Secondly, they see that the Muslim state is necessitated by the injunctions of Islam for the promotion of good and the subduing of vices. To believe that homosexuality is permissible in Islam (which is kufr istihlaal or the disbelief of making permissible what was made impermissible and vice versa), Dissecting the “fundamentalists” in the view of Cheryl Bernard, I noticed after entangling myself in the mist of her speech regarding the “fundamentalist” is the fact that she incorporated a whole host of varying ideologies without knowledge to her pre-conceived western notion of “fundamentalists”, Therefore, it becomes mandatory upon me to properly identify her errors which I was able to deduce into the following, 1. They say: ‘It is a text showing that everyone who does not rule by what Allaah revealed is a disbeliever and everyone who sins, indeed he rules by other than what Allaah revealed. The high point of the Kharijites’ influence was in the years 690-730 around. The high point of the Kharijites’ influence was in the years 690-730 around Basra in south Iraq, which was always a center of Sunni theology. c.        As far as the traditionalist being prepared to discuss reforms and reinterpretations. The word Muslim comes from Islam, a verbal noun indicating submission. Governments that do not follow Islamic law are considered apostate.

The simple and concrete answer to this question is no, no matter how implausible this may seem to the western analyst. Cheryl Bernard of the Rand Institute has written an important piece for the National Interest on the mistakes which Western countries have made in how they identify and treat moderate Muslims. Historically, they have grown accustomed to operating under changing political circumstances, and this has led them to concentrate their efforts on the daily life of the society, where they try to have as much influence and control as they can, even when the government is not Islamic. He rebelled against the Prophet (sallallaahualaihi wasallam) in the sense that accused him of treachery. or other than them from the Taabi’een. Therefore, every person that exists on this planet is by definition a fundamentalists. Some of the other sub-sects include: Like thousands of … However, the most humorous statement was highlighted in the underlined. The distinction is significant. She is the wife of Zalmay Khalilzad, former U.S. Before I begin expanding on these errors and thereby doing my best to correct them I wish to clarify the following. Then we allowed them to get rid of, just kill all the moderate leaders. Whatever concessions we have been given through the sources texts of Islam or through scholastic deductions is what Islam allows with regards to concession. 5) al-‘Ajaaridah;

The Origins of the Western View of Fundamentalism, The view of fundamentalism has been discussed in another section of this work. The gross inaccuracy of the western deduction of the theory of “fundamentalism” under the view of Bernard is best understood when on one hand, she brings forth the premise that the khawaarij (terrorists, radicals, etc) are fundamentalists and at the same time links “wahhabis” as fundamentalists as well. They are prepared to discuss reforms and reinterpretations. As far as the traditionalist being prepared to discuss reforms and reinterpretations. a. What it also bears witness to is that the abandonment of our ideals (by being liberal and not fundamental) leads to our demise and regression and it lands us in a state of grief and turmoil, and our history is replete with this. The pictures you may have seen only begin to capture the chaos. by Angel Rabasa, Cheryl Benard, Lowell H. Schwartz, Peter Sickle. 2. 8) al-Fadhaliyyah; Amongst them are those carry weapons, those who speak with the like of what this man said to the Prophet (sallallaahualaihi wasallam), and amongst them are those who write, and those who believe with their hearts and do not speak or do anything, but in his aqeedah (belief) and in his heart is the aqeedah of the Khawaarij. The number of inaccurate deductions in this excerpt is perplexing. 3. 6) al-‘Ajradiyyah; They are also defined as “those who declare other Muslims as disbelievers because of their committing of major sins; and those who rebel from the Muslim leaders and who withdraw from the unified body of Muslims. In other words Muslims are not allowed to seek concession to try to bend them to the fad or popular belief of a certain time. In other words, when people whom I questioned or anyone else for that matter, are questioned and demanded that they bring forth what are the tenants or fundamentals of the “wahhabi” creed, they remain silent and unable to bring forth an answer.

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