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(3 episodes, 2018-2019), American Idol Singer They are shocked and silenced to see Nolan walk in which causing Bradford to stand and start a standing ovation. Astrid Heisserer (Lyndon Smith) is a villainess from "Greenlight," episode 1.16 of The Rookie (airdate March 19, 2019). Brynn Malone Cole doesn’t care and shocks the Captain before kicking her into the pool. (uncredited)

Astrid's evil actions ended up resulting in the capture of Nolan and LAPD captain Zoe Andersen, as well as the latter being shot and killed by Cole, and it can be assumed that Astrid was also arrested as a conspirator. Word is you kill a cop, you never see the inside of a cell. Rueben: Up until Captain Anderson was shot I was all prepared to select her for my Woman of the Week – and even posthumously she probably still deserves it – so that whole scene was just amazing, watching what she did to get out of the pool and take down those guys.

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(1 episode, 2020), Pedestrian Sergeant Wade Grey For our review of the last episode of The Rookie, click here. (uncredited)

/ The guy is stuck in a beartrap, but Bradford feels suspicious about the situation.

Astrid Heisserer (Lyndon Smith) is a villainess from "Greenlight," episode 1.16 of The Rookie (airdate March 19, 2019). (1 episode, 2020), Fork Lift Driver Her name is Astrid Heisserer and she is the lady of the current leader of a violent, white supremacist gang known as Southern Front.

As a result, the gang is given carte blanche to kill Nolan, while Sergeant Grey goes head to head with the gang leader to call off his crew. The team comes to the crime scene where they reveal Nolan has been greenlit by the Southern Front. The officers try to treat her while EMS is on the way.

She came from a broken home and that caused her behaviour, but he can’t trust her.

Look, I know what's in your hearts. Murphy apologizes for her actions and her returns the favour by apologizing for protecting Isabelle.

(uncredited) (1 episode, 2020), Trauma Nurse

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She is always so subtly bad ass and in control. Nolan questions if this woman is a reversal and she acts very suspicious while they process her.

Doing our jobs will. They respond to a second call where a man broke into a drug lab trying to steal money. (uncredited) She was the Captain of the Mid-Wilshire Division.

(2 episodes, 2019), Andres (1 episode, 2018), Lady Gaga Lookalike Officer Nolan arrests a woman for assault and finds out the hard way that she's connected to a powerful gang member. /

Later on, the villainess posed for her mugshots, and while Nolan was taking her to her holding cell and apologizing for what occurred, Astrid asked Nolan if he knew who she was. On their way out, Lopez and West run into Wesley which results in an awkward conversation because apparently they broke up some time offscreen. The team prepares to capture Cole while Nolan blames himself for the Captain’s death.

Team (uncredited) (uncredited) Roz: I really like Nolan and the whole house trying to be above board with how they handled Cole’s arrest, even though it came at the cost of Captain Anderson.

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