These include spears, swords, bows and many more.

+[15% base] damage for 8 seconds after killing an enemy.

Trap damage is capped at 10% of your max HP.

The healing percentage that mutation provides starts at 0.0015% and is capped at 0.015% at 30+ Brutality. Obviously, if you aren't using a shield this mutation is entirely useless. The drawbacks here simply aren't worth the benefits. The amount of health this recovers is incredibly low and thus not worth it even in shield builds. +50% HP. Fireworks Technician/Efficiency's scaling with Brutality/Tactics are given in the following table: Gear • Biomes (Map) • Enemies • Bosses • Mutations • Runes • MechanicsNPCs • Pickups • Objects • Outfits • Boss Stem Cell • Malaise • Curse • UpgradesChallenge Rift • Daily Run • Lore • Stats • Modifiers • Achievements • Status Effects • Alpha Branch.

When you kill the enemy, he will drop his cells. The issue is there are very few times where it is advantageous strategically to keep swapping between ranged weapons and melee weapons and because of this it doesn't have as much utility as you may anticipate.

Reduces your skill cooldowns when you kill an enemy with a weapon from the "Ranged" category. Time available to recover your health after a hit is multiplied by 2.

When hit by a trap your movement speed increases by 20% for 20 sec. The most prominent grenades in group B are Infantry Grenade and Swarm. Cursed chests are very rarely worth opening, and going from 10 to 5 enemies isn't that much of a boost. Better mutations are available. The weapons in the Dead Cells game are categorized into six main groups.

For Melee, Berserker and Frostbite, the scaling formula is the same as for DPS mutations, that is [Base value] × 1.15(Stats - 1). Starts at 1% health with a cap of 3% at 24 Survival. Triggers on kills within 0.05s of a melee hit. Your email address will not be published. It has a 6-tile explosion radius.

Dead Cells Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. 12/03/2020: Deathslinger update added. However, they can activate other mutations that don't fall under this category. The most lethal grenades in group S are Cluster Grenade and Ice Grenade. The atmosphere and environment of every level is different from the other.

Cursed chests typically aren't worth it to open as the rewards are never worth the risk.

Dropped by the Time Keeper after 4th kill.

That is, mutations' base damage and/or healing magnitudes are multiplied … Bomb takes 0.7 seconds to detonate. On standard playthroughs this isn't a useful mutation. This is one of the better general mutations and can save you quite a bit of health overall. Retrieving your projectiles is nice, but there are better mutations. The top weapons in the group A are Repeater Crossbow and Blowgun(TBS).

Independent of the usual speed buff.

Before v1.2, this mutation worked differently: it added DPS if you were near two or more enemies. Reducing a curse 5 times removes 2 Malaise.

Increased infection counter makes most of things that reduce infection by percentage heal different amount of infection than before: Reducing a curse restores 5% HP but increases the number of enemies required to lift the curse by 50%. The slow down duration increase starts at 0.2s with a cap of 0.8s at 11+ Brutality. However, if you are playing with extra Boss Stem Cells active, this can be an excellent source of extra healing since health fountains don't appear as often (if at all). Average mutation. Decent mutation if you are using multiple non-grenade skills.

Dead Cells Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Percentage provided by mutation starts at 0.0015% and is capped at 0.015% with 30+ Brutality. +[75 base] DPS if a nearby enemy is bleeding, poisoned or burned. As of version 1.9, skills can no longer be used to activate cooldown based mutations such as Hunter's Instinct.

Damage is added at most once every 0.2 seconds.

Low damage boost, and many of the more difficult encounters tend to be sole enemies.

dead cells weapons tier list Posted by October 18, 2020 Most melee weapons' DPS increase based on the player's Brutality Stat, (except Scythe Claws which only scale with ), but some weapons also have alternate scaling with Tactics (e.g. Soldier Endurance's scaling follows the classic formula used for calculation of DPS (see DPS mutations), which is base value × 1.15(Stats-1). All of these mutations scale with the formula [Base DPS] × 1.15(Stats - 1).

Elites have a 30% chance of dropping a Small Cough Syrup upon kill, which heals 1 infection upon pickup.

In this table, you will find the added DPS of mutations that add damage in certain conditions. Some ranks may be blank 'cause no weapon could be considered in that tier. Running speed duration bonus (for kill combo) multiplied by 3. Note that you can only get it after the first level. However, this mutation provides enough of a boost that shield users may want include it depending on how good they are on parrying. Time available to recover your health after a hit is multiplied by 2.

Enemies within 8 tiles count as "nearby". It doubles the time you have to recover lost health after a hit, and this is especially useful when playing on harder difficulties with less health fountains. Dead Cells game is a 2D game that can be played on the PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo switch as well as on the mobile phones. Consuming food curses you. It can be re-obtained immediately after resetting mutations. This page was last edited on 2 October 2020, at 14:34. Reduces by 50% the number of enemies you need to eliminate to lift a curse.

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