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[In 1858], in exchange for increased annuity payments, the Dakota ceded about half of their reservation land. St. Paul, MN: Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1988. The second-in-command for the Ohio Company was Ebenezer Sproat, whose daughter Sarah married Solomon Sibley. In 1857, the Dakota gave away all their land north of the Minnesota River. In 1787, a corporation called the Ohio Company of Associates was given land to settle in Ohio, with the idea that companies could sell land to settlers more aggressively and efficiently that the government could. 1858 Dakota Indian treaty delegation. Dakota title to a 10-by-150-mile strip of land--a portion of the land designated a reservation in 1851- … His brother Nathaniel also engaged in Minnesota politics as well as in railroads and land speculation. MNHS openings and announcements. Some sources say that their grandmother was a sister of Little Crow, but which Little Crow is unclear. Joseph Brown led a delegation to Washington for the 1858 land cession treaties, signed a treaty with the Ho-Chunk in 1859, and signed the 1867 Sisseton Wahpeton treaty that established a Dakota reservation in South Dakota. Wamditanka (Big Eagle) later said: "In 1858 the ten miles of this strip belonging to the Mdewakanton and Wacouta (Wahpekute) bands, and lying north of the river were sold, mainly through the influences of Little Crow.

All of these businesses required obtaining the assets of American Indian people, and Dousman pursued his interests by signing treaties with the Ojibwe in 1837, with the Ho-Chunk in 1846, and with the Dakota in 1836 and 1851. Signed June 19, 1858 in Washington, D. C.Treaty wih the Sioux (Mdewakanton / Wahpakoota)Treaty with the Sioux (Sisseton / Wahpeton) In 1851, treaty commissioners Ramsey and Lea had described the last remaining Dakota land base as: "sufficiently remote to guarantee the Indians against any pressure on the part of the white population for many years to come.”.

), Becoming Minnesotan: Recent Immigrants and Refugees, Stories of Minnesota's Greatest Generation, Stories of LGBTQ Communities in Minnesota, Teaching Native American History and Culture, Minnesota Center for Social Studies Education (CSSE). Two of Scott Campbell’s sons were hung for their involvement in the Dakota War of 1862: Baptiste, by the US military in Mankato; and John, by a lynch mob. One of the first acts of Congress under the Constitution was to “privatize” westward expansion. Minnesota People Records Search (Birth, Death, etc.

The treaty was signed in April 1858, and ratified by the United States Congress on February 16, 1859. 651-259-3000 • 1-800-657-3773, Box office: Often working in tandem with Sibley, Dousman diversified his business interests as the fur trade declined, amassing a fortune through steamboats, land speculation, timber, and railroads.

Yankton: A Pioneer Past - North Plains Press - 1972 - pp. Dakota title to a 10-by-150-mile strip of land--a portion of the land designated a reservation in 1851--was acknowledged through this treaty. 651-259-3015 • 844-667-8679. Paul, MN 55103, Minnesota Humanities Center987 Ivy Ave EastSt. [2], Karolevitz, Robert F. (1972). (The name was carried by generations of men.) With this act, corporate interests became a driving force in the US acquisition of Indian land. Minnesota Indian Affairs Council161 Saint Anthony AveSuite 919St. The Yankton Treaty was a treaty signed in 1858 between the United States government and the Yankton Sioux (Nakota) Native American tribe, ceding most of eastern South Dakota to the United States government. In 1858, a month after Minnesota became the 32nd state in the union, a group of Dakota leaders were summoned to Washington, DC, where they were detained until they signed another treaty relinquishing all land north and east of the Minnesota River to the United States. ", The people in the photo are; standing: Big Eagle, Traveling Hail, Red Legs; seated: Medicine bottle, The Thief, unidentified. In 1851, treaty commissioners Ramsey and Lea had described the last remaining Dakota land base as: And yet, land speculators (including Henry Sibley, as an agent for Pierre Chouteau) immediately began purchasing newly-ceded territory adjacent to the reservation. Their fate stands in stark contrast to the financial benefits gained from US-Indian relations by their uncle Hercules. 2-4. Charles F. Picotte, a speculator, business venturist, and translator for these meetings was rewarded by the government with a 640-acre land grant in the newly incorporated territory, which would later become a major part of Yankton, South Dakota. Nathaniel accompanied Joseph to Washington for the 1858 Dakota treaty, and Joseph's son A.M.A.

Sarah and Solomon moved from the Ohio settlement to what is now Michigan, where Solomon became the first mayor of Detroit and engaged in land speculation, signing a treaty with the Ottawa in 1821. The remaining reservation was to be allotted to individual Dakota families, who were to subsist on annuity payments and farming. Beginning with Prairie Island in the 1880’s, Dakota lands were eventually restored in present-day Minnesota, with additional new tribal governments created in the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934.

Their sister Margaret had a long relationship with Hercules Dousman, who began working for the American Fur Company in 1826. [1] The treaty was signed in April 1858, and ratified by the United States Congress on February 16, 1859.

That year, with some other chiefs, I went to Washington on business connected with the treaty. In this capacity, and as Governor and US Senator for Minnesota, Ramsey was a tireless promoter of US settlement. But one of the land grant railroads co-owned by Territorial Governor Alexander Ramsey planned to pass near the Dakota reservation. St. Paul, MN 55102 U.S. Library of Congress Number 72-88949, Learn how and when to remove this template message,, United States and Native American treaties, Articles needing additional references from September 2014, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 24 October 2017, at 02:41. 345 W. Kellogg Blvd. Between 1854 and Statehood in 1858, twenty seven railroads were incorporated in Minnesota Territory – most of them speculative ventures that never laid track.

Among Justus’ investments with leading St. Paul businessmen was the Blue Earth Settlement Claim Association, which started the city of Mankato.

The ceded land was to be sold to settlers, the proceeds going to the Dakota (though up to $140,000 could be used to pay the Dakota people's’ “just debts”). Not all of the Dakota had participated in the War, however, and in 1863 a treaty with non-combatant Dakota created the Sisseton reservation in present-day South Dakota. By 1834, when Astor sold the company, Dousman was in a position to become a major stockholder in the fur trade, in partnership with the Chouteau family of St. Louis and Henry Sibley.

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