Browning choke tubes are often not the best, but good aftermarket tubes are widely available.

How To Choose the Best Hunting Binoculars, Waterfowl Hunting Tips And Tricks For Intermediate Hunters, How The Right Optic Can Help Your Eyes While Shooting, Why Benelli Ethos Is Better Than Beretta A400, Comparison Between Nightforce ATACR vs Schmidt And Bender. After the adjusting, it is a 6 lb. It is the answer for those who want the XLR5, but with a bit smaller pistol grip, and is a faster, lighter gun as well at about 7-1/2 lbs. THE These are the only Turkish made autoloaders I can recommend.

Among the self-loading products in this niche are Benelli’s Sport shotgun, $1,340; Beretta’s ten Urika AL391 Sporting products, which range in price from $1,000 to $1,230; Browning’s Gold Sporting Clays ($798) and Gold Sporting Golden Clays ($1,267) units; the Fabarm Sporting Clays Lion auto, $959; the Mossberg 9200 Custom Grade Sporting Shotgun, $590; the Remington 11-87 Premier Sporting Clays, $779; 11-87 SC NP, $905; and 1100 Sporting 12, $859.

Shooting the Benelli side by side with the Remington, we much preferred the Italian gun. This is the least expensive semi-auto shotgun produced by Benelli. a2a_config.linkurl = ""; By now, most have heard of (or experienced) the "Benelli click" and the "Benelli thumb." Inertia-Driven® System.

0 0. Experts opine that a 30 inch variant would have been a great addition to it. Other niceties include a cushion-soft buttpad, better wood, and an action tuned to function with light target loads.

One of the harshest-kicking gas actions, the original A400 Xplor Unico was a problem gun. a higher capacity tubular magazine are all wallet-flatteners, if you can These are shotguns to avoid, unless you can take a dare. This thing compresses when a shot is fired.

The A400, in 12 gauge, rates as a good gun today; the smaller gauges not so much. Benelli Shotguns are a perfect fit where one is up to some serious hunting. Back then, no one much cared about wild shell variations, for it was the standard 12 gauge, 1-1/8 ounce, 1200 fps, low brass field load for most upland game and the 1-1/4 ounce, 1330 fps, high brass "duck and pheasant" shell for everything else, even geese. . Again, rather than fix these potential issues, Benelli again wants you to buy a brand new gun, the Ethos, which is too light and too expensive to have mainstream appeal.

For the 10 year warranty and a stronger brand name, the Benelli M2 and Benelli Montefeltro are low-maintenance workhorses, albeit at a high price.

This is evidenced by the various Vinci Limited models that have plummeted in retail price to a thousand dollars or so. as a hunting The following Benelli models CZ-USA is a very good distributor with several good to excellent product offerings. 10800 Montefeltro and the Sport are very similar. Looking down the receiver and the barrel, we liked the clean sight picture on top of the gun. It has a ventilated rib to disperse barrel heat, and the muzzle accepts Rem Choke choke tubes (Cylinder, Improved Cylinder, Light Modified, and Modified come with the gun).

It is a very good

If you were going to shoot a steady diet of 3-inch magnums in the Benelli (the 1100 can handle only the 2.75-inch rounds), we’d think hard about that.

The silver center bead on our gun measured 0.05 inch wide and the front sight was 0.07 inch wide. This is attached by means of a short to a beach-block. A well-done inertia gun assembled at the Benelli facility, it makes the Stoeger models look sad by comparison.

Benelli Sport, $1,340. While this approach can work for a good long while for long recoil and some kinematic / inertia guns, it is not the best approach with gas actions. The Herstal Group puts Browning Silver and Gold variants in Winchester boxes and the Winchester SX3 and Browning Maxus are among the softest shooting autoloading actions. Gun Tests has been independently reviewing firearms since 1989. 19,498 Views.

Compare Your Gear – Nightforce SHV vs Vortex PST. not been dramatically reduced with the “Progressive Comfort

the Vinci) can benefit from better shell handling, a bit larger bolt release,

1 oz.

Benelli Ethos boasts of an operating system that is inertia driven and was manufactured by Benelli back in the 70s. These features make the Benelli montefeltro 20 gauge an apt one for amateurs. For a value inertia gun, the Girsan MC312 (from Bud's Gun Shop) is worth a look for about $500.

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