Januar 26, 2020 BREED IMPROVEMENT SCHEME. Below is the rough cut of the 2019 Expo. There are six registered dog breeders in Bulawayo, though more breeders operate as backyard breeders as more people have turned to the trade to make a living. Make sure that you have proper equipment for your dog such as a collar which cannot slip off! For the venues in California (2), Washington State (1) and Vegas (1), those venues will be scheduled sometime in June as more states open up due to the Covid-19.

Boerboel breeders register under the South Africal Boerboel Breeders’ Society, whose standards are used to appraise the dogs. Puppies where born 4th September 2020 and will be available for new homes from 18 October 2020.Mother is a Doberman very ... Boerboel puppies for sale in Cape Town (Western Cape) - SORRY SOLD . 1/1. A).

It is imperative that you pre-register and pay for your dogs to be appraised or to attend the Boerboel Show in Collinsville or the puppy show in Hawthorne Woods, Il.

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year. Several of us will be arriving onsite Friday and camping at the fairgrounds for the duration.

Wishing you peace, love, good health and prosperity in 2020! The dog must reach a minimum of 90% in the character test.

November 9 appraisal in California is CANCELLED.

Payments made at the event must be cash or credit/debit. 7:30 check in table opens Cape Town, Western Cape. Because of the many venues NABBA is doing, the time frame for each is going to be tight.

It accomodates those attending Boerboel Appraisal/Show on … He received the highest appraisal score in the U.S. in 2017, and maintained that top score among Boerboels appraised in 2018 (NABBA). $125 for SABBS members or $250 for non members. *Beverli and others will be available all day to meet and chat with people, QUICK PREPARATION REMINDERS!

For breeders/owners living in Holland, Belgium, Germany and anyone else that will take the drive, we have a “Package deal” with the veterinary Kliniek voor Gezelschapsdieren Eersel NL, by Maarten Kappen.

The fee for pre-registered prior to the 3 weeks is $125. Please email the office, do not. To appraise your dog must be microchipped. Bring lawn chairs if you have them and want to relax.

HEALTH REPORTThe HEALTH REPORT consists of four sections.

We pray everyone has been safe and healthy through the shut down due to Covid-19. Covid prevented 2020 events. For all Boerboels that are being presented for appraisal with another organization's birth certificate or registration, you will need to send a copy to the office so the dog can be entered in our database with NABBA papers prior to the appraisal. Below is the rough cut of the 2019 Expo. If you are appraising your dog or showing in the SABBS Conformation Show, don’t forget registration and/or birth certificates which reflect the dog being in your name. Boerboel puppies for sale, we have 6-week old male and female Boerboel puppies being sold @ R2000 each.

This venue will facilitate the members in surrounding states.

Als er nieuwe informaties, acties of keuringen zijn dan wordt je per mail geïnformeerd.

Boerboel breeders register under the South Africal Boerboel Breeders’ Society, whose standards are used to appraise the dogs. 23600 N. Echo Lake Road. September 30 - Appraisal and Boerboel Puppy Show, Hawthorne Woods, IL (outside of Lake Zurich), Mississauga, Ontario L4W 4T4 (part of Toronto), October 6 -    Appraiser Course (Phase I). The dog must reach the minimum of 90% in the character test.

10:30 SABBS Show The dog must reach a minimum of 80% in his/her conformation score. Even with the increase, it is still a good price.

2018 Spring Appraisal Tour - deadline to request venue.

We are also coordinating a venue in Collinsville, IL.

I will see if that can be done soon and if not, please continue to email the, office with the location and attach a copy of the dog(s) that you want appraised. On behalf of all of us here at the NABBA office, we'd like to wish all of our members and their families a very Merry Christmas! Leo is an amazing Boerboel. This will be an extended clinic and discussion forum! In this package which contains: HD, ED, PennHip X-rays, Ec-Entropion, Hyperplasia/Testicles and Patellar Luxatie, you will have all the health testing done for a fixed price and BI will automatically get a copy of the certificate for our database.

“Once you have been scored, you can see where your dog is lacking in terms of the standards and can then breed with a dog which is strong in that area,” he said.

We encourage members to contact the office at office@nabba-inc.com by March 31st, 2018 advising of their interest in attending or hosting an appraisal venue for the Spring Tour.

The appraisal in Bulawayo is done once a year.

The results are being updated in realtime during the appraisal. September 29 through October 9, I will be on the tour and the office will be closed.

These seven sections are measured to the Breed Standard on a scale of 3 to 5, where 5 represents the PERFECT / EXCELLENT example, 4,5 VERY GOOD, 4 GOOD, 3,5 POOR and 3 NOT ACCEPTABLE.The value of each section is indicated in brackets.The total value of the APPRAISAL SYSTEM (Conformation and Movement), counts out of 100 points , but forms only 50% of the TOTAL PRODUCTION INDEX.(TPI). “We breed to improve the breed hence when you have a missing trait in your dog you can engage other breeders and work together hence it is better if there are more breeders with a variety,” he said. As a reminder, the SABBS show and the SABBS appraisals are for ALL Boerboels regardless of the registry.

More info regarding appraisels will be posted here.

8:00 Appraisals until complete •$50 stud name (one time fee - this is if you are a breeder. I repeat - Meeting is this SUNDAY. Once all the input has been received from our members, we will send an email with dates and locations for each venue.

contact us.

There will also be a cookout with sausage and hamburgers with all the trimmings, a raffle, music, and Veterinarian(s) to answer any questions you may have.

Your dog must have the minimum age of 12 months before the dog can be appraised. If you have questions, please reach out! From 20-10-2018 the BI appraisers are able to take pictures from dogs which are attending the appraisal.

The rest of the venues remain the same at this time. If you have not renewed your membership, the fee has increased to $100 because renewal was due by March 31, 2020. NABBA news. George Silundika & 9th Ave

Should you have paperwork from another registry, you must submit a copy to the NABBA office so your dog can be entered in the NABBA database prior to the appraisal. Hopefully a cookout too.

The BIS process determines the TOTAL PRODUCTION INDEX of the specific Boerboel.

No images on this site can be used without permission.

Hawthorne Woods, IL (outside of Lake Zurich) Start Time: 8:30 AM . 431 Airport Freeway.

All dogs presented that have not been previously DNA tested will be done at the appraisal venue. The appraisal sheet metrics used to come up with the final score include general appearance, under which there is volume, balance height, gender authenticity, there are aspects of the head and face such as broad, typical boerboel features, forequarter, hindquarters, coat, temperament and movement. For all other countries:Your examining vet must perform the following and make out certificates stating the findings (x-rays can be sent to BI for reading OFA and Norberg angle) : x-rays of hips and elbows, clinical examination of eyes and genitals.

Harare-based organiser Mr Blessing Mujokoro said the appraisal assists breeders to improve on the strengths of their breeds. Boerboel Expo’s.

After that time frame or at the venue, the fee is $150 per dog. September 30 - Appraisal and Boerboel Puppy Show.

Don’t have a Boerboel? The total value of the HEALTH REPORT counts out of 100 points, but forms only 25% of the TOTAL PRODUCTION INDEX (TPI). We look forward to carrying on his line through pairing him with Lulu, Raven and Laila in 2020. The BREED IMPROVEMENT SCHEME of BOERBOEL INTERNATIONAL consists of four different actions that culminate into one comprehensive report on the specific Boerboel that takes part in this excellent process.

BI will follow these of course. Copyright © Black Iron Boerboels.

At present, SABBS hosts appraisal days in South Africa, Namibia, Africa, North America, Canada, the UK, Europe and Scandinavia throughout the year.

Future schedules will be posted at: www.boerboelexpo.com. The appraisal fee is still $125 prepaid and $25 for DNA. Come out and meet the breed! TESTICLES and SCROTUM(MALES); HYPERPLASIA(BITCHES). These kits are from Animal Genetics out of Florida, which is the only DNA testing available in the USA that is accepted for registration by SABBS.


Additional details regarding the Linear Appraisel System are soon to to come.

MEASUREMENTSThe following ten measurements are taken to form a data base where specific Boerboel’s BREEDING VALUES on specific characteristics can be monitored.

As a reminder, membership renewal is due by March 31, after that date the fee is $75.00.

2020 Spring Appraisal Tour - UPDATES .

Boerboels presently registered thru other registeries are welcome to have their dog appraised via SABBS. These kits are from Animal Genetics out of Florida, which is the only DNA testing available in the USA that is accepted for registration by SABBS.

Reports on HIPS and ELBOWS will be handled on the same base as KUSA and other INTERNATIONAL CANINE ORGANIZATIONS , depending on the specificcountry involved.

Most seating onsite is bleachers and hard standard chairs. Please don't wait until the last minute. news. The importance of this scheme can not be accentuated enough. This data is of big importance to use in the BREED IMPROVEMENT SCHEME (BIS). (Also updated in … Startinglists and Results of BI boerboel … If you need your dog(s) appraised, you will need to pre-register and pay through the email office@nabba-inc.com, as the website has not been updated.

REGISTERSIt is of utmost importance to widen the gene pool of the Boerboel as various detrimental conditions are either destroying the breed or looming in the background.We as guardians of the breed should take charge and through clever decisions ensure that the breed faces the future with confidence and sound health conditions.

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