Coming down here was a shot in the dark as i didn’t know what to expect from these medicines but now that I’m back i couldn’t imagine not having this experience. If you were hoping to commune with the universe and the natural world during your san pedro experience you are out of luck because you must sit in the one position for over 20 hours and listen to the traumatic experiences of over 30 people at the retreat and the sometimes questionable advice that is doled out in a slow and often condescending manner. Christine and Bruce are beautiful people….I really love those two… the shamans that lead the ceremonies are very attentive and skilled…..and helped guide all us thru these transformations ….i look to forward coming back in december and bringing some friends along to experience this powerful plant medicine . the ceremonies were very professional and medicine was good.

A lot of people pay lip service to the idea of bettering the world, not being in it for the money, etc, but the owner, Christine, is really in it for the right reasons, and that positive intention cascades through the whole community and attracts the right people. All guest rooms are fully equipped with wifi, electricity, hot water, flush toilets, ceiling fan and window screens. A most beautiful experience. Viva la Foresta! Vegan and gluten free options are always available.

Our staff and shaman have literally hundreds of retreat facilitation experiences so you will be in good care. Bon déjà, premier commentaire en français pour Gaia, et ça mérite clairement !! I chose Gaia because it was in Andes as well as that they offer not just Ayahusaca ceremonies but also San Pedro and Sweat Lodge (my favourite!) hope this review helps you find what you are looking for. I learned a lot not only from the medicine and shamans, but from all the retreat members and staff. Feel free to look on our shaman bio page for their history and photos.

I can only echo all of the incredibly positive things others have shared about the different elements of their experiences at Gaia. I flew to Gaia and my partner continued into Cali to find us a place to settle into. At Gaia Sagrada you can opt to do the “karma yoga” chores: we washed dishes, weeded the flowers, cleaned up the ceremony Maloka, and painted. Shamans are amazing. Gaia taught me how to love myself again, when I should have in the first place. Love you guys. She was trying to help you with your anger that everything suggested wasn’t used. If life is a journey, Gaia is a lighted path. It is like a vortex, a doorway into the other dimensions here. Accommodations and PricingYou can take a full look at our accommodations at this link. If it calls to you, DO IT! You meet the medicine at its purest form. I felt so comfortable there. Everyone loves her, as you will see in the other reviews, but it sounds like you didn’t like her and that’s ok. No one can be liked by everyone. And yes!

What I didn’t realize was that there were humans so full of wisdom (thousands of years worth) and giving and sharing that were going to impart all of their knowledge upon me. Check out their website and compare.

Jerry is the manager and he too works magic, he truly has passion for what he does He is a hard working man who keeps the place running smoothly, and like an Olympian he makes it seem effortless.

Staff and participants were solicitous but not intrusive.

I honestly cannot imagine a better center, a more caring owner/operator (Christine) and warmer, smarter and more powerful Shamans and Shamanas. Gaia Sagrada is a world class Ayahuasca Retreat Experience!!!! Counseling and integration sessions are offered, but at the same time it is a spiritual level where the deepest, core healing takes place, bypassing psychology approaches. This is an amazing place to come. Your voices were magical. May 2016 and I am fully satisfied. People literally look like different people after they take the medicine. But always with love! including some over-the-counter meds. and Gaia Sagrada is the catalyst for the exploration into both of these polarities.

All paths are welcome here. I loved my time here and look forward to returning anxiously. My experience at Gaia gave me a way of making peace – with myself, my past, and with the world. I can’t wait to go back to Gaia Sagrada. We are so glad you liked the food too. The experience I had with the medicine in combination with the wisdom and love of the Shamans was beyond miraculous, again, their are no words in the human vocabulary to describe how incredible it was. I was sorry to see Salvador move on to other ventures, but I know that GS has the very best interests of attendees at heart and I hope to one day return as a volunteer to assist others on their spiritual journey towards enlightenment. Also, do you already have a passport? From day one, I experienced: Beautiful place. This will trigger and inspire you to be a better you, show yourself some self love and book to go see Christine, Jerry, Salvador, Amalia and all the other wonderful light workers at this amazing retreat. Aho (Amen) to everything that Thompi, Ufi and everyone else has said positively about Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center, Christine, the Shamans, the food, the experiences, the enlightenments, the life altering medicine provided, the participants & work exchange family, the lodging, the daily schedule to keep things moving forwared, the dogs, the water ceremonies, relationships created, love spread, city of Cuenca. You are supported in your Ayahuasca healing journey with love and kindness.

The connections I had here with the other participants along with the shamans and helpers felt like ten year friendships compressed into a 12 day period. Affectionately called “the Gu”, it is chockfull of youthful vibes, backpacker-friendly venues, hip bars, fancy restaurants, live music, contemporary art, boutique shops, and posh villas. I feel like if just one more beautiful leaf was in my world, it would be too much to handle and I would just float away on waves of love.

We really feel her maternal instinct with us, she always manages to find the right words, she knows how to loosen the knots spiritually. Erfahren Sie mehr. Different ceremonies have different shamans, I especially loved the san pedro/aya sweatlodge and the ceremonies that santiago did. My time at Gaia has been more than transformative; it has been life changing. Mescaline medicine is Grandfather Peyote medicine, also known as Mesalito.

It gives you a glimpse into the scents and sounds of the ceremonies of the retreat. it combines traditional teachings with modern accommodations like the prophecy of the eagle and Condor its the North meets the south. My only regret is that I didn’t stay for the entire 12-day experience, but now I know what to do when I return.

you will have to find out for yourself! Life is full of change and wonder, so I will be visiting again indefinitely to make sure my heart stays on the right path. I have been interested to plant medicines and have been wanting to explore them for a while now. All this being said, nothing can fully prepare you for Ayahuasca and San Pedro; it has to be experienced to be understood. And the work exchangers, the people who cook your food and do your laundry, they are great people as well! The schedule is perfectly balanced allowing just the right amount of rest between the sessions.

We are all still all in touch on a daily basis while we help each other integrate back into post-Gaia life. The shamans were incredible and all the beautiful individuals working there were warm and genuine. If I had more time, I would have definitely stayed here as a work exchanger.

Safe, comfortable, affordable and absolutely gorgeous. This deserves 5 out of 5 being true to Mother Earth and the plant teachers she has provided for us. I had a truly life-changing experience here, when I arrived my heart was heavy with self-loathing, I was suffering from anxiety and was dealing with physical illness as well. Gaia Sagrada is a magical place. The two Ayahuasca experiences were totally different for me. It wasnt over the top, it was perfect. The ceremonies and activities are very well organized and the shamans are truly eager to promote healing through the power of mother Aya and father San Pedro. The food is delicious and healthy and plentiful. That’s the thing; they were just lovely people, the crew included.

If you are looking for healing in a beautiful and supportive environment, this is the place. The Accommodation, faculties, food and staff were awesome. Often times in Peru, you may have a great Shaman, but they don’t speak English or you don’t understand what’s happening during or after the ceremony. A near perfect experience, if you want to be absolutely taken care of from the moment you are picked up from the airport, to being dropped off on your last day, then this is the place. So peaceful. I recently attended a 12-day retreat at Gaia Sagrada. Response from Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat Center on August 4, 2019. The Ayahuasca diet doesn’t have to be as bland as some make it out to be. Regardless, you find yourself reaping the benefits of regular practice; you feel lighter, more energized, and more grounded. I’ll be returning again..and again to realign with the universe. First, the property is very peaceful with everything that you would need, including hot tubes, sauna, hiking trails, fast wifi, etc.

The shamans bridge the ancient traditions as well as modern day spirituality like meditation and yoga. As for the staff, the many beings there that work and live at Gaia Sagrada are not to be overlooked. What I have learned/gained from my stay at Gaia Sagrada:

It made me a stronger, happier, and more self aware person and I will never never never forget it. I am in deep gratitude for everything Gaia Sagrada has done for me and will be coming back in the future. Almost all of them made significant changes in this time, leaving much more confident and happy than when they arrived. Lots of helpers and so caring. Ecuador has more regulations for shamans.

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