful exuberance that comes from being a young boy, who with his friends had no time for girls or such like, and saturday matinees had to be a western or a war film and your favourite 6 shooter with a roll of red caps was tucked into your snake belt :-), Slow, confusing and weak story line but good acting, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 21, 2014. Ambush Bay is a 1966 American war film directed by Ron Winston and starring Hugh O'Brian, Mickey Rooney and James Mitchum.

... O'Brian kick for a while and while he's always good this is one of his best movies, Reviewed in the United States on August 4, 2018.

a young soldier wearing an ammunition belt coming out of the fog. He has a clear vision of the People die like in real combat and we are not forced to endure some melancholic soliloquy about it. An excellent cast of characters that portrayed U.S. Marines doing their job. Predictable ending with the marines all dying in the end but the mission is completed. Grenier then steals a radio and goes to tell Corey of their success, only to find Corey dead of blood loss from wounds he got while holding off the Japanese, leaving Grenier the sole survivor of the mission. A novelisation of the film's screenplay was written by Jack Pearl. We were very lucky to ever win this war, since those "dead" Japanese would keep coming back to life! This is a very awesome Saturday afternoon flick. SparkNotes is brought to you by Barnes & Noble.

Ambush Bay is a good World War II action drama about a Marine Corps reconnaissance team dispatched to the Japanese-occupied island of Siargao in support of a pending U.S. amphibious invasion.

The plot is interesting and the movie has a good cast with Hugh O'Brian as First Sergeant Corey, Mickey Rooney as Gunnery Sergeant Wartell and James Mitchum as Private Grenier. Considering the cast I expected the film to be more interesting. Grenier to get to dislike each other.

The plot is interesting and the movie has a good cast with Hugh O'Brian as First Sergeant Corey, Mickey Rooney as Gunnery Sergeant Wartell and James Mitchum as Private Grenier.

Each Marine is not only experienced but has a special skill with the exception of the radio operator, PFC Grenier (James Mitchum).

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