From 2011 to 2018, Simone starred on Fox's comedy New Girl, where she played Cece, the best friend to title character Jess (Zooey Deschanel). Schmidt visits Cece's apartment to tell her his decision, but he's nervously stumbling over his words. She breaks Schmidt's heart in the process, but she later tells him that she'll always love him. Schmidt is downing melon balls at Nick's bar, trying to drink to forget about Cece's engagement, when Nick presents his roommates with a bill. Cece, whose hands are stuck inside balls of yarn, rolls her eyes as Schmidt vows to never give up trying to sleep with her. He ignores other women in a speed dating line, listening in on Cece's conversations with other men and defending her when one says he never sets his sights below Table 6. She has a job booked that she can't miss, and she forces Jess to take her to the hangar. At the charity run, Jess and Cece are getting ready to start but aren't talking to each other. Jess calls Shivrang on Cece's behalf, and he shows up immediately to comfort her. They are about to kiss, but Schmidt is too turned on by her. Schmidt and Cece talk about their relationship, and she reveals that her dad died when she was 12. Jess asks Cece if she thinks they'd still be friends if they met today, and Cece shrugs. Schmidt, Nick, and Winston man a water and orange station along thee route, and Schmidt is wearing a pink See Cece Run t-shirt. She looks confused, and weirded out when Winston hums while they hug, before Schmidt, wearing a towel, walks into the living room. In the living room, Nick and Jess' dad, Bob, are discovering just how alike they really are. "Cheating is selfish, and it is cowardly, and there is no excuse for it. Inside Jess' bedroom later that morning, Cece apologizes for flirting with Nick as she tells Jess that she thinks Nick is into her, but isn't surprised that she doesn't notice, because Jess has always assumed every guy just likes Cece instead. No one's supposed to see her before the wedding, but her eyes lock with Schmidt's. As Cece pours her heart out over Schmidt, she struggles to focus on both girls tearful whining. They oblige, easily, but Nick has still missed his flight home for yet another Christmas season. she wonders fearfully. Cece tells the girls to keep her bachelorette party G-rated on account of Ankita, even though she's always wanted a wild night out, and she begs them not to say a word of her fears to Ankita with wedding plans full steam ahead, because she wouldn't understand. They argue about Cece's taste in guys and how fast she moves, as Jess shares that she's happier moving slow. Cece's not impressed, and while he's gone, Coach stumbles over his words as he tries to reconnect with Cece, whom he met just a few times before he first moved out. Sadie remarks that she feels lucky to be pregnant considering her age, which causes Jess, who's 30, to freak out that her eggs might disappear before she's ready to have a kid someday. Jess, who isn't technically Cece's maid of honor, is hosting her surprise bachelorette party at the loft. But Cece's been booked to attend an Indian marriage convention in search of a husband, and Jess, intrigued, agrees to tag along. She can't find Schmidt, who's been hiding outside for the past hour, but climbs in through the window as Kyle storms into the house. She says she should be able to deal with the fact that she think she looks like a monkey from a Russian cracker ad. Cece is just as surprised as Jess by this latest development. Nick follows quickly behind, and Cece promptly punches him in the junk, as promised. While Cece sunbathes on the roof of the apartment, she acts oblivious to Schmidt and Winston eyeing her from the door of the stairwell. He invites her to his upcoming office party and she offers to join him after a modelling shoot, when their conversation is interrupted by the beep of his phone. She takes off her shirt, and he's starting to bend as he stares at her breasts - which he's named Harold and Kumar, but they're interrupted when Jess returns from the laundry room, and wants to talk to Cece about her disappointing date with Russell.

Cece, Winston, and Schmidt watch as Nick explains his fears about being someone who takes risks and does crazy and spontaneous things. She's called and invited out Artie, who smiles from behind her. He joins them at the zoo, and as kids race by them she asks if he wants kids.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Schmidt sighs, revealing that Jess doesn't know Nick cheated on her, which stuns her. He's still determined to break up Nick and Jess, who gleefully announce that they're taking over the communal shower to have sex. As a favour to Jess, Winston picks up Cece's wedding sari and drops it off at her apartment. But Jess thinks calling him is "too real," and instead says she just likes looking at his number in her phone. Cece immediately phones Schmidt and tells him to leave. Later that night, Jess introduces Cece and Schmidt to Oliver, a gorgeous blond with whom she has nothing in common. She winds up locking herself into the car being showcased, until she finally finds the way out and crashes to the floor, bungling her one line. As maid of honor, Jess knows it's her duty to take on some of Cece's stresses, too, and takes charge of her relatives before advising her best friend to take a nap. Schmidt nearly proposed to her because of it, but instead he grew jealous of her job and the male models she's always surrounded by. Schmidt instantly jealous, and she walks off. The next morning, Jess surprises Cece in the kitchen, ordering her not to drink her almond milk. Late that night, Cece sneaks into the loft. Desperate to leave the room, she obliges. They call her back when she meets a guy who she finds an emotional connection with. "I'm not just a plug with her - I'm also a socket!" He takes the couch in her place and gives up his room. But Cece isn't about to let her leave the house looking like that, so she gives her the little black dress she has on already. It's not half-bad, and the women get excited, so when Ankita walks in she immediately wants to see what the fuss is about. Her parents are visiting from Portland, but Jess has tricked them into spending time together despite the fact they can't get along.

She knows about Schmidt's inability to choose between Elizabeth and Cece, and invites Elizabeth to the big office party out of spite. (". Unbeknownst to Jess, Shivrang's aunt is with her. Relationships They had nearly made it through their three-hour wedding ceremony when she finally put an end to the relationship, realizing that she wanted to be with Schmidt. The table is the last one, nestled at the back of the room, and she's dismayed. [12], On 12 February 2018, Simone was announced as the lead in ABC's reboot of The Greatest American Hero;[13] however, ABC declined to pick up the series. Schmidt visits Cece at a modelling shoot, and she's disheartened to find out he's now in a hard cast because his penis hasn't healed properly. She tells Schmidt he has to go home and change before Robby steps in to calm the situation down.

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