Fixed an issue where Captain Phasma’s Staff Strikes would remain active and deal damage to a target when being interrupted.

Heroes and vehicles can be great assets in capturing or defending control points. Color of capture progress around a Command Post icon now shows which team is capturing an objective.

[1][2] Supremacy initially launched set only during the Clone Wars, but the BB Update added the First Order–Resistance war to Supremacy.

Heroes Promotional image of Capital Supremacy on Naboo featuring droidekas and the TX-130.

The final map that will be added into Capital Supremacy will drop in June.

The core mechanics rework for Heroes vs. Villains will be coming in May 2019, alongside yet another map for Capital Supremacy. Fixed an issue where Captain Phasma’s Staff Strikes would not deal a stagger animation when hitting an enemy.

Fixed an issue where the player was able to destroy the Spider Droid near Command Post A on Geonosis. Both teams must first fight for the central control point, which is neutral at the beginning of the game. Lighting, sound effects and visual polish across the maps, cinematics and Battle Beyond elements in Capital Supremacy. Lowered boarding time of gunships from 60 sec to 45 sec. Fixed an issue where the enemies would not show on the mini-map while the Ewok’s Hunter’s Instincts ability is active. Fixed an issue that would inaccurately show players as available to spawn on when first joining the Capital Ship phase on Capital Supremacy.

At the beginning of a round, both teams fight to capture five neutral Command Posts across the map. Fixed an issue where the ARC Trooper’s Power Blast ability would get deactivated if the player started dashing right after deploying with the ARC Trooper.

Max players Promotional image of the Clone Commando on Felucia. Fixed an issue where the user would not be rewarded with points when capturing Command Post D while mounting the E-Web turret. Fixed an issue where the Officer would be awarded with a Kill Assist bonus when a buffed ally would be destroyed. Fixed an issue where Arcade AI would occasionally run over stationary shields. Implemented Rich Presence data for Capital Supremacy. I am extremely pleased to see that EA and DICE are already hard at work on new maps for Star Wars Battlefront 2‘s latest mode, as it is a breath of fresh air.

Rebel AllianceGalactic Empire Added the ability to block for Darth Maul and Yoda.

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Fixed an issue where AI players could go through Out Of Bounds areas or teleport closer to the objective during the Boarding phase. Added Faction icons next to the ticket counters.

If the defenders manage to successfully repel an attack on their capital ship, then upon returning to the planet's surface, they will be awarded control of a majority of the Command Posts. Reinforcements are gathered when Command Posts are captured, which is determined through percentage, and when a team has enough reinforcements, indicated by reaching 100%, two transport ships are summoned. Specific dates have not been revealed for the months of May and June, so stay tuned for more information regarding these additions to the game. The following is a list of the different type of units that can be spawned-in as and the max number of them allowed at any given time: In DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II, Supremacy is a non-linear game mode based on capturing Command Posts and ultimately bringing down capital ships. 40 players and 24 AI bots Yes Increased CHARGE SLAM damage to troopers from 150 to 200 points. The initial match timer is ten minutes. A timer has been added to the Capital Ship phase of Capital Supremacy, replacing the ticket counter, giving players a limited amount of time to destroy it before the action returns to the ground.

The match starts with each side owning two control points. Fixed issues with the description texts for Darth Vader’s Focused Rage and Rey’s Insight abilities, that were not accurately describing the stamina reduction when using the abilities. Once a Command Post is captured, it can be taken or recaptured by the enemy team, however, and thus each captured Command Post must be defended.

We’ve also updated the roadmap with some extra info on what’s coming over the next few months. Prior to the release of Capital Supremacy, Naboo and Tatooine were datamined as potential maps for Supremacy in Battlefront II. At any given time, however, there are only two control points available for capture: a control point to defend, and a control point to attack. In the Roger Roger Update this was changed to three targets in the cooling vent room. If you haven’t tried the game yet you can probably find it on sale for a low price if you’re patient. Fixed an issue that would show the wrong area of effect when performing Darth Maul’s Choke Hold ability.

Community Request: Made visual improvements to the readability of the stamina bar. Promotional image of Anakin Skywalker leading the 501st Legion on Geonosis. Removed the push effect from Anakin’s Passionate Strike.

Heroes Extra time in the ship phase is rewarded to the team for every player that boards a transport. Replaced leaf VFX with sand VFX flying around Boarding ships, when they are ready to depart to the Capital ships. AT-TE is only available on Felucia and can be entered into without spending Battle Points. Both teams have five minutes to accomplish these objectives before they are repelled and return to the ground. Promotional image of Supremacy on Ajan Kloss. Fixed an issue where the players would not get damaged from environment fire on Geonosis – Pipeline Junction West. Kashyyyk was already one of the cooler maps in the game but now it’s cool to see it take a new twist on Capital Supremacy. Fixed an issue where the Health bar of the player would temporarily show to have 300 points when exiting a Speeder bike. Right now in Heroes vs. Villains, the targeting system encourages teams to gang up on the target, and it can become quite frustrating at times. Details an Evolve Media, LLC company.

Fixed an issue that would cause the LIUV vehicle to have no sound after the player has spawned in it. Deployment - Update 27th June,, Of all the modes that support heroes, Supremacy is one of only three modes in, It was internally referred to as "Titan" in the game's files, which was discovered by dataminers in the. Fixed an issue where the objective arrow icon could mislead players when standing close to the objective. 40 players In DICE's Star Wars Battlefront, Supremacy is a 40 player linear game mode that pits the Rebel Alliance against the Galactic Empire as they fight for possession of five control points with only two available at one time.

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