What do you do after you get what you want. Birthright (2014) Williamson's story of a boy, now man, being stuck in a mystical world, encountering surreal, and often frighteningly demonic creatures while wielding incredible sorcerous powers is a pure adrenaline rush here. I live in Wilmington, DE with my wife and two children. Not Just for Halloween: The 10 Greatest Horror Movie Masks! As opposed to mundane background monsters with no visual swag. This is a fantasy comic series, so naturally I love it. Although I can read about these like this all day, Birthright has quite a bit of action rocketing it forward. What a ride! Joshua Williamson has written a nail-biter with his co-creator artist, Andrei Bressan, that keeps you guessing if they’ll make it until the very last page. [1] This monthly comic book series is produced by Skybound Entertainment and published by Image Comics. Here’s a chance to hit the reset button and that is so very tempting. For the Rhodes family, losing their son was the most devastating thing that could've ever occurred… but it couldn't prepare them for what happened when he returned. Studios Exclusive Preview: MEGA MAN: FULLY CHARGED #4, Marvel Exclusive Preview: WEB OF VENOM: EMPYRE’S END #1, Check Out Phillip Tan’s Variant Cover For IRON FIST: HEART OF THE DRAGON #1. When asked about where the idea for Birthright came from, Williamson says, "Destiny. Join Monkeys Fighting Robots for an inside look at the world of comic books and the evolution of the industry. Birthright #1 (October 2014). Celebrating Over Four Decades of Old-School Horror from Troma Entertainment! There are few comics with fuzzy numbers, but a defined end point.

I loved what we got, but I think it just continued story lines from the first volume without much else going on. Hilarie Burton Morgan Will Play Negan’s Wife Lucille in Upcoming Episodes of “The Walking Dead”! Brennan, in some strange way, still feels like the protective older brother of this full grown warrior man. And Lucas' brilliant color palette, just wow. Suddenly, Mikey and his family are put in that position as Lore’s daughter, Mastema attempts to destroy both Earth and Terrenos and create a new, perfect world in its place. Several Horror Comics That Should Be on Your Radar – Including One Worth $273,000! The main flaws I see in this issue are the parents. Welcome back. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Monkeys Fighting Robots spoke with writer Rylend Grant about his new comic THE PEACEKEEPERS, which is currently funding on Kickstarter. Read reviews and discussion of Birthright #45 from Joshua Williamson and Andrei Bressan, published by Image Comics ... END OF STORY ARC. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Birthright #40 deals with massive, world-ending action and all of that is very impressive. It was a simple moment of a father and son reuniting. The characterisation is still strong, but the excitement of Homecoming just isn't there. Nowhere near as revolutionary and exciting as the first volume; in fact, a little predictable, especially as the volume moved on. What’s equally striking is Bressan’s design for magic casting, “magic mode” looks like Brennan is on fire with energy and spells. If you set a big goal and then accomplish it… what happens next. More great art and great story. It left a hell of a cliffhanger at the end of the book, and it's so making me look forward to reading volume 3 when it finally comes out! Another dang cliffhanger ending that makes me SO ANXIOUS for the next issue!!!! Send your comments, questions, & concerns to - [email protected]. A lot of comics would go from mid-battle in the previous issue to a single panel battle wrap-up so that the old issue can end suspensefully and the new issue can move on and be fresh. Both battles work to characterize Mikey as a whole and complex person; the past shows the boy he was and the innocence and compassion therein, and the present shows how far he’s willing to go, and his motivations for doing so. The Walking Dead TV series will conclude after its 11th season. We’ve spent 40 issues building up to something like this and the payoff is huge.

Amazing story. These colors pop on the page, drawing the eye and underscoring the importance of magic being used. I love everything.

With art by Jamie Jones and the occasional words by Matt Sardo, Tales of Monkeys Fighting Robots hits the web every Sunday. Image Comics teams with Hero Initiative non-profit for line of variants to support comic book creators in medical & financial need. by Image Comics. Birthright #40 ends with a whopper of a cliffhanger ending that’s going to set the series up for one amazing finale. James Duval, C. Thomas Howell and Ray Wise Star in Monster Movie ‘Beast Mode’ [Trailer].

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