We thought the catio tour would be a great way to engage our community.”. Being an indoor-cat-only advocate, I’ve always strived to make my home as enriched and inviting as I can for the feline members of the family.

After a couple more hours of adding the PVC top and chicken wire, I once again settled into my patio chair with a glass of wine to watch the fun. You can now reserve time to hang out with these amazing kitties in the outdoor, socially distant, regularly sanitized, CatCafe Lounge catio on their website. Of course, Nemo was the first to try it out. The risk of exposure to infectious diseases is much lower as well. That was four years ago. I call mine the catio too One Girl Two Cats says. Actually, it's designed to be a bathroom spot more than a dog run for when the owner is away from the home for an extended period of time. Marci now writes an award-winning biweekly cat column for three newspapers, is a contributing writer for Catster.com, an award-winning photographer, and an active professional member of the Cat Writers’ Association. Yay, both the cats and I approved of this.

Stay informed! The catio became a favorite hangout for my four rescue cats and so I was very upset when I discovered that Nemo was getting out on a regular basis! I decided to leave the original cover in place as a sun guard, replacing the fence panel supports with lengths of PVC pipe. It’s a great way to present people with a variety of ways that they can create a catio for their own cat at home!”, Surrounded by trees, this nature catio features a cat tunnel for adventurous cats in Austin, Texas.Photo credit: Jacob Smigel, The first Catio Tour in Austin, Texas took place in 2017. The walls are framed much like a regular house, and I build the shelves and perches using 2x10 lumber - you won't have to wonder whether they're sturdy enough for all your cats, they're sturdy enough for YOU. Just a few flavorful ingredients turn this simple slow-cooker pot roast into a memorable sandwich filling. Build a Computer Monitor Cat Bed. There’s nothing better than seeing tour participants watch cats enjoying the wind in their whiskers and the stimulation of nature while safe outdoors. The CatCafe Lounge, which is the only non-profit cat cafe in LA, has found homes for 400+ cats to date. Catio Spaces makes it super simple to build your own enclosure. If they must be inside, then let them have fun, cat hair and furniture be damned. Also, three are longhaired, all are mostly white, and being in coyote and Great Horned Owl country, it’s not safe for them to be out day or night. There’s also no risk of annoying your neighbors, who might become upset if your cat digs in their garden or uses it as a litterbox.”. She was also on the masthead of the monthly National Model Railroad Association Bulletin. This is so awesome! In her spare time, Marci traps and fosters local feral cats and kittens. Plus, the tours are fun and a great way to spend time with other cat lovers!”. I planned to place it on the patio outside the sliding door of my bedroom. So counting panels and making calculations in my mind, I came up with a new plan. Cindy Murphy, Treasurer for Tuxedo Party of Canada Cat Welfare Society and a member of the catio tour organizing committee, says they also have a Catio Tour Trivia Game with questions about each of the catio stops and prizes. The Highland Park catio starts with a super long run along the side of the house which leads to an extra large Disneyland-esque enclosure.

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