Popular Wraps and Headers. Can you "stack", or use both a wax and a ceramic together? That’s what I’m hoping to help you with. contaminants that slowly eat away at the paint’s clear coating – if it’s not So the comparison between the wax/sealant combo and ceramic coatings is quite simple. But with the cost of ceramic coating, do you really want to take the chance to find out?

The company told me that although the coating will work on single stage paint, it will be difficult to wipe off the excess product.

You’ll also find plenty of other content on here for the regular car guy who’s crazy about modifying and maintaining their car, truck, or bike. protected. It's just anecdotal evidence. Are you Wasting Your Money?

Both paint protection film and a durable ceramic coating will prevent this from occurring. It has over 200,000 kms on it and sits outside for 365 days a year. They want you to believe that they’re a perfect solution to protect your car’s paint. While there are some things that are the same between the two, there are differences as well. That means it’ll already be covered with swirl marks.

A fancy water resistant watch will work fine if you accidentally leave it on in the shower. These cars have nothing to gain from a ceramic coating.

The coating isn’t providing much gloss – it’s the prep work done underneath that matters. If other drivers were willing to swing their doors wide open at your car without hesitations, they won't do so gently. Let’s assume in both cases that the vehicle has had a proper paint correction before either option is applied. (Water beading is great as well and actually comes very close to my coated vehicles.).

A high-quality nano-coating is maintained by washing your imperfections in paint clear coat and makes it resistant to Their cars don’t need a ton of protection because they’re so well cared for and rarely see anything but sunny weather. If cost Keep in mind – PPF does not make your

how to tell the difference between a cheap ceramic coating and a high-quality one. You can read my full long term review of those here: My third vehicle, a Toyota MR2, will never be ceramic coated. Will it add more shine?

The waiting time can vary from 30 to 90 days primarily to allow the fresh paint to gas off. There is a general rule we call the rule of stacking. This helps to repel water, making it hydrophobic. Due to the tiny size of coating particles, it seals all the The leading source of this is UV light, chemicals, and acids. You can complete a DIY ceramic coating installation for about $600 (including materials needed for prep and continual car care). What happens is that dirt, debris, or microscopic imperfections in the materials will grind into the clear coat. These two products have been fine-tuned over the years, and utilize the best technology to provide a layer of protection that’s hard to beat. Here are four items that nano-coatings and PPF share.

If a rock is big enough to penetrate the coating ‘shell’ – it may hit the PPF, where if it’s damaged, it should repair itself with direct heat and a wipe down. The beauty of a paint sealant is that it offers some protection while being easy to remove, and cheap to replace. found in paint clear coat to create a flat surface. Can I go for Ceramic coating after a month or two on top of my PPF. The wax will boost the longevity of the sealant, and when applied to properly polished paint, it looks fantastic.

products" for an affordable price.

They repel dirt and water like nothing else, which makes them easier to clean.

The PPF is helpful for reducing rock chips, and the front end and hood are the key areas to protect. And the best part, we treat our customers like family, so if you have any questions or just looking to chat about cars, we're only an email or call away.

Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. Read on to find out how to tell the difference between a cheap ceramic coating and a high-quality one. Despite their high levels of protection, the reality is that ceramic coatings just don’t like getting overly dirty. More than likely!

Depending on the type of PPF there still could be some form of UV damage which makes applying a coat of Armor Shield on top even more important! Check out this article for a more in-depth look at whether ceramic coatings prevent scratches: If you park a ceramic coated vehicle next to an uncoated vehicle, it’s possible that it will appear to have more shine and gloss. or Silica Dioxide. SiO2 is an inorganic metal oxide that has a diameter smaller That’s a tough call. Paint Protection vs Ceramic Coating?? PPF or clear bra is very resistant to corrosion or acid-based contaminants, like bird droppings, bug splatters, and road grime. Your paint will need to be properly inspected and corrected before it’s ready for a coating, regardless of whether it’s new or not. Now we add a ceramic coating on top to protect the clear coat. When you go with this extra effort, you’ll be able to improve a few of the

This is done to protect the high-exposed areas from rock chips and other small debris damage.

They offer decent (although shorter lasting) protection and are much easier and cheaper to both apply and maintain. Your best bet would be to polish the panels that had stripes on them and recoat them after. In the case of my 4runner, it seems to need at least 2 washes for the water beading properties to come back after I’ve left it dirty for too long.

In today’s post, I’m going to share an unbiased look at the reality of ceramic coating and help you decide whether it’s for you or not. Knowing that I neglect it from time to time, I wanted to make sure that it was protected. Next, you need to protect your long term ceramic coating with a shorter term “topcoat”. How easy it comes off will vary depending on the brand of coating and the age of it.

The manufacturers would love for you to believe that it is. The contaminants will stick to it and your PH-neutral soap will have a hard time getting them off. Any scratches, contaminants, haze or swirl marks will be locked under the coating if they’re not removed first. Check out our homepage here. I don’t think what the coating companies are doing here is wrong. Looks great but seems sometimes hazy. No bueno. to traffic and blowing wind. I will say that I’m happy overall with the coating on the 4runner. Sealants and waxes can last 3 or 4 times longer on a vehicle like this in my experience. I have a car being built now, so when do you recommend having a ceramic coating applied? Shop Now.

paint look really glossy, creates a hydrophobic surface, and is completely By applying a ceramic coating, you’ll reverse this attribute and turn it into a positive feature. If you do have wax or sealant on the vehicle thou, it would need to be taken off with a stronger wax remover or polished off with a non-wax and silicone-free compound. Hi and thanks for this useful article, can i apply suntek ppf over a coated hood? chemicals, UV rays, bird droppings, scratches, extreme heat, and a This is one of the ceramic coating myths that I’ll share down below.

drawbacks of PPF-only protection. It really comes down to how you use and care for it. In today’s AvalonKing.com blog, we’ll explain the two products design, compare and contrast them, and also provide some examples when you should consider using both products together. It is a good idea to complete paint correction and some prep work before applying either. Most of the top contending DIY ceramic coatings have SiO2 percentages around 70 percent – the cream of the crop is above 80%, but less than 90% (like the really high SiO2 coatings are hard to apply. The problem arises when you’re dealing with a very dirty vehicle.

Unfortunately, most new vehicles will be delivered to their owners with defects in the paint. You can definitely add a secondary coating. With a DIY ceramic coating, the bond is established with the first coating bonding to the painted surface. Scratching And Healing My Own Car - How Protective Films Work. PPF is also notorious for yellowing, fading or becoming discolored due to excessive exposure to UV light. When dirt and debris have a hard time sticking to the PPF and ceramic coating, you’ll spend less time cleaning or washing the car.

With regard to cost – PPF is far and away from the most expensive paint protection product to use. Sometimes they’ll even make you reapply the coating over time to qualify for the warranty. A ceramic coating hardens on the clear coat surface on the entire car and produces a very strong glass shield that blocks UV rays, acid rain, smog, snow, and ice from attaching to the paint surface. Paint sealants tend to give your paint more of a synthetic look (as do some ceramic coatings). This is the job of a paint protection film and a I learned this the hard way with my 4runner. I chose to ceramic coat this vehicle because I wanted the best protection possible. If you’re looking for superior protection for your new car paint surface, ceramic coatings or paint protection film is a clear choice.

The quantity for Opticoat is 8 ounces while its 12 ounces for Ceramic Pro. Yes and no. Most ceramic coating companies have a milder “prosumer” version of their flagship coating that they offer to DIY detailers.

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