Here are some tips for preventing tear stains on dogs: The most important aspect is to keep the hair around the eyes short and clean. Neither of these recipes includes peas. Often times, it’s simply an aesthetic issue, but tearing and tear stains on dogs can also indicate a more serious underlying health condition.

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The best way to minimize tear staining is to keep the eye area clean and dry, says Meekins. From the latest doggy trends and toys to simple tips and advice on how to live a happier, healthier life with your pup! Another important part of minimizing staining is to clean the area below the eyes, being careful to avoid contacting the eye itself, says Monk.

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No grain, corn, soy, + Zero artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors, + Magnesium and iron, flaxseed-rich in Omega-3 that supports healthy skin & coat.

However, it’s not recommended that you feed them to your pet in perpetuity.

The pupils may change size compared to one another, and your dog will appear uncomfortable in the eye. We decided to include a “Most overrated” selection because, frankly, a lot of dog food reviews make bad recommendations. What’s the difference between red vs brown tear stains? Pet owners who notice discoloration in tear stains or other symptoms of eye infections—such as redness, itching, or pawing at the eyes—should seek veterinary care. Cheap commercial dog food contains detrimental carbohydrate fillers, artificial flavor, and additives. “If your veterinarian suspects allergies, he or she may prescribe a steroid ointment as well as an oral treatment for allergies,” says Monk. Blueberry helps to brighten their coat and gently remove tear stains when used as directed.

And the lack of fillers is less likely to upset dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs, which can contribute to excess eye watering (epiphora) and tear staining. But in general, cheap dog food is more likely to produce tear stains than high-quality options. These all-natural foods improve your dog’s overall health, digestion, and ability to filter out toxins. “Tylosin is an antibiotic, and long term use of a low concentration can lead to bacterial resistance,” says Monk. You may need to choose all-natural cleaning supplies or vacuum your home more frequently to help mitigate their allergies. That’s because dog food manufacturers pack their food with loads of nasty ingredients. Dog Food: The Connection With Tear Stains.

She recommends looking for lubricating drops that are long-lasting and don’t contain an anti-redness medication. Gentle blend replenishes moisture while providing a deep refreshing clean. Now, if the stains are more of a brown color, it may indicate your pup has developed a yeast infection on the face.

This will help avoid digestive upset or tummy trouble. When it comes to preventing tear stains, the foods with the simplest ingredients take the cake. When looking for the best dog food to prevent tear stains, the foods with a short list of ingredients, pure protein sources, and few fillers are best (notice how short Ollie’s ingredient list is, above?!).

Tear stains are dark or reddish brown stains under a dog's eyes. Paula Fitzsimmons is a content marketing writer and journalist who writes about pets as they intersect with topics related to health, nutrition, technology, and lifestyle. If you’re really trying to revamp your dog’s nutrition in order to reduce tear stains, make sure you choose all-natural treats, too. There are no quick fixes available or scientifically proven and tested natural products for eliminating tear staining in dogs. These chews are manufactured with supplements to directly combat tear stains. Another cause is entropion, says Klein. + No grains that contain gluten, making it a good option for dogs with a sensitive stomach.

Best Dog Foods For Maltese With Tear Stains #1 Weruva Grain Free Dry Food. There are several over-the-counter wipe products you can use to keep the eye area clean, but they vary in effectiveness. His work has been featured on Frontline Education, Yahoo! This means Lucy Pet is an excellent contender. Tears are essential to eye health.

“Any change in tear staining, especially if it is accompanied by squinting or rubbing, warrants a vet visit,” says Monk.

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