In the first step, I focus on the influence of data contributor. Lab Projects: Tipping Points 3.2012 - 4.2012 This project is focusing on the popular idea of 'affective computing' in ML and AI area recently. Fame City The class project is to design a series of ‘Seeing Machines.’ These seeing machines should ide... Collaborator/

La Preciosita, a village 116 km away from Mexico City but takes 5 hours with 3 different modes of transportation for one to reach here. I seriously recommend you to be careful for this object.


This was a group project with whole class members.

To route your message properly, which category fits your question? Role : field research, concept development, video prototypes

Brief This project was mainly a technical exercise in creating a finite state machine. Hardware Prototyping: Unity simulation developed in C# , HTC... Concept::

It is a behavior... // A TRIP TO GULU // Skyguide is a project created to explore the future of non-fiction books. For the final segment of my field projects I class, I was asked to continue my research at Cal State Dominguez Hills and then physicalize my findings either... Brief In fact, it doesn’t change size until Earth is rendered in ... How is our mental model of the globe influenced by the imaging devices with which we are able to see it?

2-day Hackathon Team Project Collect information, payments, and signatures with custom online forms.

Hypersensitive But it is difficult with mass... (Supervised by Jochen Leinberger, Prof. Frank Zebner)

10/14/16 Mexico city project_toque from Hyejin Lim on Vimeo.

Type Design: Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical... Refresh -- Social Media VR fitness management tool, I Am Sitting In An Artificial Intelligence, // Critical Analysis: Intermediary Transcendence Proxy, [Turn On, Tune In] revisited: Manzini x Dunne & Raby, Epic Everyday: Sensing the Super Ordinary, Field Research: Choice + Breastfeeding in Mexico, Gamification Solution Of Priority Of The Way, Mapping — The globalization of smart phone manufacture. If you’d like help immediately, feel free to search for a similar question, or submit your question or concern. I want to design for a new virtual context-- A context with the potential for seamless departure and effortless arrival. lab-inquiry: FA11

The New Space Astrolamp This is a combined project between People Knowing and Authoring Critical Media. Background: Those s... Minnie Mouse Around Town: A Personal Roving Presence Mascot [PRPM]

Useless wearable... MDP | LAB - Spring 2014 - Concept Year - Critical Frameworks 2 Minnie Mouse Around Town: A Personal Roving Presence... Bacteria ; Mapping ; City Planning ; Scale, Space Mining; Zodiac;Mechanic; Lighting;Augmented;Mapping. Lab Core B, Interactions, Philip van Allen

Intervention 1: Snack Time ver. Oct.2016

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[Process] We selected one... Map & Data Visualization::

What is JotForm? I learned the importance of animatics during Ko's motion design class.

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