Your creature type is both Humanoid and Fey. [1][2], However, if a hag needed to not invoke utter disgust, they could magically disguise themselves, the exact limits of their illusions being specific to different types. Homeland(s)

Charisma is your spellcasting ability for this spell.Green Hag Blood. You have advantage on Wisdom (Insight) and Charisma checks against those creatures for 24 hours.Sand Keeper.

[1][4][5][10], At the end of the ritual, the life essence of all hags in the coven was bound to the eye, allowing all members to see what the eye could see so long as it was on the same plane as them, the eye being able to see in the dark. When you sleep during your long rest you subconsciously wander the Ethereal Plane in your immediate area. A creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, with disadvantage if you are within line of sight, ending the effect on itself on a success. Often they abandoned their young, who are mostly human in nature. History You can cast minor illusion, dancing lights, at will, and one other spell depending on your subrace. This sisterly bond meant they might also reconcile, perhaps if a source of mutual hatred presented itself,[8] and while these relationships were largely lacking in emotion they were often the closest hags had to "friends". Those that came to them could find that a trait bestowed on a loved one had become too extreme, created some other flaw in them, or created a situation where the mortal was dependent on the hag. Feywild, Lower planes, Toril[1] Icy Walk. Obviously such a dichotomy didn't always apply; fiends generally enjoyed torture and torment and hags were known to make deals for purely pragmatic reasons, even if doing so didn't actively ruin anyone's lives. [2], A hag's lair, no matter it's form, was an unpleasant, disturbing thing which, like her form and magic, was a representation of herself. [5], When hags made deal with mortals, the true consequences were often hidden, with the deal-maker in question sometimes even enjoying success for a time before a drawback presented itself. The holder of the token can only hear your voice, not those of any other creatures or any ambient noise around you. [2] However, if something required hags to put forth a unified front, either a common goal or threat which couldn't be completed or defeated alone, then they would combine their efforts to form one of the infamous hag covens or coveys. The ritual for creating a hag eye was said to take anywhere between an hour to three days to complete, and required the full attention of the coven to complete. The decrepit frame of hags belied their supernatural strength and swiftness, for the crones could crush smaller beings one-handed and easily jump obstructions in their path.

5e So with this theme of sacificing life for power I created the Blood Mage.

General Information

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