involves earning a degree or certificate in, criminal justice or forensic science, augmented by courses, workshops and seminars. In this simulation, you will generate complete blood counts and prepare blood smears of control and patient samples to diagnose various blood disorders in three patients. Position it exactly like you did the first time. Forensic Answers.pdf - Blood Spatter Online Simulation Lab Pre Lab Questions Use the link, There are only 21 trained blood spatter professionals certified in the United States - How does. murder, homicide, sexual crimes, between others. It’s called the “which kid do we smack this time” game. And to do that, they often use a technique called blood spatter (not “splatter”) analysis. Page 2 2. From blood spatter, detectives can determine what type of weapon was used, how many times a person was hit with it, if the bad guy was right or left handed, the position of the victim and how they moved during the attack, how long ago the crime was committed, and how long the person lived after their injuries. Detectives look at other factors too such as whether or not the blood contains bone or tissues matter (which indicate a high impact splatter).

Lay paper on the floor underneath the papered wall. Display your pictures on a poster board along with the index cards explaining your findings. Pour two tablespoons of blood onto a damp sponge. Blood Type Virtual Lab; Once the link opens, click on Blood Typing; You will want your sound on or to plug in headphones. When drops of blood hit the floor at an angle, they produce elliptical stains, where their width-to-length ratio gives that impact angle. - Visitors who tell 1 dozen friends or share 30+ Reeko articles on their favorite social networking site will receive Reeko's personal guarantee that a big hand won't come out of the side of your monitor and slap you on the head This preview shows page 1 - 2 out of 3 pages. 5 0 obj Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Mix 44 g of cornstarch with 80 mL of water. One needs to know math, physics, biology and chemistry.

.2 = 11 degree angle Check out Bible Blender for bible study blended with science, history, technology, and your analysis. And in addition to figuring out who did it, they have to figure out how he did it. First we will let you in on a little secret. Low velocity spatter – results from low impact blows. And here is the pattern the same blood droplet would produce on a rough surface.

Place a block of wood or an empty bottle between the sponge and wall and notice the void that is produced and splatter something again. If the ratio comes out to .25, the droplet struck the surface at a 14-degree angle. %����

Of course two fingers on the side of the neck works well too. A droplet that has fallen vertically will be more round than a droplet that has hit the surface at an angle which will be oblong shaped. Detectives use the knowledge they gain from blood spatter analysis to figure out how the blood pattern was made and hence, how the person who bled was injured, where they were standing when injured, how long ago the crime was committed, and so on. Lay the sponge on the floor about 2 feet from the wall. And no, they don’t roll dice or draw straws to figure it out the winner. Make sure the paper reaches the floor and goes pretty high up. There's more here than meets the eye Medium-velocity spatter – results from attacks with a blunt object (like a bat) or a stabbing or when the injury is close to the surface of the skin and blood spurts out of the wound. If you measure the width and length of the drop, then divide the width by the length, you can determine at what angle the blood struck the surface. Tape large sheets of paper on a wall. The two key properties of blood that allow it to be a key piece of evidence are: Blood, is cohesive (behaves in a certain way when it hits a surface) and Blood travels in, spherical drops (surface tension). They take pictures of the blood stains, write down lots of notes, and measure the blood stains that they find. Visit Geek Slop for bite-sized chunks of science and technology news and interesting articles plus an online shop full of geek gear. Follow all instructions to complete the activity.

You have to be careful with this one. The Case for Innocence is the companion Web site to a similarly-titled episode of the PBS series, … - Explore! Can a chopped-off snake head still bite you?

These often occur after the victim is injured, for instance when they are walking around after the attack and dripping blood on the floor. If stage blood is not available, you can make your own blood using cornstarch and food coloring. Glass, metal, and other smooth, hard surfaces tend to yield blood stains that are rounded. - Bill Nye is a science guy, not a wiseguy (and there are rumours he is an alien) - Register and log in for additional stats and access to member only games and content Repeat with a screwdriver by stabbing the screwdriver point into the sponge. * c = width of spatter (mm) Droplets are typically no more than 4 millimeters. - Keep an eye out for hidden pots of gold and mystery puzzle pieces - visit the Fun Stuff section for details Blood Spatter Online Simulation Lab Pre- Lab Questions Use the link to find the information below: 1. The droplets look like a fine spray less than 1 millimeter in diameter.

If this ratio comes out to be .5 then the blood struck the surface at a 30-degree angle. .7 = 45 degree angle Add 2-3 teaspoons of red food coloring and 2 drops of green food coloring. <> First we will let you in on a little secret.

One needs to know math, physics, biology and chemistry. Explore! Explore! High-velocity spatter – occurs with gunshot wounds. Detectives use this information when determining whether a person died or not. * a = length of spatter (mm), Supplies: Tape, Food dye, Corn starch, Sponge. Grade Level: 7–12. The size and shape of these droplets tells detectives quite a bit about how the person lost the blood. What components of blood can be examined? You can hurt yourself with the hammer and screwdriver (which come to think of it, would add a bit of realism to the experiment). When you or your brother or sister do something wrong, your parents have to figure out who did it. Read more about what you can do about climate change here.


- Look for hidden science tips throughout the site Traditionally practitioners of blood-pattern analysis trace a straight-line from the stain at the impact angle to reveal where the blood … After this, police began using scientific evidence to figure out whodunit. Blood is composed of plasma and blood cells. mortal journey, check out the footprints of our past - interesting stories and news about past and current trends and fads. - Keep hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times, Copyright ©2020. .4 = 24 degree angle endobj

We provide a table to use to determine the angle but the mathematics to calculate it yourself is pretty simple if you have a calculator handy. .6 = 37 degree angle You will need to read through the background information before you start the procedure, this will help you understand blood typing. To parents this is like a whodunit game and in fact, they have a secret name for it that they have sworn never to reveal to the kids (breaking this rule can result in loss of their official parenting card). a. Below are the types of blood spatter patterns the detectives look for. endobj 1 0 obj Students in criminology, and criminal justice in a forensic science class to learn about the pattern analysis they, need to know for blood splatter or stain. And no, they don’t roll dice or draw straws to figure it out the winner. <>stream Blood is primarily made of water and as such, it behaves much like water and therefore must obey the laws of motion and gravity. .8 = 53 degree angle The texture of the surface that the blood lands on affects the shape of the blood pattern too and detectives have to take that into consideration. The droplets will be ellipse shaped with tails pointing towards the sponge. How to create a terrarium (or vivarium or self-contained bottle garden), Reeko's huge glossary of interesting (and useful) science words, How to set up up a home chemistry lab - equipment, chemical storage, and safety tips for your lab. 2 0 obj x��]Y��~_@�ag�ռ�D�@�� N�H��y�e]�uX���*�duݵ�a�4��],�f���;���޽����?܍WW����?�uq��3�~�����?��� ��w�ͻ�o �Փ�{���Ÿ{U�������������=�ǭ�G4#�z�Ǎ�K;�����a-v7�e������4ʎ��ꈝp�]X��vȡ'P�. Visit Altered Dimensions for the best esoteric and paranormal stories and news. 1 Geometry of blood spatter. This TEDed lesson was created using video from the Smithsonian Channel. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. Note the shape of the spatter, measure the length and width of each drop (don’t include the tail in your measurement), take pictures of the spatter pattern. In their simulations, researchers at Iowa State University collect blood spatter (in this case, backward spatter) on two different types of fabric.

Police use many different scientific techniques to figure out who the bad guy is.

Here is what the blood spatter pattern would look like on a smooth surface. The shape of the blood stain depends on the angle of the blood when it hit the surface and the speed at which the blood drop was travelling. Write your findings on an index card. Life's short - make fun of it!

They would line all the bad guys against the wall and stare at them. The size of the bloodstain depends on how much blood was lost. Crazy-person spatter – very rare spatter type but fairly obvious when you run across it. When you or your brother or sister do something wrong, your parents have to figure out who did it. This worked well until they ran across this guy.

%PDF-1.7 Innovating science spatter blood is specialized in that it is not corn syrup based and will dry on material allowing students to utilize the dried blood on objects for exams or other lab measurements. The sponge should not be dripping wet but rather just moist. Finger Lakes Community College • CRIMINAL J 101, Vincent Massey Secondary School • CLUBS HOSA, Chattahoochee Technical College • IS MISC, John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School • FOR 123. Parents have an eerie, almost superhero-like ability that allows them to scan human faces to determine the guilty party. If a lot of blood was lost, the blood droplets will be quite large. Together we can beat climate change and be the generation that literally saves the world! endobj Don’t get it on your clothes no matter how funny you think it would be to douse yourself in it and sprawl out on the kitchen floor.

Replace the paper on the floor and wall. 1 = 90 degree angle. The blood droplets are pretty much round when travelling through the air but deform into various shapes and patterns when they land on a hard surface. Hard rough surfaces like wood or paper tend to produce blood stains with irregular, jagged edges. K–12 activities. taken periodically throughout their careers.

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