Most titles with spaces are c_name, for example c_middlesex.

If you choose to play chess, you will have 3 rounds to accumulate at least 5 points. event 1550 = gain diligent How to maximise the odds of becoming Cathar? Also, can option "Motivate Chancellor" be added to other chancellors? event 1038 = lose patient (also event 1590) event 4055 = "dragon" event, choice between permanent martial bonus, +15 relationship bonus from vassals, temp prestige bonus,and a bad option.

The Strange Crate is a type of crate that can be obtained via fishing after defeating the Eye of Cthulhu. Distance has an important impact on many aspects of game-play.Diplomatic actions are restricted by distance, and is also an important modifier in several diplomatic actions. event 1033 = lose greedy (also event 6208) CK2 Cheats CK2 Province IDs Other CK2 IDs and Codes . If you have Reaper's Due enabled, the event will happen. event 1570 = gain kind rev 2020.11.4.37941, The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, Arqade works best with JavaScript enabled, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us. Self-answering, as this caused quite a bit of grief for me. event 6001 = lose syphilis trait event 6033 = lose possessed trait (Muslim) For example: help succ, help techpoints. event CM.6102 = Character goes paranoid basically divine blood without the inbred and lunatic thingneg_diplo = Toggles sending of diplomatic proposals that will be refused.plots_known = Toggle plot visibilityrevolt = Causes revolt in province.

event 4015= "unfaithful wife" event, gives choice between ignoring it, and having liege deal with problem. event WoL.560 Nymph Lover event.High chance of ''Scarred''.Recommend saving game first. event 1640 = gain honest event 1016 = paranoid/trusting event 1019 = lustful/chaste (homosexual male), event TOG.3000 = berserkerevent TOG.3105 = varangianevent TOG.3320 = viking (outdated), event WoL.11206 = lose weak or gain strong, event 1027 = lose lustful How much predictive power do those tiny towns in New Hampshire who declare at midnight have for US Presidential elections? The cheat console is a transparent overlay above the character's tab. Genius + drunk/hedonist/seducer/impaler = 100% (no need to cheat or sacrifice)

This does not work for events.succ = Changes succession laws.

event 6205 = gain chaste, event 1501 = lose gluttonous event 1690 = gain ambitious Best method however is to just add very large amounts of stewardship to your character with the. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy.

This is the basic premise, but your actions and traits can influence the game, allowing for higher win chances. event 245 = gain incapable trait, event 8156 (Victim) = Poisoned Wine Dies, murderer(s) discovered event 6100 = gain infirm trait These are: Deceitful, schemer, strategist, quick, shrewd - get 1 point. event 1521 = lost greedy

If you win, Death will leave you a nice present :). How to survive the transition from tribal to a republic? Safe play -> concentrate: 0.25*(0.25*0.5 + 0.75*0.15) + 0.55*0.25*0.15 = 8%, The top trait combinations are: add_artifact = Give artifact to a character. Only works on crown laws. This is where various cheating strategies can work. How to find published article from arxiv preprint, Filling between two list plots to reperesent a confidence band, how to append public keys to remote host instead of copy it. Game master and Genius are the most useful traits here, increasing your chances dramatically (Game Master is slightly better, but these two do not stack). (Without only capital province changes into province holders culture), event 55010 = A ruler is assimilated by the local culture, event 61161 = Under House Arrest removed = Imprisioned, event 70002 = Ends Grand Tournament (solves endless tournament glitch), event 20000 = converts region's religion to rulers religion, event 20048 = Choice between gold & pietyevent 20200 = Collects special titheevent 20410 = Gives levy reinforcementevent 20230 = Master builder (5%), event 88259 = Character is killed in battle, event 70009 = Character is killed in battle, event 61232 = Character Is killed in duel (by character). What event chains do different Way of Life focuses unlock? event 1029 = lose chaste Why is the rate of return for website investments so high? event CM.6108 = Character becomes depressed

Sacrifice - great/good/neutral/bad of 15/35/35/15 The console is opened by pressing§ + Shift. event 1591 = lose patient

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. event 6223 = "voice of satan" event lose 30 church opinion, lose monthly piety, event 6300 = give realm a new law, sets off chain of events. Alt + 2 1, Alt + 0167 or ~ may also work ( ~ seems to be the majority console button, located beneath esc ). Apart from the 2 usual options (risky or safe), there are a number of traits that allow you to get safe points. event 1541 = lose slothful event 6114 = lose plague trait

During play, press ~ (the key above TAB) to produce a cheats console. 1 Drops 1.1 Pre-Hardmode 1.2 Hardmode 2 Notes 3 History You can receive up to 10 items from a single crate. event 1014 = cynical/zealous Secondly - play black. event 65021 = torture random prisoner you may have, event SSI.1 = initiate sunset invasion event chain (requires Sunset Invasion DLC), event SoA.3000 = initiate spawn of Satan event chain (requires Sons of Abraham DLC), event HF.199 = initiate child of Destiny event chain, event MNM.7119 = dark healing event, if successful removes most diseases and has a chance to restore missing body parts (requires Monks and Mystics DLC), event MNM.1460 = Gathering of the Great Minds (Hermetic Society event), event MNM.1620 = Divine Summoning (Hermetic Society event), event MNM.1630 = Write a Theoreme Paper (Hermetic Society event), event MNM.1800 = Gather ingredients (Hermetic Society event), event MNM.1610 = Write a Magnum Opus - Start Writing (Hermetic Society event). Event 451 = Go to a courtiers chamber  however firing it without a character ID will initiate it for Bitanem (you go to bed with yourself). How do I figure out which of my vassals are at war with each other? event 1006 = kind/envious (male) We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. --Hurting people--banish = Banish character.imprison = Imprison character.kill = Kill character.murder (Murderer) (Victim) = Forces attempt at murder, doesn't promise success. event CM.6130 = Becomes possessed

event CM.6128 = Becomes poet event 1049 = lose content (also event 1701) event 1003 = charitable/greedy event 1051 = lose just (also event 1721) Recommend saving game first. event 1671 = lose shy CK2 Cheats CK2 Province IDs CK2 Event IDs Other CK2 IDs and Codes . event 1571 = lose kind (also lose cruel) In Crusader Kings II, players will get to control one of the great Christian Dynasties of the West, attempt to conquer all of Europe and liberate the Holy Land. add_diplomacy (-)(#) = Add or subtract character diplomacy.add_martial (-)(#) = Add or subtract character martial.add_intrigue (-)(#) = Add or subtract character intrigue.add_stewardship (-)(#) = Add or subtract character stewardship.add_learning (-)(#) = Add or subtract character learning.add_trait = Gives character any trait.

Alt + 2 1, Alt + 0167 or ~ may also work ( ~ seems to be the majority console button, located beneath esc ). event 261 = soldier courtier appears in your court, event 73009 = A destitute noble FROM a former enemy court ask for permanent hospitality, event 600 = causes rebels to appear in your capital, event 900 = converts any province where your leader is stationed to your religion event 1630 = gain zealous Drunkard, hedonist, seducer, impaler - get 2 free points. How does one win the game? The normal options are:

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