Creates a snippet that the entire server can use. Removes the character description, returning to the default. A multipurpose bot with the main features being custom anime memes, read manga from discord (without any ads! Looks up a class, or all features of a certain level. Prints or edits a description of your currently active character. Rerolls initiative for all combatants, and starts a new round of combat. [multiroll|rr] expand_more.

For less active servers, cards will drop slower. With Karuta, your cards, items, and statistics go with you across every Discord server! Collect 70,000+ anime characters and chat with hundreds of anime fans! Mudae is fun, but doesn't it suck that claiming your favorite character only matters in one server? Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. anigame bot commands 15 Settembre 2020 In ristorante isola d'elba This Bot Powers the Following Communities: Anime Economy Anime card-drop game, in which they can be used for battling (PvP) or beating locations/stages. Karuta Commands Prefix: ), watch anime and lots more! Subscribes to the changelog in this channel.

!servalias [subscribe|sub] expand_more, ! !pack server [remove|delete] expand_more, !pack [unsubscribe|unsub] expand_more.

This command will allow you to drop three cards with a 30-minute cooldown. There is always something new which is fun. premium - View information about birthday bot premium.. subscribe - Subscribe to birthday bot premium.. set - Set your birthday.. purge - Remove your birthday data.. next - View the next birthday(s) in the server.. bday list [page/date] - View the list of birthdays for the server. 108. Join Login, Karuta !servsnippet [delete|remove] expand_more, !servsnippet rename expand_more.

servers, Visit

A multipurpose bot with the main features being custom anime memes, read manga from discord (without any ads! Renames a snippet or subscribed workshop snippet to a new name. This makes for a dynamic and interesting trade economy that benefits the craftiest of traders. Loads a character sheet from Dicecloud, resetting all settings. !alias [delete|remove] expand_more, !alias rename expand_more. Without these permissions, Karuta will not be able to provide your server with the highest amount of automated card drops. Shows what packs are currently active on the server. Social If you’re a fan of anime or a weeb in general, this is the bot for you! Performs a long rest, resetting applicable counters. Rolls a check for your current active character. Echos a message, and deletes it after a few seconds. Players who manually drop cards will always win fights for their dropped cards. Sets a combatant's HP to a certain value.

!init effect [args...] expand_more. !spellbook add [args...] expand_more, !spellbook remove expand_more. Commands to help streamline playing-by-post over Discord. !game [deathsave|ds] [args...] expand_more. Shows what tomes are currently active on the server. Moves to the next turn in initiative order. Servers. Initiative tracking commands. AniGame Discord Anime JRPG brought to life, collecting over 500 unique cards with stats and abilities to fight in PvP, PvE events, and Clan Wars!

!game [shortrest|sr] [args...] expand_more. Modifies the temp HP of a the current active character. We have all the anime commands for you. [servervar|svar] [name] [value] expand_more. 3585 Begins combat in the channel the command is invoked.

[randname|name] [race] [option] expand_more. Renames a alias or subscribed workshop alias to a new name. Support Server, Game When you see a card you want to add to your collection, click or tap on the reaction beneath the card drop which corresponds to it. Rolls dice in xdy format a given number of times. For example, for a 'music request' channel, you'd add something like the Groovy bot to the channel's permission list and set to allow. Generates a random name, optionally from a given race. 0. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. It puts a unique spin on this familiar bot model by turning thousands of anime characters into cards that you can earn, burn, collect, and trade! Have a card someone wants? Do you want to find anime/guess anime? About. leads while all other commands are available for general use. Toggles whether the active tome should be viewable by anyone on the server. For support email us at [email protected], call at +31857733181 or +1 (831) 709-9211, Get a link to this page, where you can vote once every 12 hours to redeem 1 ticket (2 on Friday–Sunday), Receive a 50–100 gold bonus once every 23.5 hours, Drop a set of cards in the current channel, Check a user’s collection (defaults to yours if no user), View a high-resolution image of a card (defaults to last card obtained if no code), Have Karuta automatically DM you when any of these cooldowns are up (shows current cooldowns if no parameters), View the wishlist of a user (defaults to yours if no user), Add a character to your wishlist for Karuta to mention you whenever it appears in a drop, Set the current channel as the one Karuta will watch for your wished cards, Destroy a card and collects its resources (defaults to last card obtained if no code), Trade one card at a time with another user, Trade one or multiple cards and/or items with another user, View the inventory of a user (defaults to yours if no user), View details of a user (defaults to yours if no user), View details of a server (defaults to current server if no server), View current server’s chest details and progress, Contribute gems to current server’s chest, 86,517 Immersive economy bot with the right amount of gacha-style RNG (microtransactions optional) to keep you hooked until the end! Deletes the bot's messages and commands. This page is a list of all commands, subcommands, and valid arguments that Avrae can parse. ! All commands are called by starting a message with the message prefix (default !, but can be configured), followed by the command name. Mod Commands are restricted to moderators and dept. Deletes ALL character variables for the active character. ), watch anime and lots more! pause: Pauses the currently playing track. would recommend, Been using the bot for months now... steady flow of updates, dev team listens to the userbase. If you're a fan of bots such as Mudae or WaifuBot, you'll love Karuta! Users can drop cards by going to the server’s active Karuta channel and using the k!drop command. !servsnippet [subscribe|sub] expand_more. Removes a status effect from a combatant or group. OMNI Owner. Over 75,000 anime characters as cards!

Views or sets your remaining spell slots. One last, optional step to setting up Karuta is setting your server’s chest goal. Toggles whether the active bestiary should be viewable by anyone on the server.

If you’re a fan of anime or a weeb in general, this is the bot for you! Casts a spell against another combatant, as a reaction. Dyno is a feature-rich and modular discord bot for your Discord server. To set this item as your server’s chest goal, use the k!chestset abundance aura command. Shows or edits the image of your currently active character.

100,481. To add Karuta to your server, use the invitation link and make sure that you’ve given the bot all of the required permissions. rewind: Rewinds by a certain amount in the current track. Commands to help look up items, status effects, rules, etc. Commands to help track character information in a game. Leveling

Avrae Commands. Allows another user to edit your active pack. Allows another user to edit your active tome. Commands to manage server variables for use in snippets and aliases. Anime Wallpapers, Anime Actions to use for you and your friends, Advanced Giveaways, welcome messages, starboard, boost messages and more.

Adds a generic combatant to the initiative order. [iterroll|rrr] [dc] [args] expand_more. ALBUMS UPDATE LIVE! Economy playtop: Like the play command, but queues from the top. !init aoo [args] expand_more. [monster_cast|mcast] [args...] expand_more, ! With web configuration, moderation, anti-spam, auto roles, music, custom commands, and much more! Karuta is a great, interactive bot. Rolls an ability check as the current combatant. This category is for all Discord bots. Shows what bestiaries are currently active on the server. KVK registration number: 70654115, The Currently, the only server-based perk available is the Abundance Aura. Each Karuta server has its own chest, which you can think of as an inventory that belongs to the server. A multipurpose bot with the main features being custom anime memes, read manga from discord (without any ads! 6191. website !init [join|cadd|dcadd] [args] expand_more. invite - Invite Birthday Bot to a server. Subscribes to all aliases and snippets in a workshop collection. Modifies the HP of a the current active character. Rolls a save for your current active character. !attack [add|create] [args...] expand_more, !attack [delete|remove] expand_more. Users. !init [opt|opts] [args...] expand_more. ! Modifies the temporary HP of a combatant. Ensures that all server and subscribed workshop aliases have unique names. Do you want to find anime/guess anime? Support Server.


Makes it so that if the command is used outside of the bot channel, the bot will ping the user in the botchannel and give the results there instead. Fun, Created By: Removes all if effect is not passed. See !help save for valid arguments. Karuta is now set up in your server and your members can begin dropping cards and grabbing as they please. Imports an attack from JSON exported from the Avrae Dashboard. Avrae's command system is split into distinct modules. You must be logged in to upvote bots!

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