CCGs, Tabletop Games, Pen & Paper RPGs - I've tried a whole bunch of stuff over the years and I'm always looking to try more! About Us, PC Gaming Content [AS-11694] - Canisters set to output will now allow Auto Arms to place the resource type as set into them, [AS-11701] - Medium Resource Canister lines up properly with the Auto Extractor when placed on top, [AS-11702] - Sensor and repeater nodes can no longer be attached to a Drone, [AS-11707] - Resource Canisters will consistently produce resources if they are available, [AS-11713] - Segment line stripe highlight has been slowed down for sensors/repeaters, [AS-11714] - Auto Arm filter slot is now easier to target, [AS-11717] - Using mouse or controller, it’s now easier to target individual Segment and target pins when placed close together, [AS-11742] - Resource Canisters will no longer create partial nuggets even if a user fills the canister and uses a storage sensor to switch the canister mode, [AS-11758] - Target pins connecting to T1 items on T1 slots properly target the correct slot on platforms and storages with singular, spread out T1 slots, [AS-11804] - When power is available, Repeater slots now power T1 items. according to a news post on the game's Steam Community page. [AS-6271] - Fixed a bug which caused a lower strength Drill to fail to activate if a higher strength Drill is detached from its slot. Please help improve this if you can.

PLEASE xD, Considering Hydrazine is a liquid, it'll probably be when they introduce a container for storing liquids, Or make it compatible with resource canisters ¯_(ツ)_/¯, Any plans to add more Xbox Live achievements? Was the shredding a resource canister bug included?I checked the list regarding "canister" and "shredder" but non of the fixes seem to address this. You can then send commands to the server to remotely manage it. Check out the patch notes to read about all of the details of this update which also includes UI improvements and minor changes to the rovers. That way, if people pull stuff off, the game doesn't look at it. Manage Cookies / Privacy Policy, Write for TechRaptor Check out our full Astroneer review and stay tuned to Shacknews for additional gaming and tech updates. I left around 6 months after this game officially launched. Scrap may be obtained by placing most player-made items, or any wreckage marked Debris into a Medium Shredder, Large Shredder or Extra Large Shredder.

I've had a controller in my hand since I was 4 and I haven't stopped gaming since. [AS-11475] - Addressed a community reported crash which occurred when driving up a ramp to the surface of Sylva. Fixed an issue which made players unable to attach the packager to the auto crane. A little more fun has just been added to the game with the addition of Shredders, Exo Wrecks, and Harvestables! The subreddit for Astroneer, an interplanetary sandbox adventure/exploration game developed by System Era Softworks. Ultracite Ore, and Ultracite Scrap, you can scrap them for Ultracite itself that goes into the creation of your Power Armor. In return, you'll get back some resources that you can use to finish off that project you're working on. [AS-11493] - Adding an Extra Large Shredder to an Extra Large Platform A should no longer cause the game to crash, [AS-11606] - Medium Soil Canisters no longer cause performance degradation if the output is enabled while the canister is slotted, [AS-10763] - Game no longer crashes when running 3 or more Chem Labs, [AS-10520] - All harpoon node items now only attach to visible areas on Medium Storage, [AS-11296] - Extenders are no longer causing Crashes on Save, [AS-11328] - Soil Centrifuge now transfers all resources to a connected super storage when job is complete, [AS-11367] - User is now able to remove resources from the Chem Lab input slot after changing recipes. We don't have plans to add new achievements at this time. [AS-11429] - Adjusted the Hydration Deflector hat cosmetic item so it no longer blocks some of the headlight for the Flight, Retro, and Swift suits. This is great and all but when will be able to store Hydrazine in gas/resource canisters? I have a large rover train with a ex large shredder. [AS-11123] - Implemented new guards in the code which should help alleviate the issue where shuttles would stop launching from orbit on Dedicated Servers.

Each item shredded will yield different amounts of scrap, and any partially complete stack of scrap will remain in the Shredder until enough scrap has been collected to create an entire nugget of scrap. Scrap will start coming out slowly. At first this cleaned up a lot of clutter, but now there ar... Just wondering, why is it that when you attach a paver or dril to a Rover it goes from being easy to control to acting like its driving on Ice? Please I have 6 silos of the stuff I need SOMEWHERE to put it for making nanocarbon and stuff. New to Shacknews? [AS-6113] - Fixed an issue where slotting the solid-state thruster to the oxygenator slot on the shuttle mistakenly advanced the objective. [AS-11376] - Large and Medium Resource Canisters' Tool Tips now appropriately update correctly for Clients while the canister is being filled in Multiplayer games, [AS-11403] - When playing in Multiplayer, all players can now see T1 items that are picked up by an Auto Arm, [AS-11681] - Fixed the executable properties description to accurately reflect System Era studio information, [AS-11385] - Fixed the issue where Client players were occasionally unable to equip their terrain tool after flying to other planets when playing in Multiplayer or on Dedicated Servers, [AS-11514] - Turning on "Allow whitelisted only" setting no longer deletes all "Unlisted" players from AstroServerSettings.ini., Power Switch: Toggles the flow through a single power line, Count Repeater: When activated a specified number of times, also activates any targeted items, Delay Repeater: When activated, also activates any targeted items after a specified delay. One full nugget is comprised of 50 Cones. Updates to terrain tool equipping and activation in relation to the backpack, The following are still known issues as of version

This Update focuses on adding even more items and functionality to the Automation Update we previously released. Also the original sensor items have caught up with their newer siblings! club Diamond Royale Free … One full nugget is comprised of 50 Cones. Just quick link ti wiki site. [AS-11412] - Trade Platform no longer allows the output to be switched during takeoff, patching an exploit which gave infinite expensive resources at no cost.

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