Do not include the headset in your measurement. I’m still looking to complete the rebuild with all stock components, so I appreciate your attention to detail. “Available to order” items typically ship from the Colorado Cyclist in 5-10 business days. If they don’t match, you my have a custom frame or different geometry to this chart. I have read many times that Colnago used other builders to make frames. Log in or register to join the conversation.

The integrated headset features elastomers to absorb road vibrations, improving both handling and rider comfort. The C64 also has clearance for up to 28c tires. Do you know of builds like these? Cable-routing is internal and central, through the top of the downtube, and both brakes are direct-mount. It is listed as a size 53. Since reading this post the lust for a C59 has got under my skin again. The main difference between the 54 and the 50s is the head tube height. I believe the dual club markings on top of the BB were introduced in the early 1980’s. otherwise are there any benefits to either frame other than looks and standover height? The bottom Bracket has two slashes through it. Road bike sizing: what size bike do I need? It will let me ride something and keep forever knowing that she had helped me buy it. Frame looks lovely, should build into a fab bike mate - try not to get too frustrate with the seatpost though - bit of a PITA to adjust the saddle angle.

Measure the length of the head tube (Hs). It could be an older Super.

Fork: Colnago C64 tapered full carbon, 355 grams The high geometry of the C64 Road Frameset means a slightly taller headtube than traditional and sloping varieties, putting riders in the optimum position without the need for a stack of spacers. BB86 bottom bracket shell and tapered head tube.

Originally Posted by icsloppl. Measurement (A) should be similar regardless of straight or curved forks.2. 1. Size: 52cm (55.0cm Effective Top Tube) Required fields are marked *. This website is dedicated to all things cycling.

You will notice the frame sizes below are based on the seat tube ‘centre to top’ (C-T) measurement which is measured from the centre of bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube (labelled as P on the schematic). Now look at (part 2 of) the chart below in the column ‘Hs’ to see if any frames match this measurement. Electronic and mechanical … As my 1984 Colnago Master is identical in size to the Nuovo Mexico, it also matches this chart.

All applicable shipping charges will apply. My fit is as follows; So what would the benefits be of going for a sloping vs traditional?

I have been riding and working on my own bikes for many years now. When measuring your frame, don’t forget that there would have been frames ordered with custom geometry which won’t match the measurements in this chart.

Whilst this may be pure coincidence, I speculate that Colnago possibly haven’t varied their steel frame geometry since the 1980’s for a couple of reasons. Leave a comment if your frame does or doesn’t match the chart. I"m looking at a used Colnago Dream (not sure the year). Seatpost: Colnago C64 Carbon, 15mm Setback, Ultegra Bottom Bracket SM‑BB72‑41B ‑ BB86, Campagnolo Ultra‑Torque Press‑Fit Cups BB386 ‑ 86.5x46, Sram GXP BB86 Stainless Steel Bottom Bracket, Shimano BB92‑41B Press Fit Bottom Bracket ‑ BB86, Custom kit pricing is complicated so we take the discount off the current build price. Electronic and mechanical ready with internal cable routing. P490500510520530540550560570580590600610620630640650, O518523527530535540545550557565572580586590594597600, Pccs470480490500510520530540550560570570583583586595605, Scs121125128133140143146153161165169169173173174177180, Sc75°75°74.8°74.6°74.1°74°74°74°73.5°73°73°72.75°72.75°72.75°72.75°72.75°72.75°, A585587587588589591594595595597600608612615618622624, C400401402403404405406408410411412413413414415416416, Hs80839199108117126135143151160162171182182195203. learn how to identify the model of your Colnago vintage bike, Colnago Nuovo Mexico Bicycle Restoration (Part 2), Colnago Nuovo Mexico Bicycle Restoration (Part 3), Colnago Nuovo Mexico Bicycle Restoration (Part 4), Colnago Nuovo Mexico Bicycle Restoration (Part 5), Colnago Nuovo Mexico Bicycle Restoration (Part 6), Colnago Nuovo Mexico Bicycle Restoration (Part 7), How to Expand a Quill Stem to Fit the Handlebars, How to Fix Brake Squeal on a Vintage Bike, How to identify a Colnago Conic SLX Total Spiral, How to identify a Colnago International or Super Sprint, How to identify a Colnago Master Arabesque, How to identify a Colnago Mexico TT ‘Aerodinamica’, How to identify a Colnago Profil CX (First Edition), How to identify a Colnago Profil CX (Second Edition), How to identify a Colnago Roger de Vlaeminck, How to install a vintage Campagnolo Bottom Bracket, How to install a vintage Campagnolo Headset, How to remove cogs from a Regina freewheel, How to remove vintage Campagnolo brake pads from the metal brake shoe, How to service vintage Campagnolo Quick Release, Saronni’s 1982 World Championship Bike Confirmed, Vintage Campagnolo Record Hub Measurements, Vintage Campagnolo Super Record Bottom Bracket Review, Vintage Campagnolo Super Record Brake Levers Review, Vintage Campagnolo Super Record Brakes Review, Vintage Campagnolo Super Record Crankset Review, Vintage Campagnolo Super Record Friction Shift Levers Review, Vintage Campagnolo Super Record Front Derailleur Review, Vintage Campagnolo Super Record Headset Review, Vintage Campagnolo Super Record Hubs Review, Vintage Campagnolo Super Record Pedals Review, Vintage Campagnolo Super Record Rear Derailleur Review, Vintage Campagnolo Super Record Seat Post Review.

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