It is without a doubt that the Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Gas Platinum Tuner has been designed to provide the engine tuning that improves the entire driving experience of the driver. The “couple hours” install ended up being a week plus waiting. The tuner has four power options and you can change on the fly in the Dodge, I have used three of the four 1. So I had bully dog gt gas tuner on my last truck which was a 2008 Chevy Silverado 1500 with the 5.3 and a 4 speed. I almost passed out trying to read that SENTENCE paragraph! Reset the vehicles's engine life indicator manually through the GT instead of cycling through all the dash options. Miles traveled divided by gallons used (did not use either trip reading, as they are seemingly never correct). Don’t buy if you already or plan to delete your truck in any way, Reviewed in the United States on December 5, 2018. The power wire supplies key on/off power to the GT tuner. The new diagnostic feature is also a nice addition too and can scan for codes and give the driver short descriptions of errors as they occur. Save your money and get a throttle commander... it'll make your truck more responsive. update the high exhaust temp it caused burnt out the seals in the turbos and had to replace both of them. What do I do?

The device measures at 3 inches in width, 2 inches in height and has a diameter. Please contact our Technical Support Team so they can get a recovery file for you... Connect the device to a Windows Computer. Troubleshooting & FAQ's for Gauge GT Tuner We're a new category, with lots of useful information.

Since I was not able to get the unit updated, or the data pushed to my truck, I called tech support. Waste of $500.00 for sure. And people are saying that the company is NO help! This software allows you to download logged performance tests from your GT and output your performance results onto your PC.

Now, we come towards the Driving Coach which is a new feature that has been added to the Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Gas Platinum Tuner. Can I Stack/Combine the Tuner with Another Chip or Tuner? What do I do? Yes, for most exhaust modifications before the Cats, you will need a custom tune.... No, we do not sell or offer any custom tunes. The electronic device provides real-time feedback to assist drivers in improving fuel economy with the help of features such as Driving Coach, designed with the help of some of the top automotive engineers in the country. You will most definitely find an improvement in your gas mileage after tuning your vehicle with the Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Gas Platinum Tuner. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in.

What are Warning Levels and How do I Adjust Them? The portability of the device is what makes the Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Gas Platinum Tuner 40417 ideal for all car models.

Corvette, I am amazed at the power and speed the truck now has. Drivers also get live sensor data which is displayed on the monitor to alert them of any underlying issues with their vehicle. Knowledge Base Home Bully Dog Performance Tuners and Monitors Gauge GT Tuner Troubleshooting & FAQ's for Gauge GT Tuner. so I went on ... - Chevy Truck Forum | Silverado Sierra GMC Truck Forums The only site focused on Silverado/Sierra trucks exclusively. This means that the tune files have been selected and need to be downloaded from ... 1. But, it you dont sweat spending a bit more for gas, you can definitely try out the performance tuning to get even better performance. Please fill out the contact form below and we will reply as soon as possible. The GT has safety defuel levels that can be set up or turned off. Since, proper tuning is the key to a better performance when it comes to a car or truck, the Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Gas Platinum Tuner makes sure that all areas are covered, from horsepower to the torque, RPM and everything in between so the driver is able to experience the best performance in various driving situations. Not sure how bad yet but it was fighting the original programming fo fuel control during the regen cycle and kept turning down the fuel and power mode when the Pryor temp got to 1200 and to properly clean the DPF it needs 1600 so the constant back and forth fuel fight I think over heated the turbo and melted the seal causing it to burn all the oil out of the engine and smoke really bad while doing so. First thing Tuesday I was able to reach tech support and about an hour later everything was fixed and working perfectly.

So I had bully dog gt gas tuner on my last truck which was a 2008 Chevy Silverado 1500 with the 5.3 and a 4 speed.

Regular 15-20 ft.lbs. I did not see that major of a power increase with flat out high performance mode and only about .6 mpg increase.

Rev Limiter Now I'm stuck I'm going to have to bring the truck to Chevy and pay them to put the factory tune in. The bully dog unit needed a coprocessor flash in order to match my duramax ecu. Reviewed in the United States on September 4, 2018.

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