1/4 cup of sweetened condensed milk, Okay, so maybe not, but I think I did a pretty good job of it and my testers agreed (and they are pretty particular). Thankfully I’ve learned that this is not the case, which is a huge relief! I thought of those soft butter cookies, or butterscotch, and that’s what the recipe is based off of. Confession time… I initially thought that butterbeer was beer with melted butter in it, kind of like a really gross version of hot buttered rum. If you don't have a hand blender you can use an electric mixer, but only mix for about 15 seconds. Also couldn’t find DreamWhip, so I used coolwhip and it held up great. Well, because homemade ice cream usually contains much less air and fat than the ice cream we buy in the store, and air insulates the ice cream against warming and fat stabilizes the cream structure. But since there is no Stampede this year, I’m sharing some of my favorite Stampede recipes you can make at home, including this Butterbeer ice cream. The first time I used a reduced cream soda, but unfortunately,  the texture wasn’t right. But as fun as these amusements are, none are considered the number one attraction at the park. * I freeze it overnight. Per the reviews, the dream whip instructions, and knowing the topping would be sitting in my fridge for a bit, I went with 1/2 cups water. In sugar cookies we taste butter and vanilla, so we’ll add those two flavors. And this is definitely not cream.

Thank you- yes, I was aiming for simple! This creates large bubbles and a loose, wet foam similar to what you saw coming out of that nozzle at the park.

The only problem is, if Rowling's reported requirements for the drink are true, then almost all of those copycats recipes got something very wrong. Hey there. Required fields are marked *. I have 2 confessions to make: The first one is that I’ve never actually read a Harry Potter book. It had to taste unfamiliar, yet soothing and smooth. Once it looks thick and bubbly, you’re ready to build the drink. This looks and sounds sooo good. Thanks again. Added the dream whip, mixed on med/high ish for 2 minutes. And we do have plans to go to Universal Studios eventually. I haven’t hacked that one yet. Gluten-free Sausage & Apple Rice: An Easy Thanksgiving side recipe. Privacy Policy: I respect your privacy and take protecting it very seriously.

How far in advance did you make the foam? Foam turned out thin and too sweet. What Jayson and Florell eventually came up with is a two-part beverage: sweet-flavored soda on the bottom with a creamy whipped flavored topping. Put cream soda in fridge and let it cool, meanwhile combine condensed milk with butterscotch topping, and butter in a glass heatproof measuring cup.

There’s even a real fire-breathing dragon (the fire’s real, not the dragon) on top of one building, taunting the crowd below. I haven’t had that version, but I’m assuming there’s no dairy in that one as well. When you are ready to serve the drinks, pour a can of cream soda into a 12-ounce glass or mug. And the palm kernel oil adds some needed fat. So you may want to try it less whipped first and then whip it up more if you’re unhappy. Add the butter, vanilla and caramel flavorings and mix just until combined. Add the powdered sugar and salt and mix for another 30 seconds. And the second is: I’ve never had real butterbeer.

Divide butterscotch mixture between 2 mugs.

Add the Dream Whip to the bowl and mix with an immersion hand blender for about 30 seconds. I love butter beer. Thanks! For the next few days I played with marshmallow creme. Put cream soda in fridge and let it cool, meanwhile combine condensed milk with butterscotch topping, and butter in a glass heatproof measuring cup. See if I cloned your favorites here. Never use fake vanilla in anything. Thanks Terri!

I was doing a little fact checking and came across an article from a few years back, thought you might be interested. Ah..well I’ve read all the HP books to my kids, seen all the movies, but have NEVER had a butter beer. Share it with us!

Did you make this project? Vanilla ice cream (store bought or homemade) Butterscotch syrup or topping; Cream soda; Ice; How to make butterbeer. Fresh egg whites make the tightest foam, and the meringue powder makes the loosest.

It really went from more of a loose cream to soft peaks with the extra time in the mixer. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart";

In this case we need a fairly loose gel, so about 1/4 teaspoon per cup of water is a good average measurement. I’ve created recipes for over 1,100 iconic foods at TopSecretRecipes.com. Great recipe! So I guess that makes me sort of an expert, right? Thanks to Dream Whip we finally have the foam we want. Here is my way to hack the delicious, once-imaginary drink at home. 8 years ago About half of the time I was stuck on making it this way, because it made sense. This will help to create a silky smooth foam that feels like cream in your mouth. Read More…. That’s too funny, Isabelle! I think the salt and butter flavor were more stand out elements to me. When sipped, the flavors combine for a taste that makes you think of caramel butter cookies. It adds cellulose gum and cellulose gel, which are natural thickeners and stabilizers made from the cell walls of plants. I mixed in egg whites, a little xanthan gum for a slightly thicker gel, and some cream of tartar to add more volume to the egg white foam.

Here are a select few of the many natural ingredients we can use to gel our creamy topping. I imagine it’s because I had too many air pockets in the creme when I tried to measure it. I gave it a big shake and it kind of went back together, but it wasn’t long before it fell out again. But I read the entire blog entry and it sounds like you really did it. This is definitely something I can whip up quick for game night or holidays or just any day.

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