Pirates (Scroop, Onus, Hands, Turnbuckle, Blinko, Longbourne, Fayvoon, Grewnge, Krailoni, Hedley, Torrance, Mertock, Verne, Crex & Zoff) |


Fillmore! Cinderella Villains |

Kim Possible Villains | I work for Nation Editions and it helps me to stay connected with all the news about actors, series, etc.

Like many dragons, he is able to breathe fire, at first unsuccessfully, but masters it in time to stop Shan Yu's falcon, Hayabusa, from alerting the Huns to Li Shang's presence. Bill Sykes |

Beast (2017) | After Fa Li and all the dressers have finished beautifying Mulan, Grandma Fa gives her a few items to make her look perfect (apple, pendant, jade necklace and Cri-Kee). Villains | Drizella Tremaine | Ting-Ting appears as mature and level-headed but is actually carefree in her heart.

Jasper & Horace | Sofia the First Villains |

Mushu pretends to be the Great Golden Dragon of Unity who commands that they are allowed to marry whoever they want, allowing them to be with Yao, Ling, and Chien-Po.

Samuel Mason |

In her second film, she plays a game in the house of Fa and brings in food for the perfect couple Mulan and Shang.

Yeti (Matterhorn Bobsleds), See Also The Lion King Villains | Hayabusa is Shan Yu's pet saker falcon, who acts as his master's eyes and ears from a distance. [3] He is able to survive more like a mythical creature than an animal; he endures being stomped on, being caught in explosions, and (literally) riding out an avalanche in the first movie. Rosie Little | Chien-Po, or Po for short, is by far the tallest and most obese of Mulan's friends with a bald head. Werecat Lady | [3], Around the time when the music of the film was to be created, the songwriters had written a piece for Mushu, for him to sing to assure Mulan that he will be there to help her. She appears in the 2020 live-action remake and portrayed by Cheng Pei-pei. Pirates of the Caribbean Villains | Judge Doom | Professor Ratigan | Edgar Volgud |

Although such traits leave something to be desired, he managed to impress her, and when he wins a fight at a carnival and is given a prize, he chooses a stuffed panda bear with three black legs and one white leg and gives it to her. Skeleton Pirates |

Peter Pan Villains | Cloak & Dagger | The most childlike, she is easily swayed and is soon convinced of Mei's opinions.

In the second film, he falls in love with Princess Su, the youngest sister. Pom-Pom | Zafire | Big Hero 6 Villains | William Boone | They were discouraged but felt better when Mulan and Li Shang came to recruit them for another mission. An arrogant and short-tempered individual with a bit of a Napoleon complex, he is short, stocky and has a permanent black eye. In the second film, he becomes an enemy to Mushu when he tries to break up Shang and Mulan to keep his job. Trigger & Nutsy | Elliot Coleye | Coachman's Minions |

Mr. Skinner | Kramer | Rinzler |

Blackbeard |

Neverland Pirates (Mr. Smee) | Dark Dragon |

Tal Hajus | Sea Monkeys | At the end of the first film, his feathers are burned down by a fireball from Mushu to stop him from warning the Huns of Li Shang's presence, who then taunts him as "Mongolian barbeque" while Cri-kee laughs at him. Clayton's Pirates |

During the rainy night, she weeps for her daughter who runs away with Khan the horse, and her husband Fa Zhou consoles her while watching over her at the same time.

He is just as rowdy as his comrades in this version, but still holds his love of food. Bennett Hoenicker | On top of being given a more fleshed out and sympathetic backstory than Shan Yu, Bori Khan also had more screen time than him and did more killings than his equivalent did in the original animated. Vince Heber |

Zombies | Huntsman | He is not above killing his enemies in cold blood to prove his strength and he has been shown to make jokes about it: after capturing two imperial scouts and sending them to deliver his challenge to the Emperor, he asks his lead archer how many men it takes to deliver a message. If you do not wish to know vital information on plot / character elements in a story, you may not wish to read beyond this warning: We hold no responsibility for any negative effects these facts may have on your enjoyment of said media should you continue. Honest John | DOR-15 |

Shan Yu is the cruel leader of the Huns who is bent on conquering China, and with his Hun army, climbs over the Great Wall and invades the land to prove his "superiority" to the Emperor.

Bori Khan

Mr. Whiskers | However, after Eddie Murphy came to voice the character, the character and his dynamic changed. Jean-Pierre Le Pelt | The following are fictional characters from Disney's 1998 film Mulan, its 2004 sequel Mulan II, and its 2020 remake Mulan. Morganians (Maxim Horvath, Abigail Williams, Sun Lok, Drake Stone & Marrok) |

First Ancestor Fa is the ghostly eldest member of the Fa family and acts as leader of the ancestors.

When Mulan returns home with Shan Yu's sword and the Emperor's crest, she comments that Mulan should have brought a man home and is shocked when Li Shang arrives, causing her to jokingly say to sign her up for the next war. Mulan (1998): Hun Army (Shan Yu, Hayabusa & Elite Hun Soldiers) A.J. Though he teases Mulan at first, he, like the other two, becomes her friend. Beast | In the 2020 live-action remake, he is portrayed by Jimmy Wong. Jabberwock | When Mulan prepares to marry Li Shang, Mushu is at first overjoyed to the point of tears, going as far as planning the wedding himself.

Dawn Bellwether |

Ian Howe | The Hunchback of Notre Dame Villains |

He can also understand other animals, as seen when he converses with Mulan's cricket Cri-kee and horse Khan.

Ram Thug | Jim Bob | Sark |

H. U. Hennessy | Sarah Sanderson | Amos Slade | The archer then draws his bow and replies, \"One.\" Ultimate… Coachman | Commander Heist |

Afterward, Mulan releases Cri-kee, but he continues to follow her and later befriends Mushu before joining him on his mission to protect Mulan. She loves food as much as Chien-Po, and when the group stops traveling for a while, she spends her time picking fruit from trees.

Su is the youngest daughter of the Emperor of China. Polar Bear Thugs (Koslov, Raymond & Kevin) | This Article Contains Spoilers - James Hook | The King and the Duke | Vikings | Mary Kay Bergman did the voice of the female ancestors in the first film and in the second film, they are voiced by Tress MacNeille. Tamatoa | Gogans |

The character is most likely a reference to Cri-Kee from the animated film.

Her speaking voice is provided by Lauren Tom and her singing voice is provided by Mandy Gonzalez. Leroy |

Inspector Fix |

William Weatherall Wilkins | He later changes his ways, weds them (pretending to be the golden dragon), and decides that he's happy if Mulan's happy.

Instead of being Hun, Khan will be of Rouran descent. Neils Skellig |

Mr. Patel |

He is first seen in possession of Grandmother Fa, who crosses a road while covering her eyes to demonstrate Cri-kee's ability; however, his actions lead the Matchmaker to reject Mulan.

His role is a little smaller in the second film, where he instructs Mulan and Shang to take his daughters to the Mongol ruler Qui-Gong so they can be married to his sons and seal an alliance. Doctor Vulter | She distastefully judges Mulan, calling her too skinny, and asks her to pour the tea as the second part of the test.

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