We have worked across London’s many boroughs during this difficult time, to ensure our key workers were able to keep cool and remain as comfortable as possible in all their PPE gear.

Find out more about using a split air conditioning system to keep your home or business cool at tfairconditioning.com/installation. We’re proud to say our work during the pandemic has been recognised and we’ve been nominated for an award. The manual will also tell you how often your filters need to be cleaned. Without ducts, split and multi split systems do not incur the energy losses experienced with central systems which involve leaky ducts. We have been delivering all types of air conditioning installation, repairs and servicing to homes and businesses across London for over 22 years. Digital archive. Keep blinds and curtains closed in rooms that are not in use or swap darker curtains for lighter ones. If you would like us to provide a free, no obligation quotation for your domestic or commercial air conditioning, our friendly and award winning team will be very pleased to hear from you. Clean the filters: The filters inside your air conditioning system are crucial to its performance.

For commercial and domestic maintenance and servicing in Islington, north London, central London and all other London boroughs, call us today on 0207 561 8865 . Condenserless air conditioning is really quiet and quick and easy to install into an existing A/C system. The best way to keep cool with air conditioning The ultimate solution to unbearably hot indoor temperatures in London? In some cases, your manual may inform you that your filters must be replaced instead. Our Tradeforce team is friendly, experienced and passionate about delivering a practical solution that best suits your needs. Although it was an affordable solution for smaller spaces, through the wall air conditioning was noisy. Lots of people don’t want to make a fuss or are too tired to complain so you may find out too late that your guests had a bad night’s sleep because the temperature in their room wasn’t right. You’ll find the filters in your air conditioning unit can be removed easily for cleaning. These fins can become misshapen over time and cause the air in your system to become blocked.

Need a repair? Air conditioners come with multiple functions so you can use them during the cooler months as well. #NHS If you are an NHS hospital, healthcare provider or care home in north, south, east or west London and you want to know more about how we can help you, call one of our friendly team today on 0207 561 8865. How to keep cool in the hot sun?

Health: This may come as a surprise, but air conditioning can aid your health. The top benefits of air conditioning for your home or business. To provide some help, we’ve put together a special package for families in partnership with one of our top suppliers, Mitsubishi Electric.

Every guest has their own interpretation of a comfortable room temperature so if guests do complain, ensure your staff are trained to make the necessary adjustments quickly. • Through the wall air conditioning: Through the wall air conditioning is an older type of air conditioning that is no longer allowed under EU regulation. How often should you have your air conditioning serviced? How to choose the right type of hotel air conditioning: Whether your business is in a busy city like hotels in London or a UK countryside idyll, the type of commercial air conditioning you choose will depend on a number of factors, including: the installation method, WiFi compatibility, whether the system is centrally controlled and more. How often should you have your air conditioning serviced? London came close that same summer with 38.1 °C recorded at Kew Gardens, London. In some cases, your manual may inform you that your filters must be replaced instead. Look for obstructions: The outdoor location of condensing units means they can be easily forgotten until something goes wrong inside. Keeping cool in a heatwave Aside from ice lollies and plenty of cool drinks, knowing how to stay cool in a heatwave is essential. Control is via a touchscreen display on the unit or a compact remote controller. • Condenserless air conditioning: Condenserless air conditioning is a top contemporary choice for hotel air conditioning systems. You want your hotel to be a home away from home, so the installation of quality commercial air conditioning should be a top priority for any hotelier. Check the coils: Your air conditioning system has evaporator coils inside the unit and condenser coils in the outdoor unit. Make it a point to regularly examine your exterior condensing unit to ensure it is free from any foreign objects. Call us today on 0207 561 8865. Preventing damp will also keep your home or business smelling fresh too.

If you are a business, work in an industrial environment, use your system frequently or have furry pets, you may need to have your air conditioning serviced more frequently. It will usually be with water or by gently running a hoover over the filter’s surface. Trade Force Air Conditioning: expert air conditioning installation, maintenance and repairs across Islington, north London, central London and all other London boroughs. Whatever your situation in these unpredictable times, we can help you to secure a great deal on a top, energy efficient A/C system, chiller or heater with the option to spread your payments over a longer period and access handy tax benefits.

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