Did Moses and Elijah go directly to heaven when they died? (See Thought Forms & Entities). The question of "are ghosts real" may not even be something that can be answered using standard scientific methods. shows that certain animals and birds like pigeons have shown “behavioral and physiological responses to these low frequencies”. Thus, the inherent structure of this light is not subject to the laws of the physical universe. With many environmental forces pushing and pulling the ephemeral wall of the bubble, a weakness eventually develops in the structure and it collapses. Middle-school biology lesson: humans can only hear the sounds that belong to the range of 20Hz and 20KHz but other animals can hear lower frequency sounds too. They're not as easily ignored as earthbound spirits, but they can be handled by identifying their source and creating distance between the individual or shutting down any psychic receptors that are attracting the manifestation.

A notion of the transcendent, supernatural, or numinous, usually involving entities like ghosts, demons, or deities, is a cultural universal. Favorable circumstances involve a prepubescent female with heightened psychic abilities, a mounting creative energy that seeks a physical outlet, and repressed emotional needs not being met. In some cases, however, a particular location may be imprinted with an emotional residue that leaves behind a psychic rendering of an emotionally charged event that once occurred in that location. The best use of ghost hunting equipment, as we see it, is to detect natural physical plane phenomena. Stories of ghosts and spirits are certainly entertaining and can keep us up at night but maybe, just maybe, all of it is just a figment of our imagination or an outcome of being exposed to a foreign substance. Did You Enjoy This Article? A ghost is simply the departed spirit of a deceased person. Your universe is just one cell in a multi-verse of other cells, all connected together in a larger body of infinite universes and dimensions. Souls unwilling to break the vices of physical addiction may find themselves earthbound until they have relinquished the trappings of earthly existence. Login using OTP But do ghosts really exist or are there some perfectly logical explanations for the kind of ‘paranormal incidents’ that people claim to have experienced? Ghost light, if you will, sometimes referred to as a light body, does not radiate electromagnetic energy nor does it require an infusion of energy to sustain itself. The following channeled material addresses commonly asked questions about ghosts. Break that food chain, so to speak, and they will move on to a more willing meal. By the same token, ghosts plagued by anger and fatalistic views may also find themselves temporarily weighed down by their negative associations. 100 Ghost Rules. During the test, the subjects were shown a video in which a ‘psychic’ bent a spoon with his mind. Print Friendly.

This creative outpouring, when coupled with a child harboring psychic gifts, can create a entity known as a poltergeist. Images of this kind are usually doctored in some way and are a hoax. Once they fixed the chimney, the ghost was gone. Explain about the resurrection that occurred at the death of Jesus. Still, this phenomena is rare.

While it may be intriguing to imagine these ubiquitous orbs as spiritual emanations of a disembodied being, the orbs are, in fact, nothing more than dust particles, airborne water droplets, and flying insects illuminated by the flash of the camera. The majority of ghosts are seen in the mind's eye through psychic vision. Since ghosts are not at a low enough vibrational rate to reflect much light, it would be difficult for a conventional camera to capture a photo of one. Thinking of our bass string again, the oscillations of a ghost's vibrations moving in and out of physical reality are what cause this shadowy diffusion occasionally sighted by frightened individuals.Â.

This is an illumination of eternal consciousness. In that regard, I decided to ask the Michael Entity for help. Similar in design to a negative alter ego — but not one fed by a well-defined chief feature — a poltergeist is more playful and akin to the mischievous antics of a child.

Well, the answer might be right in front of our eyes - mold. Lacking all semblance of physicality, a ghost cannot harm a human being in any demonstrative way. What would confound science is that a form of life could exist and express itself without a physical apparatus of any kind. Individuals that witness a more solid apparition are actually using psychic gifts to flesh out the details. A traditional definition would describe a haunting as any location (such as a house or abandoned cemetery) where paranormal activity is present, often precipitated by the appearance of ghosts. For those that are sensitive, a ghost (or spirit) can enter the aura of a person and that blend of energy may be sensed on some levels. This awareness creates form and shape, thought and emotion, desire and movement; yet, these experiences exist in spiritual realms without the need of a physical body or an adherence to the laws of the physical universe. The history of ghosts could certainly confirm that question. The compositional framework of a ghost, then, is light. Times’s are about to get better. As mentioned earlier, ghost do not possess the solidity or reflectivity to be seen, and this includes through the use of cameras and videos, as well. Many ghosts, in fact, are seen psychically and are not witnessed simultaneously by others who lack those gifts.Â, To illustrate further, a shadow of a ghost is not technically a shadow, where light is shaded by a solid object, but higher density energy that has created a sympathetic vibration in the physical. Do near death experiences reveal truth about the spiritual world? In essence, dark matter holds everything together. Stories of ghosts, spirits and supernatural powers getting in touch with the world of the living and trying to influence it in some way have been a common part of our lives growing up. Ghosts are as real as the physical bodies they once inhabited in life. Among the frequently asked questions, you'll also find intriguing answers about the compositional structure of ghosts, the effectiveness of ghost hunting equipment, and even Michael's take on dark matter. It is not bound by an atomic structure or internal organs or anything associated with physical existence. This is even worse than an apples and oranges comparison where the commonality of both objects is that at least they are a fruit. An odourless, colourless and tasteless gas, carbon monoxide is a common byproduct of burning gasoline, wood, propane, charcoal and other fuels and can lead to severe health issues if a person is exposed to it for a long time, which can even lead to them passing out or die. At present, ghosts cannot be compared to anything that modern science would understand. You hear a creak around the corner. Do people go to heaven immediately after they die? Exceptions to the rule would be poltergeist activity or negative alter egos, which draw their energy from a living person. Though the specifics vary among groups, a ghost is generally understood to be the disembodied spirit or soul of a once-living person. Eventually, half of the participants were ‘told’ by this psychic that the spoon continued to bend even after it was placed on the table and half of them were told nothing. If you are wondering if they are real, take a look at these 4 things God tells us. The shadowy emanations mentioned in an earlier comment, however, could conceivably be captured on film, but we doubt any definitive detail would bleed through.

Sometimes the spirit belongs to a deceased animal. Sign in or create an account.It takes less than a minute! They feed off the reactions their presence creates. Get Ready For Simpler, Better, & More Curated Shopping Experience. (The Paranormal). We would differentiate a ghost from a spirit using the following criteria: a soul has left the body and relocated to the region known as the astral plane (or afterlife); a ghost, on the other hand, has remained earthbound, invisible to the inhabitants of the physical world, but still not divorced from the vestiges of life and earthly pleasures.

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