In order to save a failing Queens dive, Jon has to quell the raging tempers of three loudmouthed, firefighting brothers. Jon visits the No Name Saloon, a rowdy biker bar where the owner refuses to trust his daughter's managerial skills.

Jon revisits one of his filthiest rescues ever at Joe's Thirsty Lizard with its inexperienced dishwasher turned manager. After suffering a personal tragedy, the former punk rocker and owner of the Triple Nickel Tavern nears rock bottom, but Jon's patience only goes so far. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Fatballs. After losing her military-veteran-father, an overworked and overbearing mother needs her son to step up and fill the void left by her former right-hand-man.

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Jon must get identical twins with identical egos to see eye-to-eye if they are to curb a dangerous over-pouring problem and save RG's Lounge in Kansas City, MO. The dysfunctional owners of the O Face Bar are so inexperienced and chaotic Jon doesn't even know if he wants to save their business. Former Judas Priest front man Tim "Ripper" Owens calls in Jon after discovering being a rock star and running a rock club are two very different skills.

After being left by her husband, Tara, a newly single mom, hires a general manager not only to help her save a failing bar, but to fill the void in her personal life. 41:14.

Back to the Bar: Drunky McDrunkerton Returns. When a Texas couple on the brink of retirement can't stop enabling their belligerent daughter, Jon Taffer must get them to face facts at this China Grove, Texas, country bar. Taffer revisits Tradewinds; Taffer returns to grill the owner of military bar 22 Klicks. Menu. We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our servers. After getting out of the service, Navy vet Barry decided to buy an Ohio biker bar, but his lack of experience and the bar's prior reputation force him to call Jon for help. Reviewed in the United States on September 28, 2016. The owner of Utah's The Fifth realized too late that running a successful bar wasn't as easy as his dad made it look, and now he's poised to squander his family's legacy. Taffer is assisted by Alexander Siddig and Iddo Goldberg, the stars of TUT, to help him rescue a Moroccan bar with an identity crisis. Jon tries to tame three firefighter brothers with mercurial mood swings and help save their sinking Sunnyside, New York, bar before it goes belly up. Due to a high volume of active users and service overload, we had to low down the quality of video streaming. From mold to maggots, from rats to raccoon, Jon has seen it all, and now he's counting down the top 10 filthiest bars from the first three seasons. Jon is called in to help a former baseball player turned bar owner whose refusal to upgrade his inn allowed competing bars to lure his customers away. Putting the future of the service industry to the test, Jon and the crew help students at UNLV's College of Hospitality prepare for a VIP cocktail party. Before he can save their failing bar, Jon must navigate the turbulent business partnership between an ex-pilot and his ex-girlfriend. Murphy's, a dive bar in Fell's Point, MD, on the brink of financial and physical collapse. Helpful. Season 6. Read more .

Two best friends are acting more like jackasses than owners and find themselves on the verge of losing their dream. Jon revisits bars The Tradewinds and 22 Klicks to see if their respective staffs are still working together or falling back into bad habits. When Bill went from being one of The Chicken Bone's customers to its owner, his lack of experience was evident, and now it's up to Jon to help get things back on track. Episodes & Videos. Sometimes anger is the only way Jon can get through to obstinate bar owners, so he's counting down his 10 angriest moments from the first three seasons. Jon heads to middle-of-nowhere Tennessee to rescue The Wanted Saloon, whose remote location is just the first of many challenges. Jon has to convince the foulmouthed co-owner of the Lucky Leprechaun to change his ways before the bar, also co-owned by his ex-wife, shuts down for good.

In a struggling military bar, a distrustful owner spends her time spying on her staff instead of watching her bottom line. Verified Purchase. Expect more action, drama, humor, side hustles, steamy hookups and secrets from the past on the debut season of 68 Whiskey. I like Bar Rescue but this season seemed to get cut short. A son takes over the failing family bar -- and its debt -- and the biggest obstacle to getting out of the red is his abusive father who spends all night sitting at the bar. A successful St. Louis, MO, restaurateur risks everything when she decides to add a downtown sports bar to her portfolio and put her out-of-control nephew in charge. Reviewed in the United States on May 12, 2016. Jon helps bring a golf-themed establishment up to par by getting rid of the grime and reassessing the staff. Despite initial success, the owner of Longshots lost control of his feuding bar staff and may soon lose his house if Jon can't turn things around. A bar and a marriage are on the line as Jon helps owners Tim and Sara save The Brixton, which is rapidly driving the couple into debt.

Jodi's, which was originally conceived to honor the military.

The constant feuding between the mother and son owners of The Blue Frog 22 in Chicago threatens the business's existence, forcing Jon to intervene. Season 7; Season 6; Season 5; Season 4; Season 3; Season 2; Season 1; Full Episodes All Videos Highlight Exclusive. Jon must help the owner of George & Dragon come to terms with his mother's death before he drinks away all his profits and the family legacy. Taffer revisits some of his favorite transformations, including the mega-successful Bacon Bar in Vegas, and The Aging Room at Cirivello's. Jon attempts to rescue Eliphino, a Las Vegas dive dar struggling because of an owner who makes bad decisions and more enemies than friends. Jon has to straighten out the abrasive owner of the St8 Pub, who has squandered a generous deal from the landlord and taken advantage of his mother financially. Jon comes to rescue Crossroads Grille where the three female bartenders are out of control, flirting with the customers, twerking in the kitchen and drinking on the job.

A medical unit in the U.S. Army utilizes unorthodox methods in its mission to keep soldiers alive on the original series 68 Whiskey, produced by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard. Two burnout rockers lose $200,000 just two years into owning their bar; they have to face the music and grow up before their lights turn off for good. Back to the Bar: Brick & Barley Above Water. Two burned-out rockers lose $200,000 just two years into owning their bar; they have to face the music and grow up before their lights turn off for good.

The owner of The Gallopin' Goose ruined his marriage and his bar's reputation when he had an illicit affair that resulted in a child. Jon visits a Las Vegas dive to teach the owner of Jack's Place how to act less like a mother and more like a boss. Jon returns to Puerto Rico, where he used to live, to rescue a bar destroyed by Hurricane Maria and to help revive the rest of the community.

2018 Put it on Cody's Tab. A Silver Dollar Saved Is a Silver Dollar Earned.

Bar Rescue. Jon is tasked with getting the apathetic owner of Van Goghz to put down her vape pen and start engaging with customers. Jon knew family-run Ohio bar The Black Sheep was in trouble before he arrived, but even he's surprised by the true nature of the bar's debt. A son takes over the failing family bar -- and its debt -- and the biggest obstacle to getting out of the red is his abusive father who spends all night sitting at the bar. Jon attempts to save sports bar RJ's Replays, which is full of potential but failing due to poor management, and mend the owner's relationships with his wife and parents. The feud between the owners of Mac & Chester's SRO has led to a bifurcation of their business and attracted a dysfunctional, rowdy clientele. Back to the Bar: Disasters of Epic Proportions.

Episode 06: Back To The Bar: Don't Call It A Comeback, Episode 09: Crazy Little Thing Called Selman, Episode 11: Back to the Bar: Blue in the Frog Face, Episode 13: Back To The Bar: The Power Of Bacon And Beer, Episode 19: Bar Rescue: Operation Puerto Rico, Episode 20: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Fatballs, Episode 23: Back to the Bar: The Tradewinds of Change, Episode 25: The Lights Come Back in Puerto Rico, Episode 35: Big Trouble In Little China Grove, Episode 43: Stix and Stones May Break Your Bar. After the Bungalow Bar in Rockaway, NY, was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, Jon helps the owner rebuild in time for summer beach season. Jon steps in to help two brothers whose ill-conceived idea for a death-metal concert bar has drained their parents' retirement fund. Jon Taffer tries to rescue a Jacksonville sportsbar with a horrible reputation and an even worse name that leaves the bar without a single customer. Taffer revisits Jack's Fire Department to see if the McGowan brothers have cooled their fiery relationship, and its no joke when he takes on an angry stand up comedy club owner from Scottsdale. Jon must go to war with the rowdy regulars of a Southern California dive bar once a popular haven for smokers until forced to comply with the law. Rate. Do you have a video playback issues?

Jon Taffer and his crew head to Puerto Rico to tackle their biggest rescue yet in a one-hour special featuring a family-owned beach bar, El K'Rajo, after it was completely destroyed by Hurricane Maria. Jon looks back at some of the biggest barroom brawls in the show's history and checks in to see if the owners and their patrons have curbed their rowdy ways.

Jon travels back to San Antonio to find a bar and marriage both crippled at the hands of their party-hungry owner. The Dirty Truth: Anything You Can Yell, I Can Yell Louder.

If you like the show, you'll love having the series! A son takes over the failing family business and must battle his belligerent father, a volatile cook and a filthy kitchen. Jon reconnects with bar owners Mark Wilson and Ozzie Ardavani to find out what's in store for their relationship, then checks in with La Luz's Edith and Juan Pablo Martinez.

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