The bar is open and the reviews are mixed. Still open with below average Has a good amount of reviews and recent ones are really good. End Zone Sports Bar and Grill - Renamed Houston Sports Hub. They also removed all of the golf themed decorations. The bar is still open with more negative reviews than positive reviews. Rescue makeover because the owner didn't like it. Still open and didn't seem they needed help but were interested in a makeover. Still open with mixed reviews. People weren't impressed with the makeover and the bar got rid of some changes. Watch Online. Mixed reviews since being on the show. The owner of a Portland rock bar is not running his business properly, cocktails are being made up on the spot by inexperienced bartenders, the bands they book are driving away customers, and ants and pests are nesting in the kitchen. Drunken Donkey Bar & Grill - Renamed Butcher & Brew Pub. Keeps an up to date Facebook page. Bar listed for sale in May 2015. Fireworks spark when abrasive customers overrun a Staten Island bar, cooking their own food, pouring their own drinks and calling the shots. Jon is caught between a womanizing owner and his enraged wife in a run-down Caribbean bar. The bar has kept the name and there are a lot of reviews since the makeover. according to all the comments the show does a really shoddy fix up job. They closed in July, but decided to reopen. Watch Bar Rescue season 4 episode 37 online. Had a bad restaurant inspection right after Bar Rescue.

Joe's Thirsty Lizard - Renamed The Iron Horse. Bankruptcy is the Lex Luthor of the US people right now. O'Kelley's at the Ballpark - Renamed Pastimes on 4th, Still open and the reviews are mixed.

Closed in early 2015.

But mounting debt, a lack of female customers, and a family feud threaten the future. Reviews weren't too bad before the rescue. Had a bad health inspection 5 months after the.

Have kept the name and the bar seems happy with the makeover. People have complaints about the theme and dirty bathrooms. The complete guide by MSN.

Still open with a lot of negative reviews, but a bit better of late.

Quickly went back to the old name of Schafer's. Quickly went back to the Underground Wonder Bar name. Still open and the bar is enjoying its best year ever after. You ignorant dumbass, Arguing on the internet is pretty stupid.

I would love to see a show of all the bars that have been on the show and how they look , if they maintain the clean up , stop being drunks...and how the financial situation is now.

Still open, and went back to being KC's Bar after the makeover.

show. Tampa Bar Hasn't Paid Rent In A Year - Bar Rescue, Season 4 Bar Rescue Season 4 51 Bars Aired: October 2014 to July 2016 Closure Rate: 55% / Success rate: 45%. Have kept the wine bar theme, and keeps an up to date Facebook page. From $13.99 to buy season.

I was there this past October and it was pretty lame. Still open with positive reviews both before and after the makeover. Jon travels to Chicago, Illinois to rescue the legendary Underground Wonder Bar. There's no download needed with Showbox and Showbox never needs to be updated. Prime Video From $1.99 $ 1. Had to close due to government regulations, but is now reopen. The bar is still open and people like the makeover. Jon Taffer embarks on a cross-country tour of the worst drinking establishments in America. People like the bands and atmosphere but there are complaints about service. This failing beachfront bar is shut down after rodents invade the kitchen, but Taffer is brought to tears upon discovering what the owners have endured. Still open with minimal reviews, which are mixed. Gil & Rick's Sports Bar & Pizzeria - Renamed Sauced. Bartenders are still dancing. Still has "babes" as bartenders. Alot of it is donated for product placement. Went back to TJ Quills. Jon tries to rescue Packy's Irish Pub in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Still open with average Owner keeps in contact with Jon. Sales have decreased since the makeover. 4.6 out of 5 stars 91. Jon revisits MT Bottle; the owners of Piratz return; and the show's most stubborn owner is featured. From $14.99 to buy season. Went back to their old name of Brix about 3 weeks after the makeover. They have welcomed back the bikers to the bar. A former Philly detective-turned-bar owner hits the bottle hard after years of dark days on the force when Jon Taffer shows up to straighten him out. Keeps an The reviews are mixed and they don't seem to be implementing Bar Rescue changes, Havana Mix Cigar Emporium - Renamed Robusto By Havana Mix. Your favorites, all in one place. The bar kept the name, but closed in October 2018 before the episode aired. The bar closed before the episode aired. Brix Sunset Beach - Renamed Pacific Coast Wine Bar. Another bar is currently in that location. Showbox is a popular app and APK to watch free movies and TV shows. Jon faces a timid owner who has been ignoring promiscuous behavior from her staff. Some like it while some think the theme doesn't fit the area. Mostly positive reviews with people saying the place is crowded. Went to Metal and Lace last...night and the employee's say nearly everything was staged. Still open with mixed reviews. Regulars were not happy with the change and it caused some drama. The bar closed in 2012 due to a lot of drama. At a college alumni bar, Taffer is forced to deal with a hot-headed sports bar owner whose fiery temper keeps his staff on edge and his million dollar debt on ice. Underground Wonder Bar - Renamed Clear Bar. LIV Nightclub - Renamed Halo Restaurant and Bar. Owners happy about. Keeps an up to date Facebook page, Lona's Wardlow Station - Renamed Do they have to pay back the money put into the bar? The bar has kept the name and the reviews are mostly positive since the makeover. Paramount Network The Laugh Factory. Lot of locals go to the bar. Still open and the reviews are mixed with people liking the food but complaining about service.

Bar Rescue Hard Heads and Softballs Season 4 E 43 • 03/06/2016 The feud between the owners of Mac & Chester's SRO has led to a bifurcation of their business and attracted a dysfunctional, rowdy clientele. Keeps an up to date Facebook Page. Gomovies I'm so stupid but still have a larger pennis!". Reviews are pretty positive and the bar is happy with the changes. Cashmere - Renamed Dual Ultra Jon attempts a re-rescue of Second Base Bar & Grill - formerly Extremes Sports Bar - in Santa Monica, California. Still open, and they seem to be doing well with positive reviews and increased food sales at the bar. after show aired. A timid bar owner looks the other way as her promiscuous staff expose themselves in an effort to retain their customers. Still open and the reviews are mostly positive. His obnoxious attitude and obsession for the punk scene forces Jon to reconsider saving his bar.

Edge of Town - Renamed Water's Edge Bar & Grill, The bar kept the name and the reviews are mostly positive. Rum Bar & Grill, Win, Place, or Show Renamed Follow. May be issues with their liquor license. The Holding Company - Renamed Patriot House. Still open and the owner is sticking with the recommended changes. Land of the Beer and Home of the Misbehaved, March TV Calendar: New and Returning Shows, March TV Calendar: Series Return and Premiere Dates. A historic bar and BBQ joint in Youngstown, Ohio, needs help addressing its feuding ownership. Can Taffer calm the sparks before this family implodes? as recent as 2/2014. Still open and it seemed like they were not struggling before the.

Paddy's Pub - Renamed Pat's Courtyard Bar. Bug Bite. reviews as recent as 4/2015. Lona's City Limits Cantina. Because it's never too early to plan Thursday night... two months from now. People like the makeover but there are complaints about service. The bar kept the name and is still non-smoking. Nightclub, The Black Sheep - Renamed The

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