Nevertheless, the fragile states and vulnerable communities, in particular areas affected by conflict, are most prone to disastrous threats to life in light of collapsed health systems, lack of water and sanitary items, overcrowding, the implausibility of social distancing, and limited income. To elevate the quality of entries, the organizers are for the first time allowing professors to advise essay writers and also permitting up to two students as co-authors. The winners will also have a chance to join a presentation at a seminar ― both online and offline ― to be hosted by the ASEAN-Korea Centre. The deadline for submitting an essay is Monday 31 August 2020 and additional information can be found by clicking on the UNIDROIT link above. Theme: Tackling COVID-19: Pandemics and International Humanitarian Law. They created three essay topics under the theme of COVID-19 that ranged in topic from the concrete effect of this pandemic on their lives to an abstract expression of how they view the future impact of this event. .

. Length: Manuscripts submitted should be approximately 10,000 words, footnotes included. Therefore, make sure you reference all ideas and information that are not originally yours - (Ref. CoVID-19 … Tackling COVID-19: Pandemics and International Humanitarian Law. We are proud of how talented  our fellow students are, and we are excited to share the essays of six participants who agreed to let us share their writing. Originality: This is a research article that requires an original research idea. ... Online essay competitions are held in which students are given topics on …

The stress of facing the pandemic as an international student is compounded by being far away from one’s home country and family. As witnessed over recent months, the impact of COVID-19 (also known as coronavirus disease) has caused global disruption on all levels and affected the deepest structures of societies. ASEF will only consider the first version submitted. The International Committee of the Red Cross is proud to organize for the fourth time a writing competition in Arabic to engage the Arabic speaking scholars on relevant IHL discussions and to provide an academic platform for legal debates. 2.

Heungkuk Fire & Marine has been carrying out various CSR campaigns and recently provided emergency relief items to flood victims. Each ASEF Fellow/ Alumni can submit only one essay. Referencing style: Pick one referencing style and maintain it throughout the paper (footnotes, not in-text referencing).

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