I'd be a little wary. @DarkCanter Why did they do it to you then and not me but Crunchyroll wasn't working for like a hour so maybe that's a sign LMFAO, @TheSoySauceKid1 @_kardai Yes, we do have genres, but it matters more that there would be a page on the damn app for the new and upcoming animes for the current season. I'm turning to piracy, despite paying for a service that should make it redundant. I'm trying to watch anime with the homies!! why the F does crunchyroll buffer so MUCH 歷 rhena-deer 歷 (@topntran) reported 4 hours ago.

I have this problem every so often, but pausing the video for a minute when you first start it usually keeps this from happening. Select SETTINGS, then NETWORK, then TEST INTERNET CONNECTION, and check to ensure your PS4 has a stable connection. Are you going to report and fix the error people have been experiencing for days on the roku app? Ps4, Xbox, and mobile always have problems, @Crunchyroll Are you going to fix the code error 32 that comes up when I try to log in via my roku? Is adblock on, and have you tried disabling it? Can't log in, Is @Crunchyroll down for anyone else or just me? https://www.crunchyroll.com/acct/?action=devices. @crunchyroll I cant log into my account on @Roku. I'm trying to watch anime with the homies!! @RedHood16244203 @ShadowedFate @Boruto_EN @Crunchyroll she had an illness when she was young which damaged her eyesight. crunchyroll not working on fire stick . ᴮᴱkimsockiejin⁷ ‧₊ ˚. Tgh layan ni . @Crunchyroll your apps broken i am a premium member but my app says im not -_- really not impressed right now. I've noticed that it's worse on the weekends.

@Crunchyroll @aniplexUSA I wish I could watch literally anything on crunchyroll but your app doesn't work. The VIDEOS AREN'T WORKING properly! @Crunchyroll can you please issue a statement on the recurring Roku error? @JasonParis 2/2 I have no problem with Netflix or Disney paying for cancon... but BritBox, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Viki and many is completely stupid! I want to watch given :(. @nightgasm @MookieforMayor @GamerGreggy @Kotaku THANK YOU!!!! Sony doubling down on anime, @OpptimalSound and there have been (pure blooded) uchihas who had eye problems or wore glasses . GRRRR CRUNCHYROLL NOT WORKING GRRRR. @Crunchyroll, your app is still not working :// @UNDRTDmstrmnd

The heck is goin on? Be the first to know the next time Crunchyroll goes down. @robustParadox ##### [OpenDNS Servers:](https://use.opendns.com/) Primary: ****Secondary: ****, ##### [Google Public DNS Servers:](https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns) Primary: ****Secondary: ****. @Kotaku is reporting that @Sony is buying @Crunchyroll for 957 million. Netflix and Amazon have a tiny bit of anime in their services. Could you guys please help me.

@DrGazpacho100 @jaronschneider

OH well, will wait for Crunchyroll then. add on top a not great player.

@Crunchyroll Why are you not working? Just tryna procrastinate in class ://.

Ps4, Xbox, and mobile always have problems, @LuckyKitten9

@nessa_sea @beerengineer @sanchangox @AztechDan @oneupmango @ZhugeEX No, Sony are buying Ellation (Crunchyroll). The fk is going on, @Crunchyroll do you guys have anywhere i can report problems, @Crunchyroll is your site overloaded with users today/lately? @Crunchyroll is the app not working on Roku??? @nvmsoulg @SammyTheFatty @Crunchyroll funimation charges like $7 a month for the lowest package and half the time their site doesn't work without buffering every two seconds.

Please fix your app on @Roku :'), @MelihimeGold @Crunchyroll bro right it’s not working for me either.

Can’t log in on any device, @Moldy_Fruitcake Depending on the platform you're watching Crunchyroll on, you can fix choppy playback by using one of a few solutions.

My experience would be 10x better without the constant grey and loading icon. VRV is a service by Warner Media.

Then I’m hearing Stuff like “No more Crunchyroll on Xbox” like Sony would be that dumb to gatekeep millions of consumers.

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