Both the first and second variants have square fullered blades However, it is not one of the documented military styles, so it is unclear who made and used this particular bayonet. Although most books identify only 4 variants the Italian M1938 Carcano bayonet it is actually found in 5 distinct variants. Many rifles were sold to Finland and will feature an SA mark on the barrel. These will have the caliber marked on the barrel.

When the rounds are expended, the clip falls out the bottom hole. These are often said to be reworked M1891 scabbard bodies. However, the tapered profile differs from the M1871 leather scabbard bodies. Fixed rear sight, working swing bayonet, .65mm bore with the Serial # of TW2708. If you’ve purchased a carcano, the bayonet is a fierce addition that’s worth considering. Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by vector248, Sep 22, 2007.

I might buy a 6.5 Carcano: However, this variation is now known to be the M1870/87 Tipo Regolamentare (Regulation Type). Mannlicher-Carcano M1891 TS Carbine (, Unique folding knife bayonet for use on the Mannlicher-Carcano M1938 Short Rifle (, Tang: "PS" inside oval. Markings on Japanese Arisaka Rifles and Bayonets of World War II square and round ended fullers are also apparent. This is a continuation of the original M91 T.S. The other is a Crown over some sort of crest I think. The leather body and steel mounts are painted green. There are 2 scabbard variants deemed to be later production I find nothing anywhere else, no caliber or anything. I very much enjoy your show. On a 91/24 labeled Tubata, when the barrel was redone what was the final twist rate? Overall length with the blade folded is 8.50 in. Any ideas? I am getting my cousin to machine a new front sight so I kinda need to know what the original dimension was. Reference: Rem 2-2 Remington Rolling Block. Was this a common oversight when the 91/38 were converted to the smaller caliber? All metal is Nickel except bayonet lug, barrel band, sights,and magazine are Brass. Figure 4 - Internal locking lugs in the nest into it when in the folded position. I would assume it is the same but if you want to get the calipers out and measure yours, I have an 1891, M38, and M38 Cavalry handy to compare.

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If you could provide an email address, I’ll send it to you. At first I thought it was a M38 because of the ’round chamber’ which I read is an identifier of the later cavalry carbines. There are several models listed with fixed sights. The second variant is the most commonly found folding variant

latching hook that engages a cutout on the right side of the bayonet lug. The only problem is that with all of the illustrations that I have seen, not one of them looks like the 7.35 that I have. the button held down through the whole process the blade is pulled forward so Could someone help me identify my carcano? The M1941 was slightly shorter and used the carbine-style adjustable rear sight. of this, the blade's profile is actually shifted back 2mm upon it's entire This example is probably a U.S.G.I. Rear sight measures 3 1/4″.

Looks like a TS with updated bayonet lug. My father in law brought this back from Italy after the war and nobody even knew he had it until his passing 10 years ago.

discontinued and replaced by a more conventional cross button catch as found on The khaki tan-colored web belt hanger is patterned on the US M8A1 design.

This variation, with the long spring and without the cut out lower muzzle ring, was thought by Carter to have been introduced in 1875. C&Rsenal releases their flagship series “Primer” every other week. Was this weapon manufactured in 1895 and re-stamped in 1939 when it was issued to the Finns. Scabbards can be leather with either brass or steel fittings, ribbed steel, or smooth steel. The The 2nd M1891 TS Carbine variant, with the unique bayonet mounting system, was first produced in 1900. Produced until 1944. While there are only a handful of models, the caliber and fitting variations are numerous. bayonet lug. variants with a conventional frogstud nearly identical to those found on the pattern carbines. Having failed to convert to the 7.35x51mm cartridge, Italy also began to regret their short-rifle-fixed-sights-only campaign. Also any suggestions on where to sell the piece. Cruciform blade- 2 5/8 socket- 18in blade- 18.2 mm MRD. I’ve been scrounging around the internet trying to locate a replacement hand guard to no avail, do you know where one might be found? The pot metal throatpieces are Locking notch in the shoulder of the blade. I own a M41 in 6.5 mm and am curious about the dimensions of the front sight base on all other Carcano 1891 variants. The serial # is 941-XIX. It has a double-edged, unfullered blade. The USA provided 146,863 M1 Carbines to Italy between 1950 and 1963 under the Military Assistance Program.

This example does not have any maker markings. 3 variants exist, a very rare fluted body based on a fixed bladed bayonet. The same with the Ordinance Scope! There is Powered by Determined Idiots, Foreign Rifles of the Spanish Republic, 1936-1939, A Quick and Dirty Guide: Ottoman/Turkish Rifles, A Quick and Dirty Guide: Military Krag-Jørgensen Rifles, A Quick and Dirty Guide: Swiss Straight Pull Service Rifles, A Quick and Dirty Guide: Dutch Mannlichers, If you take some photos over the Gunboards, they have a LOT of Italian collectors who could compare them out to other youth models. The rifle has been modified. Many M1871 bayonets were subsequently shortened and/or had the lower quillion removed, making unaltered examples very desirable to collectors.

If you have a rear sight about 1-1.5 inches long folded it is the 41. Now I’m thinking I may want to check it out and shoot it if it’s safe. variants have been retained by screws in escutcheons but a few fixed folders Any help or a lead on running down this mount would be greatly appreciated!!! If the stock does not match we can disregard it entirely. Fare across the top Additionally, some were converted to 7.92x57mm post war in attempts to market to the middle east. The second has no screw and the steel throatpiece is secured I Ricasso (left): "A.E.T."

All information is provided "as is" with all faults without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. But it has adjustable sights up to 2000m. I bought it 35 years ago at an auction. Is it a FNA-B? From its serial number, I will appreciate any info about its history, common features and value.

These will feature prominent replacement wood fittings in a bid to recycle raw materials. I have become very impressed with the 4 Carcano converted “sporters” to which I have added nicely bore centered side-mounted scopes……once the sighting system is good they shoot very well, reliably and accurately thru short to medium distances (100-250m) and are a light, small, rugged rifle that is great for deer or other small to medium game.

smooth body with a pot metal throatpiece. I’m assuming it’s a 6.5x52mm from reading this sight. itself also has a cutout on its bottom surface to allow the edge of the blade to Also, the rifle measures 40″ long from end of stock to end of barrel. Most were equipped with brown plastic grips that mimic the profile of the wartime U.S. leather grip. More about this rifle can be read here. Hi guys, I’ve had this rifle stuffed away in the safe for MANY years and would like to find out exactly what it is, caliber, parts availability. Having been in production for so long and serving both World Wars, the Carcano has gone through a great many changes.

Produced from 1928-1938.

The BM59 was also used by Indonesia, where it was designated SP.1.

Metal but plate To start off with this is a great site, a lot of information on the Carcano. Clear identification can be time consuming but there are clear indicators to guide you. They also have a shoulder at the base of the blade which locks into The knurled base of the blade tang is also visible.

speculate these were a brief experimental measure that was abandoned because I know it is a early one (1940) and that is about it. Grips are retained by dome headed rivets in washers. NATO Caliber AR70 assault rifle. hey i was wondering i have a 91 barreled action and wanted to know if it would fit in a m38 carbine stock i know the barrel will hang pass the bayonet lug a fewinches i just wanted to know if it would work. Sadly, what was left of the leather sling crumbled away and the brass buttons that held it together are gone. From 1924 to 1929 approximately 260,000 M1891 long rifles were converted into T.S. bayonet lug with latching cutouts on both sides to accommodate both types of Not to my knowledge. This example is still in its original package, dated June 1999. Terni variants which are at times mixed yielding numerous possible sub-variants.

Good Morning, Sporterized Carcano carbines can the notoriously hard to identify at a glance. Match your rifle with the drawings above.

The bullets when put into the barrell end of the guns will not go into the shorter (sporterized) gun but will fit into the more original looking longer gun. Can you please help me identify this rifle? round ended fullers like those on the third variant bayonets but the profile is John Kaszowski of steel throatpiece. Based on the serial number, the carbine with which this example was last issued was made at Brescia in 1917. There is also an engraved figure ‘Lp. I picked up this 6.5 Carcano at the last gun show for pretty cheap, and figured i would add it to my collection.

I have a M91 Carbine SN YE 3039 with RE under it. Caliber should be 6.5x52mm. variant but more of a salvage item.

My email is Just email me and I’ll send you my cell number so we can talk! Has only one barrel band at the very end of the stock, a piece of wood that looks like it’s blocking the hole for the cleaning rod… It just doesn’t look like any submodel I’ve read about. Table of bayonet variations added 09/07/2000. This rifle was introduced in the new 7.35x51mm cartridge but later reverted to 6.5x52mm because of logistical issues in the Italian military. shoulder well of the hilt. Thank you. Not sure if my first message went through but I have two carcanos and would like your help identifying them and their calibres. Statement of Purpose This set of WWW pages is dedicated to the Carcano, the main Italian military longarms system from its initial design in 1891 (the ministerial adoption followed in 1892) to the end of World War II and and even longer. As we can lay hands on individual models and variations we’ll try to fill in the details. You have the Calvary model 91 barrel length at 36.25″ that’s one long carbine. I recently bought myself (I am pretty sure it is a Carcano). For purposes of this article I will refer to the Fixed Folder as The scabbard's M1910-style wire belt hanger has been deleted. I have a Beretta m38 6.5 carbine sn D35xx 1940 ,made in italy, and a folding bayonet A834xx that does not fit, the bayonet barrel ring is not tall enough,1/2″ short of fitting.the muzzle. Folding and unfolding the Best of all the receivers are easy to drill and the design is very forgiving when the bolt channel is altered. to bottom are Belt Loop with steel throatpiece, Belt Loop with potmetal

The only two long rifles (outside of the Japanese contract Type I) are the 1891 and 1941. I bought this Carcano Rifle in Nova Scotia Canada I am trying to find where it came from it has all there`s markings but I cant find anything about them.

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