I was so impressed with Dave, I asked him to install a Triple Tree Rake while he had my 3-wheeler. Which I could not get from the shop where I bought the Trike from. RAW did an exceptional job on the conversion. Everyone was very friendly and informative. Friday, the 04 of September, I had in the plan, for my wife and me, 4 days of riding in New-York,Vermont and Massachusetts with a group of 25 other Goldwing owners.

He answered all of my questions and informed me about the motor trike kit which resulted in me purchasing it. Motor Trike is a well engineered, beautiful machine and a real pleasure to ride!!! The folks at both the dealership and factory worked hard to completely repair and deliver my Trike to me and I am 100% SATISFIED and grateful for their prompt and entirely professional handling of the entire process. Your email address will not be published.

Considerin’ what the kit costs, they should be leather-bound, gold-trimmed, an’ soak up coffee like a sponge! He thought I was insane to ride like that, but the trike was stable on those turns, and a policeman found me easily running 20 mph over posted allowable speed. I want to thank Jeff for the help he gave me while I was in Daytona for rally. Can't wait for Lenn to finish my bike and the season to begin because I plan on putting the ol' girl in some shows. They ALWAYS respond to my questions in a very timely fashion & have not gotten fed-up with me re: ALL my customizing pursuits and queries. Just today I was able to drive my new trike home. Just wanted to send you a short email regarding my recent purchase. J'ai aussi changer le pneu avant ( Dunlop A3 ) pour un pneu arrière Michelin Pilot Active en rotation inversée et j'ai effectué le balancement avec des Dyna Beads ( 2 onces ). I was very fortunate to be able to find a reliable mechanic like him. I believe you have some great people who truly care about the customer working for you. Probablement, une série de bottes de cardan avec du mauvais caoutchouc parce que le cardan n"était pas en cause dans les les 2 cas. Happy Riding On 12/10/10 I had massive heart attack. Thursday on the 03, at 16:00 check call with Isabelle at Goulet and no sign of the the ball joint part. This kit was received @ Trike Toys in Henderson Nevada on the 18th of December. The installation was very well done and I'm often asked if I bought the Trike brand new and what year is it. Bob Bowman of Superior Trikes in Florence, S. C. just finished installing my kit and I picked it up today. GT Motorcycle professionalism was outstanding. Their customer service is great, and we love the conversion. Thank you for a superior product and your help resolving a couple minor problems when I bought my trike used. If anything does require attention on this kit, I have absolutely no problem dealing with Mr. Hillis. Lompoc California, I took my wife’s 1800 Gold Wing with a straight axle Motor Trike conversion on The Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee with it’s 318 turns in 11 miles.

My wife and I love seeing our country on our Trike and look forward to many, many years of adventures. Dear Jeff & Diane, This condition was noticed as we were coming out of the Rocky Mountain National Park. Then this past month, I had Mitchell's Trikes change out my Motor Trike Spyder Kit to your new Independent Suspension Kit. Pour les francophones, j'ai fait installer un kit MotorTrike Adventure l'année passée sur une ma Honda Goldwing 1800A 2004 et je suis extrêmement satisfait. We looked at it once and bought it.

Thank You Motor Trike, I was coming back from East Texas when I got to DallasTexas my universal joint went out . Tenue de route avec le Michelin ... exceptionnelle. My friends razz me about it but I know they are just jealous. Motor Trike shipped one right out to Sunray Trikes. I have a 2010 Honda Goldwing Trike. I have learned more about the mechanics and needs of my 3-wheeler since meeting Dave, than I did the first 5 years I owned my trike. Just a reflection as to our experience in converting our FLHTCU-I Harley Davidson touring bikes into trikes. We are quite satisfied with our original Motor Trike dealer,Mitchell Family Motor Trikes (Travis & Justin Mitchell), but they are in Texas, and we're here in Indiana. I have owned a Motor Trike '01 Wide Glide for about 5 or 6 years I LOVE IT! Not only do you have a top quality kit, Bob is a superior individual, both as a man and as a dealer and representative of Motor Trike. Next morning, 09:00 a check at Goulet and still no sign so hitting golf balls at the range seems like a weekend activity. Thanks again and God bless. might be the problem and they were great to talk with The original brake line is used ta feed the dual rear calipers, so now would be a good time ta check its condition. If you do not continue to use the EPG’ websites following a change to our Policy but take no other action with respect to your personal information, our use of that information will remain subject to our Policy as it was in effect prior to the change. My new Harley ultra classic now sits at home. The order took a little longer than advertised, the install took a few days extra too. I drive away with my Goldwing trike. So I can honestly recommend Motor Trike, Mitchell Family Trikes in Gatesville, Tx, and Steve at Island Trikes in Forest Grove, Or. Once the Air Resource Board gave you the green light, I got a call from Mike Ritchie of Big Daddy's Pull Toys, to give me the good news. We talk about some day my wife and I would like to see the Factory we have look at the brochure and liked what we have seen it is nice to see that there is a company with integrity. whom I bought the Trike from to get some help in what We just wanted to say "THANK YOU" to you for sending the new replacement air shock to Hayden Honda in such a timely manner. In short, we LOVE our STALLION. Special thanks to Richard Graham for all of his help. The kit calls fer Sampson “true dual” headers, but I had ta move the shifter ta the right side, so the front pipe that runs under the cam cover wouldn’t work. Bridget and Brandy answered many of my questions before deciding on Motor Trike. We may offer you the ability to connect with our websites or use our applications, services, and tools using a mobile device, either through a mobile application or via a mobile optimized website. However, to their surprise, fellow riders on two wheelers were not able to keep up with me. I spent 4hr going over everything ,And he directed me in the right direction.They did my bike and did every thing they said they they were going to do.Any extra cost ,they would call and get my ok.They kept me inform on the progress along the way.

I did have ta grind a corner of the LegendAir shock ta clear the bracin’ on the swingarm, but stock shocks would fit with no modification at all. Dear Mr. Vey, The entire process was well explained, well organized, very clean and gave me even more confidence that I have made the right decision to go with MotorTrike. After 6 days in the saddle, my ride was still so comfortable, i did not want to come home. They went to a Dairy Queen and took cover in the walk-in freezer. My wife and I purchased a 2006 Harley Ultra. To Whom it May Concern: If you’ve never ridden a trike, it’s a whole different ball game, lemme tell ya. dealer a great recommendation. Be proud of the workmanship for fit and finish, I am glad to be a rolling billboard for you. Ralph, your service department head, was always ready to bring us up to date as the what was going on between MTI and your company. And once again I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

After not riding for over 30 years, I purchased a 1998 Honda Goldwing GL1500SE. We were welcomed into the service area to inspect the progress of the installation and were informed of some of the problems encountered during the process. The same goes for Goulet MotoSport in Ste-Thérèse which does proud to the MotorTrike name and reputation. A very happy lady rider.

Thanks! Jeffrey, Thanks. I have nothing but great things to say about Brad, his attention to detail, enthusiasm for the product and willingness to accept calls, emails, visits to his shop and text's during the conversion was unprecedented. Dear Motor Trike,

A couple of friends of mine told me about Motor Trike and I am glad they did. Il connait les Trikes.


Everything was clean and organized. You barely realize when you cross the tracks.

Mr. Hillis helped me with all of my questions, explaining he had been to your plant and was knowledgeable with the IRS.

What a great company. In Great Bend Kansas L&L Motorsports and Mid-West Bikes to Trikes in Leavonworth Kansas both of which were very eager to help me with this situation. Bob went way out of his way to make me feel comfortable and ensure I was well satisfied and above all , "Happy, Happy, Happy . He is very knowledgable about Motor Trike and I would recommend him to any one. Within a few days, Dave advised me of some serious issues with the swing arm and heim joints. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU My wife and I waited for well over a year, for California to decide that your conversion did not effect the emissions of our 2007 Ultra Classic Harley. When The Engineering Team at Champion Trikes unveiled the Vulcan conversion I had to ride it.

The initial learning curve of steering rather than leaning into turns has been overcome, and I look forward to many more miles. You guys are a class act. You sent me to Riley's Bikr & Trike in Mebane, NC. They send ya all “grade 8” hardware, so don’t be afraid ta torque ’em ta specs when the time comes. Wherever we go, we get compliments and questions. //Script created by Ronny Drappier, http://sipreal.com Great support from Motortrike and always a super job by Robert Thuot ( finally got your name right, sorry Bob). The drive shaft coupling went bad but that is expected sometimes.

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