Add to Wish List Add to Compare. DELPHI GASOLINE DIRECT INJECTION (GDI) INJECTOR REPAIR KIT 28452629 . Delphi’s diesel fuel injection system helps manufacturers meet the world’s most stringent emissions regulations via high-speed, ultra high pressure operation and flexible injection capability, enabling pilot, post and split injections. It uses a smaller nozzle control valve to deliver: Multiple injections for optimal combustion performance.

Using closed-loop strategies, it delivers precise fuel quantities over the life of the engine for cost-effective, robust emissions reductions.

The combination of the Delphi Diesel Electronic Unit Pump and Delphi Smart Injector features the same performance advantages as the Delphi Electronic Unit Injector product line, including ultra high pressure injection and proven reliability. They exclude delivery charges and customs duties and do not include additional charges for installation or activation options. DPA Model Pumps, DP Series Model Pumps, DPS Model Pumps, DPC Model Pumps Simms Minimec Model Pumps Nozzles, Glow Plugs, Glow Plug Controllers, Fuel Feed Pumps, Vacuum Pumps Competitive replacement injectors for Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Ford, International, John Deere, and Volvo . DELPHI VALVE ASSEMBLY 509952-11 . Delphi Fuel Injection Pump Perkins Parts Catalogue Author: Subject: Delphi Fuel Injection Pump Perkins Parts Catalogue Keywords: delphi,fuel,injection,pump,perkins,parts,catalogue Created Date: 9/14/2020 2:00:27 AM Authorized sales and service for Delphi diesel fuel injection pumps, and injectors. Very low leakage supplying very high efficiency. New and Remanufactured Fuel injectors Wholesale Prices, Cleaning and Rebuilding Services Available, Selling to Automotive Repair Facilities and Individuals a full line of Remanufactured OEM Fuel injectors, Marine Fuel Injectors, Gas Fuel Injectors Copyright 2020 J & H Diesel Service, Inc. & J & H Turbo Service, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Delphi. High pressure injection capability of up to 2,500 bar for optimum combustion and reduced aftertreatment Compact, lightweight body enables packaging flexibility Available with a wide range of high pressure nozzle options Multiple injection capability with programmable shot-to-shot injection control Programmable variable nozzle opening and closing pressure High speed actuation for accurate control of injection events Proven reliability and durability Target emissions: o Euro III, IV, V, and VI o US 07, US 10 and beyond o Tier III/IV o Japan NLTR and post-Japan NLTR Delphi Smart Injector Typical Applications The Delphi Smart Injector is suitable for nine to 16 liter electronic unit pump (EUP) heavy duty and premium medium duty diesel engines that are used for on- and off-highway applications. Sale. …

|. Delphi’s unique common rail system design optimises fuel rate, spray shape and accuracy, which provides small injection quantities. DELPHI INJECTION PUMP THROTTLE LEVER 7189-144 . We are open and trading normally as per our regular operating hours. Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes to the cost of raw materials and exchange rates. Sale. • Delphi specialist tools All rights reserved. F81Z9E527DRM, F4TZ9VE527AARM, F7TZ9E527ARM, 1816187C3, 1818259C2, 1821752C1, 1821836C3, 1822800C95, 1822801C91, F81Z9E527BRM, F7TZ9E527BRM, F61Z9VE527BRM, 1822803C1, 1823561C1, 1824582C94, 1824583C97, 1825125C1, 1825126C1, 1824474C2, 1822890C1, 1824472C1, 1824473C2, 1824455C94, 1824456C96, 1823751C91, 1823751RX91, 1831487C92, 1831488C1, 1831489C12, 1831550C14, 1831551C13, F81Z9E527EARM, XC3Z9E527AARM, F61Z9VE527ERM, 5C3Z9VE527ARM, 1833639C1, 1833640C1, 1833644C1, 1833645C1, 1833646C92, 1833647C91, 3C3Z9E527EBRM, 3C3Z9E527EARM, 3C3Z9E527AE, 3C3Z9E527ABRM, 3C3Z9E527ECRM, 1843089C91, 1843481C94, 1843481C95, 1845879C91, 1878282C91, 1844751C2, 1845150C92, 1846692C92, 1877748C1, 1878284C91, 1878285C91, 1879998C91, 1819834C1, 1823736C94, 1824917C2, 1824928C94, 2593588C91, 1824739C1, 1824742C91, 1824918C2, 1824929C94, 2593589C91, 1824740C1, 1824743C91, 1824919C2, 1824930C94, 2593590C91, 1824741C2, 1824744C94, 1824920C2, 1824931C94, 2593591C91, 1824839C94, 1829336C1, 1829837C2, 1829838C94, 1829839C93, 1829926C2, 2593592C91, 1830145C91, 1830146C92, 1830146C93, 1830146C94, 1830147C2, 1830148C2, 2593593C91, 1830559C91, 1830560C2, 1830561C92, 1830562C2, 1830740C92, 1830741C92, 2593594C91, 2593595C91, 1830094C92, 1830570C92, 1830571C2, 1830572C92, 1830572C93, 1830573C2, 2593596C91, 1830691C1, 1830692C91, 1830693C1, 1830694C91, 1830694C93, 2593597C91, 1836250C1, 1836251C91, 1836252C91, 1836253C1. Competitive replacement injectors for Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Ford, International, John Deere, and Volvo. CFI Australia is an authorised distributor of Delphi Technologies diesel fuel injection system parts and components. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. • Specialist training. Simms Minimec Model Pumps Add to Cart. Delphi designs and manufactures complete diesel engine management systems for light duty and heavy duty applications. Delphi extend this support by offering a range of diagnostic and repair tooling to enable fast and efficient repair of its products. Catalogs Diesel. DPA Model Pumps, DP Series Model Pumps,   DPS Model Pumps,  DPC Model Pumps Diesel Filtration. The Delphi Smart Injector is designed to help manufacturers meet the most stringent emissions regulations. Capable of nine injections per cycle, the DFI 21 reduces response times, providing improved valve dynamics and control. -, All Delphi Power Train catalogs and technical brochures, Delphi E3 Diesel Electronic Unit Injector, Worldwide Emissions Standards Heavy Duty and Off-Highway Vehicles, Worldwide Emissions Standards Passenger Cars and Light Duty, Delphi Diesel Unit Pump Common Rail Systems, Delphi Multec Light Duty Diesel Common Rail System, Delphi Cylinder Deactivating Roller Finger Follower, Delphi-Tula Dynamic Skip Fire Cylinder Deactivation System, worldwide emission standard (passenger car and light duty vehicle), worldwide emission standard (heavy duty and off-highway vehicle, Delphi ETC2.7 Diesel Engine and Vehicle Controller, Delphi DP210 Rotary Mechanical Diesel Fuel Injection Pump, Delphi Electronic Diesel Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valves, Delphi Non-Contact Rotary Position Sensor, Delphi Digital Speed and Position Sensors, Delphi Automotive Mini-Switching Oxygen Sensor, Delphi GL5.0 Heavy Duty Diesel Common Rail System, Delphi Multec Multi-Port Fuel Injection Fuel Rail Assemblies, Multec Gasoline Multi-Port Fuel Injectors, Delphi Multec® Gasoline Direct Injection Engine Management Systems, Delphi Dual Diesel Electronic Throttle Controls, Delphi's 2014-5 guide for Heavy Duty and Off-Highway Vehicles, Delphi Transmission Range Selection Sensor, Delphi Multec GDi Multi-Hole Fuel Injectors, Delphi Multec Compressed Natural Gas Injector, Delphi Block-sealed Terminal Systems (BTS), Delphi Performance Pack Connection Systems, Delphi Flexible Beam Technology (FBT) for Connectors, Delphi 150 & 280 Series GT FBT USCAR Unsealed Connection Systems, Delphi 150, 280 & 630 Series GT Connection Systems, Delphi Gum Based Silicone Rubber Sealing Components, Delphi High Speed Digital Data (HSDD) Connectivity systems, Delphi Ultrasonic Interior Protection System, 2013-2014 Heavy Duty & Off-Highway Vehicles, 2013-2014 Passenger Cars & Light Duty Vehicles, Delphi Universal On-board Battery Charger, Delphi Sealed Printed Circuit Board Electrical Centers, Delphi Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) Cable Assemblies and Connectors, Packard Electrical/Electronic Architecture Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Portfolio, Delphi Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Auxiliary Power Unit, Product & Service Solutions North America 2011, Commercial & Specialty Vehicle Connection Systems. In our Delphi catalog, you can find the Delphi and Delphi for Volvo injectors, with the corresponding exploded drawings, the Redat references and all the spare parts needed for a complete and reliable repairing. © 2020 All rights reserved • Delphi DIAMAND diagnostic tools An injection system is only as good as the fuel it uses and Delphi ensures this is possible via a large range of filtration products to complement its systems. Delphi manufacture an advanced Electronic Unit Injector (EUI) for high performance, heavy duty applications. Specifications Engine cylinder capacity Peak pressure Weight Drive voltage | © Delphi. Open the catalog to page 1. POWERTRAIN SYSTEMS Delphi Smart Injector The Delphi Smart Injector for medium and heavy duty diesel engines is a high pressure, electronically controlled diesel fuel injector that is designed to be combined with Delphi's Electronic Unit Pump (EUP) to provide a complete high pressure fuel delivery system for "cam in block" engines or engines with separate cam boxes. Special Price £259.06 Regular Price £324.64. Special Price £3.48 Regular Price £4.37. Add to Cart.

The injector's nozzle control valve is electronically controlled to help reduce fuel consumption and improve performance. Delphi manufacture an advanced Electronic Unit Injector (EUI) for high performance, heavy duty applications. Delphi’s network of Diesel Centres are properly equipped to accurately diagnose, The DFI 21 is the latest medium- and heavy-duty diesel engine fuel injector advance from Delphi Technologies. Nozzles,  Glow Plugs,  Glow Plug Controllers,  Fuel Feed Pumps,  Vacuum Pumps Delphi has a strong commitment to its products in the aftermarket with a global network of Delphi Diesel Centers providing aftermarket support, diagnosis and repair. Delphi’s innovative design and control strategies offer the life of the engine, robust performance and low noise. Please click on the link below and complete the forms to process your warranty claim, or contact us for further details. Delphi Smart Injector Performance Advantages The Delphi Smart Injector is part of a high performance fuel injection system which, in conjunction with a Delphi Diesel Electronic Unit Pump, provides a flexible and easy to package solution. test, repair and recode Delphi advanced common rail injectors and pumps. Special Price £20.03 Regular Price £22.01.

Delphi Diesel Centres offer exceptional service via use of authorised Delphi equipment and procedures: • Authorised Hartridge test benches Delphi is an industry leader in diesel fuel injection systems and is continually developing advanced technologies to help manufacturers throughout the world meet new emissions requirements, while helping to improve fuel economy and enhance performance.

Delphi’s diesel fuel injection system helps manufacturers meet the world’s most stringent emissions regulations via high-speed, ultra high pressure operation and flexible injection capability, enabling pilot, post and split injections. Please check our Facebook page for updates. The Delphi Advantage Delphi is a world leader in innovation, design and the manufacture of heavy duty diesel fuel... *Prices are pre-tax.

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