Let me know if you need anymore help mate. Similar if someone dropped an amiibo in the parking lot and you picked it up if no one was around that could have dropped it.The only legal issue is for people redistributing backup data, and from my understanding, profiting off of it. @ivory_soul Yeah I think the Play store version is outdated, but I was pretty sure it still worked, just wasn't updated with images of all the amiibo, that's why I found that unofficial version. It makes it faster to get set up though, I think. No, I say this IS piracy, pure and simple. My position on this is basically “do wot u want m8”. what are people using for these, ive been tempted to buy the nfc chips but its like £10 for 10 nfc tags, Stickers are cheaper. The fact that everyone is trying to be a moral compass is silly.

And you trying to shame people for doing so just makes you a shill, @ComposedJam thanks for recognizing my genius, have a great one. They can hold 200 different amiibo at a time, is that where you got 200 from? Which means neither side will find the other's reasoning convincing by itself because both have different ways to decide whether something is moral. @massi914 You do know you don't need the cards to get the villagers don't you? As for this being illegal, the codes are right there on the cards. For all intents and purposes, a harmony between the two. The Ultimate Guide to Animal Crossing: New Horizons When you can add "... because [name of manufacturer] won't" to a sentence, that's enough of a justification for ya.Nintendo could make these things illegal, but what they truly should do is just countering piracy with more consumer-friendly legal means. Still, would be nice to have the option to choose at least some villagers if there is one that you really, really want. No I don't feel bad at all in the slightest for using it. I'm totally justified in using less-than-legal methods to avoid BS anti-consumer practices. @mesome713 In the U.S. at least there's nothing illegal about backing up your own data. (October 17th), Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 1.5.1 Patch Notes - Fixes Some Bugs, Soapbox: This Little Plastic Disc Has Enriched My Animal Crossing: New Horizons Experience, significantly more than the value of the game itself, While the game lacks DLC content at the moment.

Honestly I feel like Amiibos are a huge scam, and I'd feel worse for buying them.

@massi914 Yes. Got it back in my Breath of the Wild days. For me, payed loot in any form spoils gameplay. I hope this helps you understand a little bit more about legality. Or maybe I'm just salty myself for them being in blind bags and this having put me off from completing the entire set. (at least they were when I got mine years ago).

Back in 2015, we ran a piece arguing the case both for and against the amiiqo (now known as the N2 Elite), a small device which could be loaded up with the NFC data from amiibo figures. @TheAwesomeBowser Little late to the party, Amiiqo, or N2Elite as it's known now, have been around years at this point, the better part of a decade. Lesson learned: in the future, procrastinate just a LITTLE longer. I have way too many amiibo - WAY TOO MANY - and it really broke the portability of the Switch caring a bin of those things with me.

Try to reproduce a song and upload it on YouTube without making money off it and watch what happens. However, they can't prove it definitively until the courts say so amd they haven't, the rules are too vague and the issue has never been brought up to them.

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