Jack assumes that his father's coffin has been found. And while things start out rough, they do get better. Confused, Claire shouted back that Rousseau knew, stating that she scratched her because she was trying to take her back to the Others. shouldnt desmond telling her not to bother injecting herself and the baby be added? ("Every Man for Himself"), During her regular swim, Claire got caught in an undertow and was beginning to drown. --TPIMaster 20:11, 1 September 2006 (UTC), There are rumours that she dies in season 3? Claire was manipulated and later driven insane (really l-o-o-n-y) by the "Man in Black"; The "Smoke Monster", otherwise revealed as the 'dead' "Christain Sheppard". Snow was the only survivor. ("What Kate Does"), At the Temple, Jack demanded an explanation about why Dogen expected Sayid to swallow a poisoned pill. Hurley went to her and tearfully told her Charlie had died trying to save everyone. One of Martin Keamy's (Kevin Durand) men shoots an RPG at Claire's house, which explodes, but she is rescued by Sawyer. They fail to convince her to accompany them off the Island as it collapses, owing to Desmond accidentally extinguishing the light in the source of the Island. "Come with me," Kate said, and Claire craved a bullet blown through her white teeth. It's not what it seems. During a conversation with Charlie about how he always made a joke of things, Claire found a Virgin Mary statue in his bag. A few days later, Claire went into labor with help from Charlie, Jin and, most of all, Kate. Kate reveals to Claire that she took and raised Aaron, but Claire is not happy about it. Aaron Littleton is born. She was surprised but appreciative when Sawyer gave Aaron a blanket and complimented him on his lack of wrinkles. Upon returning to the beach, Aaron is well and Claire has recovered all the lost memories from after her abduction by Ethan. Hurley said he was sure Charlie would be back soon and Claire's fears were calmed. This is-to say the least-most intriguing, as when "Smokey" attacked Danielle's crew and gruesomely killed and then "possessed" her ppl, she went slowly insane. Kate worriedly asked where Claire was, to which Sawyer replied, "We lost her". 25 The latest number of cases of Covid-19 has been confirmed as 12,533 in Hampshire and 580 on the Isle of Wight. Instead, they offered her the part of Claire; she accepted without reading the script, assuming it would just be a recurring role. They found Claire sitting on the beach and, with only moments until the Ajira plane took off, Kate tried to convince Claire to leave the island with them. When Kate returns, she demands to see Claire and finds her there, singing "Catch a Falling Star". Claire told her not to rub it in, then told Rose that her husband seemed "quite the hero." Aaron began to cry just before Naomi told Claire that Charlie had been successful in shutting down the jamming signal at the Looking Glass, to which Claire was obviously thrilled about. Claire is still trying to figure out precisely how things stood between her and Charlie before she lost her memory...but with the events since then, does it really matter? ("Par Avion"), As an adolescent, Claire rebelled against her mother, dressing in a vaguely gothic style and working in a piercing and tattoo parlor. Claire then confronted Desmond and asked him why he was trying to hinder her efforts.

Claire begins to sign the document to finalize the adoption, but the pen runs out of ink; the lawyer hands her another and it too fails to work. Christian Shephard (John Terry) pays for Carole's medical care and reveals himself as Claire's father. She visits Malkin a second time, and he tells her about a couple living in Los Angeles who are interested in adopting her baby. [13], Days later, Claire sees a flock of gulls flying overhead. Locke instantly panicked upon seeing her and asked why she was there. Their leader intervenes, stopping Claire violently. Claire obeyed, but Dogen refused to come out, knowing that the Man in Black would kill him. Christian Shephard (John Terry) pays for Carole's medical care and reveals himself as Claire's father. ("Confidence Man"), After moving to the caves, Claire began having nightmares. - Claire thought Sawyer was Charlie when he first found her. In a deleted scene, we see Claire talking with the pilot and appearing nervous. Claire mused that if she did get off the Island, Aaron wouldn't know who she was, since he still thought Kate was his real mother. He told the group that Widmore had planted it there in an attempt to kill them. Or, is the wild-woman (either of them)like Hugo, who is somewhat alleged to be insane, given the peculiar grace to see and communicate with Jacob, and alternately with the monster, especially when the latter is in a more quiescent, non-murderous state?

("Homecoming")  ("Outlaws"), The pregnancy, meanwhile, was progressing, and Locke had Claire help him build a crib, though he didn't reveal the tasks purpose till it was done. She questioned Hurley, when he seemed uncertain of Jack's whereabouts. When he suggests that Claire turn off her mother's life support, she is angry and leaves without learning his name. She refused at first, but a gesture of his touched her and changed her mind - he brought her an empty jar to stand in for her favorite food, peanut butter. During the meeting, Christian explained how he and her mother met, which led to her becoming pregnant. When Jack and Claire meet, he immediately accepts her as family and brings her to stay with him and his son David (Dylan Minnette). She was amused though one day to find Sawyer reading to the baby to keep him from crying. Ethan explained to her that the ultrasound indicated that Aaron was fine, and that the baby had just moved out of position when the monitor flat-lined. ("S.O.S. She closed her eyes and let out a breath she'd been holding for three years. She asks how their father died. As Claire was interested in astrology and horoscopes, they thought it would be worth a visit.

Claire thanked him for this and when he left she gave Aaron the boot she knitted for him. Claire Littleton was originally scared, lonely, and a young mother-to-be. Ben activated it so that Juliet would gain the trust of the survivors when she cured her. Desmond came clean and described his visions, in which Charlie died trying to get one of the birds, shocking Claire significantly. Claire is one of the five original main characters still alive at the end of the series. After the Monster's attack on the Temple, the pair escape and join the Man in Black and his new group of defected Others. ("Raised by Another"). It's unknown why she didn't move through time, and she was living a life remarkably similar to Danielle Rousseau's before her death (building traps, etc.). Once the detective left, Kate came out from a room she was hiding in and thanked Claire for covering for her. The Man in Black said she was not, since her name was crossed out on the wall in the cave. ("The End"). [10], Claire continues to struggle with her amnesia, and is annoyed by Charlie's attempts to play an almost fatherly role to Aaron. Episode Count Claire Littleton seems to have ben made to substitute for the deceased Danielle Rousseau was, as the WILD WOMAN of the island. Claire, after seeing a flock of migratory birds, ran off excited, saying she knew how to get off the island. Through this conversation, it was also revealed that in the Oceanic Six's story, Claire wasn't one of the travelers who made it out of the plane after the crash.

Locke denied her access to Miles and told her to remember what Charlie had said. Claire Littleton was a young, single pregnant girl flying to Los Angeles to give her baby up for adoption, after being threatened by a psychic. She then told Kate that the Man in Black would be coming soon. And this island? Later, at the funeral for Libby and Ana Lucia, she held his hand to show her forgiveness and looked sad when Hurley made his speech about Libby. Claire has a contraction and excuses herself. After Ben's capture, Hurley radioed Jack and told him Sayid, Jin and Bernard were alive, and hearing this, Claire approached Jack, asking for the radio to talk to Charlie, but Hurley said that he wasn't back yet, and not to worry.

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