( Log Out /  The local night-time economy for the Borough will be revitalised with the track attracting thousands from outside the borough.

?>, Greyhounds > This multi use stadium will provide great benefits to the community.

It is worth repeating that the concept of a one sided greyhound stadium with development adjacent to the track is proven and successful at tracks such as Shelbourne Park and many other Irish and British sporting arenas.

We the undersigned ask the Councillors of Walthamstow to NOT see the return of greyhound racing at Walthamstow as an option for the derelict 'Stow' site.We call on the council to be aware of the inherent abuse greyhounds suffer in order to sustain greyhound racing.Greyhound racing is responsible for the abuse and deaths of tens of thousands of greyhounds each year in the UK.Only a MINORITY make it to a fulfilling life of retirement, being homed through the hard work of rescues, surviving on funds raised by the public.The greyhounds making 'the grade' and going on to endure a racing 'career' face high risks of injuries on the race track resulting in young greyhounds being killed, be it major or even minor. All rights reserved, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Say-NO-to-the-Stow/184202134977545, http://greyhoundsafe.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/new-public-planning-meeting-for-tht.html, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YiVLPGW6T4, recipient: Waltham Forest Council, London. Of course, there's Ireland in August/September, but Shelbourne can be as tricky with its shorter run to the bend.

It is only right that we should celebrate this architectural showpiece to popular entertainment by listing its key components' - Culture Minister, David Lammy, If any local residents would like to contact SOS directly - Rick Holloway is available by email: rickyjholloway@gmail.com or by phone: 07913 325674. "It's always been a great catchment area and with investment could just be a fantastic asset, with greyhound racing underwriting its success."

The top greyhound trainers in the country will train the top greyhounds and race for top prize money. ( Log Out / 

"keywords" => "", Mr Morton’s vision is supported by the local Members of Parliament Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith (MP for Chingford) and Stella Creasy (MP for Walthamstow). But on Wednesday, he trapped well and actually made the bend in front before running away for a comfortable win, just two spots off the 509m clock. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

11.89 Bob MORTON Bryant Invitational 4-24-82.

Chances are he will, he's long odds-on to. The proposals include a formal bid for the outright purchase of the land. Ideally, this would restore greyhound racing to this, its primary and historic home’. The owners, who have had a reputation with closing tracks in the past, have been reinvigorated by the success of the venue and long-term development plans are being discussed. East London

You Care. Simply put L&Q have become a massive organisation and cash rich. So what is your Neighbourhood Commitee Group doing for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If L&Q are prepared to brush aside the wishes of 94% of local residents in order to get what they want then this says a lot about them as a charity, In my opinion, even though L&Q say thay will make a loss of £25 million if they redevelop the stow, The executives will probably earn tens of thousands of pounds from tendering contracts to various building companies and trades who will be queing up to do the work, i wonder where this money will go? After a crunch meeting last week the two sides seem as far apart as ever. There is no evidence to suggest that a new greyhound racing facility is needed on the site of a former iconic dog track, a planning inspector has concluded. We urge London & Quadrant to listen to the Mayor, the local Members of Parliament and the residents of the Borough and work with Mr Morton.

"These are very interesting times," said one source. ( Log Out /  The younger generation can enjoy the evening maybe at the modern, trendy bar, enjoying brand takeaway food before going to the nightclub after racing. I CAN HERE THE HARES RUNNING AS I TYPE THIS MESSAGE.

"url" => "https://betting.betfair.com/greyhound-racing/",

Droopys Greg has made giant strides this year including victory in the Monmore Puppy Derby, his last-to-first victories wowing the crowds. 11.98 Matt MC GINNIS Fitchburg State Open 4-12-03. 1987 Owner Bob Morton was at Wimbledon to see his Flashy Sir contest the Derby consolation which was declared void.

Although that entry looked to be in doubt immediately afterwards over doubts whether he can handle Wimbledon.

Greyhounds News >

I am absolutely thrilled and have something to look forward to in 2011.

I'd be amazed if he doesn't run."

The Lord's Greyhounds News: Newbon's dog a Derby mover, Greyhounds News Morton has vowed that should any deal be successful, greyhound racing and other leisure activities will be in place before the Olympics next year. No.2 The inspector, while not denying the popularity of resurrecting the stadium, found that the council’s decision to identify the need for development of a mixture of uses on the site to be correct.

The exclusive dining tables will overlook the winning line and will attract the premier footballers and celebrities alike. This is all seen as just the way of the 'game'.A re-opening of the 'Stow' will ONLY result in the furthering of the abuse and cruelty greyhounds endure daily.Please see this video of track 'bumps'(collisions resulting in death)filmed at the 'Stow' before it closed:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YiVLPGW6T4Please note the video commentary by Graham Oliver BVSc CertSAO MRCVSOrthopaedic Veterinary Surgeon.Please show the UK and the rest of the world that Waltham Forest Council will not be seen as supporters of inherently abusive greyhound racing.

"path" => "/var/www/vhosts/betting.betfair.com/httpdocs/greyhound-racing/", Here, you’ll find over 45 million like-minded people working towards progress, kindness, and lasting impact.

"15", Droopys Greg has been all the rage in the antepost Derby betting after almost breaking the track record in front of the Sky cameras at Swindon on Wednesday. Thank you for your support. Ideally, this would restore greyhound racing to this, its primary and historic home' - Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, 'It's the best surviving and most architecturally interesting vintage stadiums in the country, and a major East London landmark. The new business will offer dynamic and diverse promotion to the City of London’s corporate market as well as the wider corporate and personal market in the huge catchment area that the tracks enjoys.

Of course, the Olympic Stadium and Village is based at Stratford/Hackney, just a few miles away from Walthamstow Stadium which has been dormant since August 2008.

"L&Q's funding is being questioned, the MPs are becoming increasingly involved and Bob Morton's new £9m offer really couldn't have come at a better time."

SAVE OUR STOW PRESS STATEMENT-19 AUGUST 2010, BOB MORTON TABLES FORMAL BID TO PURCHASE STOW, ‘To return greyhound racing to this, its primary and historic home’ (Mayor Boris Johnson).

"category" => "Greyhounds News", Bob Morton, the three-time Derby ... Morton has vowed that should any deal be successful, greyhound racing and other leisure activities will be in place before the Olympics next year.

But on Wednesday, he trapped well and actually made the bend in front before running away for a comfortable win. class="free_bet_btn" rel="external" onclick="javascript: pageTracker._trackPageview('/G4/inline-freebet');" target="_blank">. The new stadium will encompass the best traditions and practices of the famous Stow but it will be vastly improved, making it a top class leisure arena.

Other benefits to the community include the restoration of its heritage. Despite the findings, Rick Holloway, of campaign group Save Our Stow, said: ‘We cannot understand how Waltham Forest council can support any change of use, and it should welcome back the world’s number one greyhound stadium to provide over 1,000 local jobs.

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The competition concludes with a live-on-Sky final on Saturday, April 16. " Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. The track itself and all greyhound welfare aspects will be second to none. Maybe the simplest way of describing Mr Morton’s plans for the new Walthamstow Stadium is to liken it to the ‘Royal Ascot’ of greyhound racing. "The closure of this track was of great news for greyhounds.The current owners of the site,L&Q housing association, have submitted and re-submitted plans to use the site for housing and leisure amenities.Waltham Forest Council have recently asked for revised plans as they felt the submitted plans were not an " adequate replacement for the loss of the greyhound racing track" As MP's support the personal desires of millionaire greyhound racing enthusiast, Bob Morton, for a return of racing at the 'Stow', your support is needed to show Councillors of Walthamstow that a promotion of further abuse for more greyhounds to endure is NOT an option they should consider.BBC London recently reported on this story under the words of 'Housing or Heritage'The furthering of ABUSE of more greyhounds should NOT be excused under the wording of 'Heritage'.An argument of 'Heritage' simply fails.

The catchment area of Walthamstow Stadium runs in to several millions with the borough alone having a population of about 250,000. London & Quadrant housing association has submitted plans to build 301 homes on the site of Walthamstow Stadium, which closed in 2008. Just hope that when racing commences, Ricky and our Save Our Stow campaigners have races honoured after their valiant efforts over the past two years.

ALL THE BEST BOB[MR MORTON] SEE YOU IN THE GOODWOOD LOUNGE SOON. Most importantly it will offer a safe, inexpensive family friendly night out for the local community and beyond. ( Log Out / 

Colour: Black: Whelped: 01/11/2006: Breeder: NICOLAS SAVVA (BEDFORDSHIRE UK LU6 2HU) Mr Morton’s plans are compatible with the Mayor’s vision for London. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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