The Appalachian Trail extends through Maryland, making it possible that Goatman is involved in some of the mysterious disappearances.

The Bushmen that frequent the Appalachian Mountain Range are known for being aggressive.

The earliest one recorded was in 1969 when a 6 year-old boy went missing there, and then the latest one happened in 1981 to an elderly woman. Submit your writing to be published on Thought Catalog. The dragon spit something which resembled blood out of its mouth and slithered away. In the West Milford township of New Jersey, there was once a small community called the New City Complex.

One of the most popular national parks in the world, Yosemite is renowned for its beauty and wide array of wildlife, including grizzly bears, which notoriously hang around the campsites.

Nick Hinton’s map (see below) shows mysterious cases of people vanishing without a trace and how those disappearances might be directly related to U.S. cave systems. The bottom map shows America’s largest cave systems.

He concludes she’s a robot. This misunderstanding might result in numerous disappearances in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Though no one speaks of it today, it had apparently been an average Midwestern community until 1928 when all the residents suddenly vanished. It is said that a strange cloud covered the hillside, which the English soldiers walked through and weren’t seen afterward by either the Turkish or the British for that matter. Residing along the magnetic fields, they absorb particles that come from solar winds and cosmic rays which in turn protect the Earth from the worst effects these events can cause.

Bigfoot isn’t known for being an overly aggressive cryptid. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. The top map shows mysterious cases of people vanishing without a trace. Scott Yeoman of Bailey recently released photos showing the sasquatch outside his window.

When aggressive, they tend to be on the defensive.

For whatever reason, my entire body started locking up, and every single alarm bell in my head was pinging. via

Learn about us. This cryptid is a large, bipedal creature, standing roughly four feet high. He said there was some unusual light coming from her head. Not much is known about this creature, but dragons do live in caves and anyone attempting to steal their property would make for tasty snacks. 1.9k points.

While it’s a popular place for outdoorsy types who like to hunt and fish, it's also known for several disappearances that have occurred as recently as 2009 when a 61 year-old man went missing on a hunting trip never to be seen again. Before his disappearance, Kenny commented on a YouTube video claiming to have found a cave around Nellis Air Force Base in southern Nevada. Even aliens are considered as a possible explanation. The Beast of Bears is often described as an extremely large bear with scars and missing patches of fur throughout its body. But for various reasons, they are no longer in Mesa Verde. Other researchers suggest a mad scientist accidentally created Goatman during an experiment at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center.

Overall, they are considered a slightly more advanced versions of other cryptids, such as Bigfoot, Yeti, and Yowie.

Though when the Spanish originally came through, they called them the Sierra de la Espuma which means “Mountain Range of the Foam”.

In fact, some of these places are so notorious that people are both drawn to and afraid to go to them. For this reason, the place attracts scuba divers, who swim down to the sunken ships that are still there, including the infamous SS Edmund Fitzgerald, which inspired the famous folk song by Gordon Lightfoot which told the disaster that befell this ship.

He is often seen as a relative to the Grunch, which has been described as an evil Chupacabra-like creature. Some of these footprints contain claw markings.

He said he is with a woman who looks like his grandmother, and he thought it was his grandmother. Ensign McDonald poked the cryptid with a sword after being told not to shoot at it.

After a while he figures out the woman isn’t his grandmother, even though she is nice and polite with him.

They were too afraid of retaliation to appear in uniform and asked that the national park they work for and the time period they met the author be kept secret. Bushmen aren’t known for creating camps in the open forest, suggesting they could live in caves, attacking hikers and campers as they pass through the region. — Another woman’s account of finding herself “in a different location than she was” while hiking “About 3/4 mile into the hike on a well marked trail, I walked maybe five feet off trail to have a look at a brightly colored sign attached to a tree which gave the name of the national forest I was in. Here, 10 million volts worth of energy is present which has been proposed as a possible explanation for the crash of Air France flight 447 where 228 passengers disappeared.

The books, called the Missing 411 series, explore what Paulides calls a “mysterious series of worldwide disappearances defying logical and conventional explanations.” While Paulides isn’t the most reputable source (he’s also a cryptozoologist, having spent years researching Bigfoot) but his research raises questions that would make anyone wonder.

A few miles south from Lake Superior, another notorious body of water resides called Lake Michigan. Interesting!

A group of locals discovered an unidentified, strange creature washed ashore the Destiladeras Beach in Jalisco, Mexico.

There’s also the sheer volume of missing persons cases that would qualify as especially “strange”. While there is nothing special about them, other than consisting of rocks and grass, a famous lighthouse resides on one of these islands. The story goes that in 1952, there was a large earthquake reported that wound up hitting this small community of 700 in Kansas.

On March 15, 2020, an anonymous oilfield worker in Nordegg, a west-central hamlet in Alberta, Canada, caught a video of what he claims is the elusive Bigfoot. In the Four Corners, which is a region in the Southwest that consists of the southern parts of Utah and Colorado as well as the northern parts of Arizona and New Mexico, lies the Mesa Verde National Park. But around the Atlantic Ocean in the vicinity of Brazil, one of the radiation belts comes unusually close to the Earth’s surface thus creating the South Atlantic Anomaly.

I've written articles for a company called River City Real Estate and quizzes for

Located in the southwestern part of Vermont, this landlocked triangular area is notorious for a string of unexplained disappearances that occurred there. Resources:,,,,,,

The True History Of The Plague Doctor: Where Did It Come From?

Turkey Wasn't Even At The First Thanksgiving Dinner, So Why Do We Eat It?

With an aggressive tendency, especially towards humans, it’s possible the Beast of Bears is responsible for a few of the multiple missing persons’ reports in Canada and the United States. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures.

I also felt my internal fight-or-flight mechanism flipping between the two decisions faster than a coin in a coin toss.”. He also said for the time period, you’re not going to find an area like that with very bright artificial lights. [*] On Tuesday around 300 residents arrive to search, and at 10am, a guy named Burt Polland (I do not know if that is spelled right) found her, somewhere between 2 and 3 miles from where her parents last saw her. While it is notably barren in terms of geography, this place had once been the home of a small village of Inuit people who are native to the region at large. Crump Burial Cave . [*] They searched for an hour, and they got some people in the area to help.

[*] In February 1978, Steven, a student at the time learning German, went missing in the Michigan area, USA—-an area known as the “Great Lakes Triangle,” which is written about in a book by Jay Gourley[6] that talks about the disappearances of hundreds of ships, boats, and aircraft.

Then, due to a string of vessels and fishing boats that have disappeared, many compare it to the Bermuda Triangle. [*] They found his backpack in the same general area. Since I love true crime and cole cases- wow! A list missing persons for the entire United States park systems was a staggering $1.4 million. [*] He woke up in Pittsfield, 40 miles from his father’s house, lying in a meadow wearing clothes that weren’t his.

But the truth is, we don’t. But it is also known for a multitude of disappearances, 45 of which haven’t been found to this day. He said he didn’t need to, because he didn’t have any psychological problems.

The Cumberland Mountains span across Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. There is also a strong current here that lies beneath the sea’s calm exterior, which has caused many a mariner to avoid it. Dedicated to your stories and ideas. He said he saw small guns and things around the perimeter of the cave, and they had dust on them.

A long time ago, it was the home of the Ancestral Puebloans who built numerous dwellings into the cliffs that surround the area. But with that said, acquiring knowledge of things we don’t know is made easier today with the use of computers smartphones and virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa.

Since then, according to, numerous theories for this seemingly sudden migration have been posed though recent evidence shows that they migrated further south to places like Arizona New Mexico and the Rio Grande. Some suggest, though it has never been confirmed, that the Beast of Bears breathes with gills and inhabits swamps a majority of the time. The area is also known for its resident ghost ships with the most famous one being the Mary Celeste.

[*] Steven said he was going to go skiing. However, the mountains are also where three unusual disappearances occurred that still haven’t been solved to this day.

The 10 strangest missing persons cases ever recorded in the United States, all of which have left police unable to solve the mysteries behind them. For instance, why is something so simple as a list of people currently missing in national parks so elusive?

After frequent and mysterious vanishings across the United States, especially close to the largest U.S. cave systems, it is possible that cave cryptids are beginning to interact with humans in more aggressive or confident manners.. Nick Hinton’s map (see below) shows mysterious cases of people vanishing without a trace and how those disappearances might be directly related to U.S. cave systems.

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