© 2020 United Bank for Africa. Diaspora accounts can be opened online by clicking the link: https://aop.ubagroup.com/SignUpProcess/step2disapora.

Brooklin Paulista São Paulo � SP.

Send money directly into UBA Naira Savings account using our money transfer partners. St. Georges House, 6 St. Georges Way, Leicester LE1 1SH, UK, Opening Times: Monday to Friday (9:00am � 4:00pm) What is the UBA secure pass and how can I get it?

2983 John F. Kennedy Blvd. x��}[s#7��#��t�[bKZ��6%٧��/2q�*�������de���� �����O��W߽^U_�z��ժ�6U �iW��/���m+WLu�_1���������o~x��-F�n�!��_4�Bf+�/IVÿ�b���e������^���_�Id���×_��lU3 t����_T����_�k�����O��o����O�^]^��ڔ��m�e����(©��SRQ��7�@M�:�����vu�(|�B��PTm�`5�N��p�p�y}kG�����R��_TLl;9$������ݲ�Q2ͷ���ULN�����ͤ�w�>[緸��*�Q��)�_t�4�UT��R^Χ�ʚA�)VY`ӗ����T�T}��PJ�[��gJ�QdX��J��L^��k�cL����㗨䖷�U��x�LG0�V�*�m+�D�l� �eT�[��d�3��Ƿ1E�� ��B=�����Z�)54��j�j��K�a�e�t.#f9VP�*]c�J��:���6kx?�n�u��K�� ���k4�[Q��mKk�)���*h��*g�\���9�(��רS�TSfö̵��@�-)�m��W��ͥ�J���n~>?�pͮ��,������Գ�6j}w. Please note that you will be required to book an appointment on www.oisservices.com or www.vfsglobal.com before visiting any of the locations and will also be required to pay a fee for administrative charges including document handling. Suite B106, 1 st Floor, Bibi Titi Mohamed Road, Mnazi Mmoja Area, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Enrolment Fee: $45 or equivalent in local currency, Unit 305-B Zeta II Building, Salcedo Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City, Philippines 1229, Opening Times: Monday to Friday (9:00am � 12:00pm and 2:00pm � 4:00pm), Enrolment Fee: £30 payable by debit/credit card, OIS Services %PDF-1.5 body {top:0 !important;}

Customers have the option to request MasterCard or Visa Card Naira or Dollar denominated cards.

Our internet banking platform gives you access to your funds and allows you perform banking transactions safely and securely from anywhere around the world, you can do the following; To register for internet banking, complete and send Internet Banking and Indemnity forms to diasporasupport@ubagroup.com. #goog-gt-tt {display:none !important;} UBA Nigeria is licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

<> UBA’s Diaspora Banking offers Nigerians living in abroad access banking services via our product and service offerings. Can NRN customers lodge cheques and dividend warrants into their NRN account? 6 Bolton Road Parkwood Rose Bank, Johannesburg, South Africa. i) Customer fills the debit card/token and indemnity forms.ii)Token costs N2,500.iii) Naira Debit Card issuance fee is N1, 075 (VAT inclusive) with subsequent quarterly maintenance fee of N53.75iv)Dollar debit Card costs N1, 075 or equivalent in Dollar and an annual maintenance fee $10 or its equivalent in other currencies will be charged.v) Courier charge varies with location and the cost will be debited from customer’s account.vi) All documents alongside the forms should be sent to diasporasupport@ubagroup.com. See money transfer partners. Avenida das Nações Unidas, No 12.551, World Trade Center São Paulo, 18o floor, room 1809/1810. Sawridge Inn 4235 Gateway Blvd N, Edmonton, AB T6J 5H2, Opening Times: Saturday April 29-30, 2017 (8:00am � 6:00pm), Accondu Consulting 9450 Skillman Street Suite #120, Dallas, TX, 75243, Opening Times: Monday to Friday (9:00am � 5:00pm), 70 Washington Road, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550, 3/F, Building 7, Industrial Zone, Citang Village, Shang Mei Lin, Shenzhen, China, Alwahda House. UBA Debit Cards are accepted at over 30 million merchant locations and can be used at over 3 million ATMs worldwide. 4, Ground Floor, Institutional Area Opp. Opening Times: Monday to Friday (9:00am � 4:00pm) & Saturdays (9:00am � 3:00pm). The Diaspora Banking Account is a platform that allows Nigerians living and working outside the country to maintain transactional accounts and perform domestic and foreign transfers through their accounts with UBAThe Diaspora Banking Account is a platform that allows Nigerians living and working outside the country to maintain transactional accounts and perform domestic and foreign transfers through their accounts with UBA, All Nigerians/Africans above 18 years living legitimately in foreign countries are welcome to open Diaspora accounts.

Dear valued customer, Please be informed that the CBN has ordered, with effect from 31st October 2015, customers WHO HAVEN'T COMPLETED THEIR BVN REGISTRATION would not be able to transact in any Nigerian bank, restrictions would be placed on their ATM use and Internet Banking access. Find news here, Read our latest articles, surrounding new features and upcoming events for the organization, A Repository of Documents Covering the Internal and External Speeches and Presentations, Photos and Videos from our prominent events, Learn about our origins, foundations and beginnings, The management team of the group is made up of a crop of seasoned and industry-recognized professionals, Nigeria has been the site of numerous kingdoms and tribal states over the millennia, We offer forward-looking statements regarding the Bank’s objectives, Over the years, we have been honoured with distinguished awards and prizes, UBA PLC has engaged in some key strategic alliances, We aim to help you through the banking process and also help with your needs, Our digital solutions offer various benefits that ensure you stay in control wherever you are, Some tips that you can follow to protect your banking activities.

Opening Times: Monday to Friday (8:00am � 3:00pm), Email ID: bvninfosa@vfsglobal.com bvnfeedbacksa@vfsglobal.com, Enrolment Fee: ZAR615 payable by debit/credit card. At UBA, we are committed to the development of the real sectors of the economy.

Customers receive an interest of 3.75% on a Savings Diaspora Account and 0.1% on Savings Domiciliary Account. Determined To be the leading Energy Bank in West Africa. i. How do I request for a Third party to pick up my Token/Card. .goog-te-banner-frame {display:none !important;} Unit 27/28, 41st Floor, R&F To-Win Building,30 Huaxia Rd, Tianhe District, Guangzhou P.R.C. ... BVN Registration. stream A duly completed online diaspora account opening form, Any of the following means of Identification, Proof of address {Notarized Utility bill for the last 2 months or Bank Statement for the last 6 months}, Proof of source of funds (recent pay slip/ work id/ letter of reference from current banker/ business registration documents if self-employed), 1 recent Passport photograph {for joint account holders, one recent passport photograph for each signatory), View your account balances and monitors your transactions, Transfer funds to UBA accounts and other bank accounts, Send funds to a branch for 3rd party pick up, Make payments online and at merchant locations, It is valid for 3 years from the month of issue, It requires a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for all ATM and POS transactions, Cards can be delivered to any location worldwide at a fee, Who are the target customers for the diaspora accounts, https://aop.ubagroup.com/SignUpProcess/step2disapora. CUSTOMERS IN DIASPORA FOR BANK VERIFICATION NUMBER (BVN) ISSUANCE As part of its efforts towards the full implementation of the BVN Project, the Central Bank of Nigeria, in collaboration with key stakeholders in the Nigeria banking industry, has finalised the guidelines for the enrolment of Nigerian banks' customers in diaspora. – Duly Completed Diaspora Account Opening Form via the Online– Means of Identification (Valid Nigerian International passport/ Driver’s license/ resident permit/work permit or Foreign passport with Nigerian place of birth/country of origin backed with any form of Nigerian ID even if expired– Proof of address (Utility bill for the last 2 months or Bank Statement for the last 6 months)– Proof of source of funds (recent pay slip/ work id/ letter of reference from current bankers/ business registration documents if self-employed)– 1 recent Passport photograph (for joint account holders, one recent passport for each signatory).

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