Image Gallery Read Mr. Compress x Reader : Inspire from the story BNHA Villain One-Shots UWU by Tomura_Shimura (Dabi_Onion) with 3,707 reads. He wears a combination of a mask, balaclava, and hat. In reality, those were actually decoys containing ice he had discreetly prepared while dodging Shoto’s ice assault, and Atsuhiro kept the original marbles in his mouth. Innsmouth |

He later became one of the nine lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front, an organization formed from the remnants of the League and the Meta Liberation Army. White-Hot Battle! Shoji reveals that he took them from him when he wasn't paying attention, much to his surprise. In his villain attire, he wears a dark orange shirt, the collar left upturned and a green striped bolo necktie with an oval-shaped azure brooch hanging around his neck, a black waistcoat and black dress pants. Mr. Compress adds his comment on the fate of the convey with his comrades. After becoming a PLF lieutenant, his new arm enables him to shoot out his marbles from his fingers. Fingers dancing over broken skin. He and the rest of his team serve as the main antagonists of the Forest Training Camp Arc. For the same reasons, Compress is very useful for transporting downed allies. My Hero Academia Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Muscular | Mr. Compress states that their attack was to make a point, how there's more than one perspective to look at the situation.

This will result in the target getting shrunk down into a minuscule marble-like object. Compress (can shrink down people or objects into a small marble)High intelligenceStealthEnhanced speedEnhanced reflexes With Magne's help, Atsuhiro was nearly successful at recapturing Katsuki, only to be intercepted by Mt. In the Japanese version, he is voiced by Tsuguo Mogami, who voiced the original Nomu and Hood. You need someone who is under the radar. Community content is available under.

He begins to escape, but was eventually stopped by Midoriya, Shoji and Todoroki, right after meeting up with Dabi, Twice, and Himiko Toga.

When you and the man you had come to know as compress went into the rundown operation, let’s just say that things could have gone better. Skeptic | The weight of the compressed objects is reduced considerably, making it possible to hide or carry them around. Biographical Information Mr. Compress explains to Bakugo that they're not a simple group of criminals committing petty crimes, but they're all working together to achieve a common goal. Origin That or gaining a truly dangerous enemy” you assumed he was smirking under the mask. You could have gotten yourself killed!”, you hissed through clenched teeth clutching your leg. “I have motive, it’s just a bit more sadistic and... dirty than that of your little pawns”, you leaned against the counter and eyed the people all around you.

Asshuku In reality, however, Chisaki had no interest in joining the league, but rather use them to accomplish his goals on becoming the next ruler of the underworld.

Using Compress on himself allows Atsuhiro to be carried anywhere, undetected. La Brava | Leaders: Overhaul | I’m here to raise my body count.”, the man behind the bar looked taken aback.

Because Kai Chisaki severed Mr. Compress' left arm, he has a robotic prosthetic arm. [5], 'My Hero Academia' Profile: Atsuhiro Sako. Sir Nighteye and Izuku Midoriya and Mirio Togata and All Might, My Hero Academia Official Character Book 2 Ultra Analysis,, Atsuhiro’s given name contains the kanji of "pressure", Atsuhiro's Japanese voice actor, Tsuguo Mogami, also voices the. Succeeding in the Vanguard Action Squad's mission and making his escape, Atsuhiro easily outpaced the U.A. In reality, however, Chisaki had no interest in joining the league, but rather use them to accomplish his goals on becoming the next ruler of the underworld. Cracking jokes.

Mr. Compress is the most intelligent member of the league, as he is said to be one of the most smartest villains in the world. A key example of this misdirection is when he compresses a targets into a marble and there is a chance he would be relived of them by his opponents. Overall Abilities: Atsuhiro is very capable and resourceful villain, with incredible stealth abilities, coupled with speed, agility, and the proficiency with his Compress Quirk.

Leaders: Curious | Thus, he remained sympathetic to his fellow teammates, yet was disappointed with the U.A students. “Compress you imbecile! In-game render of Mr. Compress. Tomura Shigaraki | pursuers in the Beast's Forest by jumping across the treetops and even evaded Shoto Todoroki's multiple employments of his "Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall" technique. Atsuhiro also has good judgement, as knows the limits of his own abilities, and can gauge the level of strength another person possesses after seeing them in action once. Type of Villain The weight of the compressed objects i…, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. Magne refused and attempted to get rid of him, but was q… I’m not dumb I’m stupid. Number 6, Movies To activate his Quirk, Atsuhiro first needs to touch the target with his hand. At the Revival Celebration, Atsuhiro faced various members of the Meta Liberation Army, but began to struggle until he was saved by Twice's "Sad Man's Parade" technique. Grand Commander: Re-Destro That is until instead of killing someone you saved them. Alive Vanguard Action Squad (Formerly)Brown Regiment The three are then transported away by Kurogiri's Warp Gate. Dabi calls him an idiot, but Mr. Compress simply tells him to wait. Rōmaji Name Nine |

Compress (圧 (あっ) 縮 (しゅく) , Asshuku? Compress allows Atsuhiro to shrink down anything inside a spherical area into a small marble without actually damaging it. Twice | He is affiliated with the League of Villains and a member of the organization's Vanguard Action Squad. God it was so disgusting, so horrific, so exciting. Eight Bullets: Rikiya Katsukame | He then criticizes the students for having their perspectives and values chosen for them. Shin Nemoto | *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Read Mr Compress X kurogiri from the story Cursed Ships bnha part 2 by Chloe351129 (Chloe) with 2,156 reads. Thanks to his amazing stealth and agility, he can capture people within compressed marbles without causing noise, and before the victim alerts nearby allies. Eye Color cursed, anime, no. Mr. Compress first appears in Establishing the Bakugo Bodyguard Brigade, where he is standing on a tree, after successfully captured the U.A. Why are you here?

Once the Hideout Raid Team appeared at the villains' bar, Atsuhiro realized that the televised press conference was being used a ruse for the team of heroes to get the drop on the League of Villains. Atsuhiro Sako Images, Paranormal Liberation Front Lieutenant (Co-commander of the Brown Regiment). Mr. Compress (Mr. (ミスター) コンプレス, Misutā Konpuresu?) He also seems to be confident in his actions, as shown when he kidnapped Fumikage Tokoyami, even though he was only assigned to capture Katsuki Bakugo. While Toga and Twice face off with Midoriya and Todoroki, Mr. Compress prepares to leave with Dabi. His efforts were wasted because he was struck by an experimental Quirk-Destroying Bullet, temporarily erasing Astuhiro's Quirk, leading to his left arm being destroyed by Overhaul.

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