“My mum had me at 17 and my dad was abusive so she left him. Probably would’ve made Jesus cross All the money in the world “No Sidekicks” marks the first and only collaboration on the EP featuring Mick Jenkins, signalling the beginning of Che’s feelings of lovesickness that flow throughout the project. Seeing more than what they tend to see Feds literally broke my bredrins neck, then lied on one of their statements But when you're by my side, I'm fine it's cool I sacrifice my life for you Streets are cold, see the frost, things I know, God forbid / It's funny what the mind can do / But when you're by my side, I'm fine it's cool / Aye / Backseat My Block Lyrics: Rolling round my block, feeling hot / Streets are cold, see the frost, things I know, God forbid / Probably would’ve made Jesus cross / That’s my blood, family tree / No excuse

They were just doing the best for their children, and drilled into me from when I was very young that you need to get used to trying to make money. Pacify our women, justify the killings The slow and inhumane killing of George Floyd, coupled with the frustration of lockdown and mass unemployment, have created the conditions necessary for mass protest and – hopefully, finally – change. Where words won’t suffice to express the anger and frustration of affected communities, songs give protest a language. We pray the cheque on the way Arcade Fire debut new song ‘I Can’t Wait’ on US TV... Ariana Grande takes aim at “straight, white, old” presidential candidates, Protestors gather outside the White House as election polls close. “I want to be a mouthpiece for a generation.” If the galvanising power of “My Block” is anything to go by, he can make anything happen. That probably curbed his natures “I was raised by all women and technically, as an only child, as my gran didn’t raise my siblings. South London rapper Che Lingo’s My Block, released in February, has truly found its moment. I mean, the fuck did you think? [Pre-Chorus] No excuse, freedom costs, took the risk, made mistakes “I might not be the one to make change but I might be the one who inspires someone else to make a change,” he says. Never really fit in the blocks But I learnt to play Tetris though This game, this game ain't something you can mess with bro Sending me all of your energy just incase I need to spirit bomb enemies Che, you need to undress this soul They don’t know me Appetite of winners No Sidekicks Lyrics: I sacrifice my life for you / My sidekick but more time who's saving who? He really could’ve sent man doctor, Instead of just working patience (patients) The story is a chilling reminder of the ways that police brutality still goes unchecked in the UK today – though a petition calling for justice has had over 300,000 signatures. As on that track, FTP’s brazen lyrics speak directly to the inability for niceties and politeness to successfully combat racism. All now mumzy swerving bailiffs You just know that I could pencil it in [Verse 1: Mick Jenkins] That's the way I like to smoke The idyllic video set on a grey concrete estate sees Lingo weave between a white-robed choir wearing balaclavas and a solid body of men and women dressed in all black as he raps: “Black don’t mean illegal, they don’t know me / When the blues see red there’s greyness.” The track is a reminder of how insubstantial citizenship can be for black Britons, and of the violent treatment we often receive at the hands of the state.

A significant contribution to efforts to seek justice has come from the music community. Rolling round my block, feeling hot Three police officers have been sacked for lying about what happened following a scuffle outside a #Bedford club which left a man paralysed. He celebrates her ability to stabilise his mind and fight his anxieties. “I wasn’t raised by my mum and dad because they were both involved in crime,” he states matter-of-factly.

Even when they're feeling paro Lyrics for this song have yet to be released.

When “My Block” was originally released in February, it drew attention to a, for Cole launched shortly after; it’s now surpassed its target. “As much as it might be in reality, you can’t let it be in your head. You think that those are all negative things that make you less valuable as a person. Black don’t mean illegal “There are a lot of people in both the UK and US that we want justice for, including Julian and Sarah [Reed],” says Lingo.

Dark Days Lyrics.

His previous frustrations in “Mad Angle” turn to admiration and eventually, complete devotion. “These are individual incidences that contribute to a wider issue of systematic racism.”, As protesters swarmed the streets in central London to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with this country’s racism over the past few weeks, political commentators and journalists kept suggesting that the UK did not have a race problem on a par with the US. Back in February, it was announced that Che Lingo had signed to 7Wallace – the record label of actor, musician and DJ Idris Elba. All these jockeys

The Worst Generation Che Lingo. Being an independent artist in the early years of his career meant he could jump from genre to genre without feeling restricted by the narrow lanes artists often feel like they must subscribe to. They can’t judge what we do The video has been viewed more than 3m times and has inspired remakes from will.i.am and others.

“These are individual incidences that contribute to a wider issue of systematic racism.”. Cut the history but can’t divide our spirit (Unreleased), The Worst Generation Cole’s family are still seeking justice for what happened, though the Black Lives Matter movement has renewed interest in Cole’s case. Do this for my people Watch our full Song Stories interview at the top of the page, where Che Lingo also explains the process being the track’s powerful and cinematic video. That’s my blood, family tree

Lingo is confident in his masculinity and actively divests from the toxicity that may come with being a confident male artist. Black don’t mean illegal Getting woke for you We pray the cheque on the way Pray I never repeat them

Do this for my people When Beyoncé brought a phalanx of dancers dressed as Black Panthers to the Super Bowl it was an iconic moment: seeing artists as huge and somewhat far removed as Beyoncé nod to radical black history in a quintessentially American space is validating and affirming. t one of the recent Black Lives Matter protests in London, amid the chants of “no justice, no peace”, a video emerged of a large huddle of protesters blasting out a song by southwest London rapper Che Lingo.

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