But for a paladin it can cost 6-8 times that because they are in high demand. There are probably tons of other builds that can do this, If you have any suggestions leave some behind.

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DC spawns in CERTAIN servers only when 75-150 SOJS are sold on THAT SPECIFIC SERVER. PlugY is a singleplayer mod for Diablo 2 that effectively turns the solo experience into something much more manageable.

The only thing is that they cant cast lifetap so they have to drink potions or kill him fast. If you just want to DC hunt then choose the smiter, if you already have a summoner, then you can use to kill, but make sure you got a back up character, or friend who can kill for you if you Nerco disconnects a lot. So you basically keep creating and checking with [netstat –n] to find a desired server.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. So it might list server .45 as having 120 SOJS for even a couple hours. If it appears in HOT for 2 minutes and is gone, that means it was a private co-op and they spawned him in a short period of time. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use GitHub.com so we can build better products. - Display item level in its popup. He would instant die when reg Diablo spawns. Therefore the quest isn't identical with what is present on the realms.

Since it is impossible to fill all of those pages, PlugY effectively provides the player with infinite storage.

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Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Inside this box it might read: "DProgram Files\Diablo II" and to run in windows mode you put a space followed by –w. It should indicate at the very top of your Diablo window where the blue bar is. Don’t underestimate this, some guy sold 15 and popped so that the rest could get Anni’s.

You might still be thinking 1/150 odds each game isn’t good chances, but trust me, a lot of the times you get the game, and sometimes your unlucky and you don’t. They will never steal from you.

Work fast with our official CLI.

They have cheaper gear as well. Even if you have no chars that can kill DC, someone there will do it for you and give you the Anni, which is another great thing about it. See his full stats, and more details about this quest.

A: Diablo Clone is the special world event added to the game in patch 1.10 by Blizzard. I was in act 4 Hell at the time, and thought that I could go to any act and meet him, so chose act 1 Blood Raven.

He will spawn on any super unique. With PlugY, Diablo clone finally spawned. My merc is cold arrows. It took me half an hour to figure it out and I suck with these things so you should be fine. - Enabled the ladder only runewords out of realms. activity of different servers, pop potential). It’s only happened to me once, and never again, also there were like 8 people on that ANNI so fast. Some people even have information about preplanned mini co-ops in which a small group sells a bunch of SOJS to get a server from say 30 SOJS to 50 SOJS . Plus killing meph all day gets really boring. Once they connect all their characters onto a predetermined server, lets say .45, they do a mass selling of SOJS and pop DC fast. So if dupes are patched, that means there will be less walks. depending on which realm your on. Enabled the ladder only runewords out of realms. Sometimes people disconnect from their games all together and lose out after a day of waiting, which is why I said it’s risky and sometimes unlucky. If there’s an IP or server number say .45 listed in (CO-OP) then that means there will be a co-op going down soon and you should try to get a game in .45. I was in act 4 Hell at the time, and thought that I could go to any act and meet him, so chose act 1 Blood Raven. PlugY is a mod whose primary purpose is to increase the stash size for Diablo II characters. But usually if you do it right, there’s at least 1-2 pops a day, so you have 2 opportunities throughout the day to join one of these games and you might wait only a few minutes to a couple hours instead. These also amount to more than 4 billion pages in total, and are shared between all of your characters.

https://diablo.gamepedia.com/PlugY?oldid=194761. If you manage to kill him, he drops a unique Small Charm - Annihilus or "Anni" for short. But I also heard that an act 2 might merc should be leveled while you level to make him do might more often? Then people might say ok .45 has 20 SOJS I’ll add in 5 tonight. Then they sell their SOJS fast within 2-3 minutes. I was at the top of the stairs at the waypoint act 4, when the message arrived.

The mod also gives you an equal amount of Shared pages.

/page 4 : (beta) Show available runewords (stats page must be opened). /toggle page : Swap the content of current stash page with the content of another page in opposing stash shared/personal.

That’s why I said it’s riskier, but also can pay back HUGE. So we have identified the IP address of the server on which the SoJs are being sold. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. you must type in /ns identify PASSWORDYOUCHOSE.

The Diablo Clone is a special, realm-only bonus monster added in the v1.10 patch. Well the first was a co-op. The second way to do this is to download a program on mIRC (I will explain what mIRC is shortly) which tells you which server you are on when you run Diablo.

/setindex : Set current stash page as index. Some good ones kill him in 10 seconds or even less!! The way to do it is while in the game where you see that SoJs are being sold, alt tab and open a Windows Command Prompt (CMD). The second world event, added in 1.11, is also available but with one drawback.

Please backup ALL your save files. This installation is needed for proper Full Screen gaming, as well as for the Widescreen Resolution. /setmainindex : Set current stash page as main index. A: Diablo Clone is the only monster in the game that drops the unique annihilus charm. There are two quests which are specific for Battle.net and cannot be completed outside of the realms. He is different from Pandemonium Diablo! This is another way in which DC hunting might get risky, because you have to hold a game for a long time sometimes. Please backup ALL your save files. (SLOW) means SOJS are being sold slowly and takes a couple hours to even 1-2 days for that server to get 75-150 SOJS and pop DC.

Dclone spawns in the place of the super unique closest to your locatio at spawn. In fact, PlugY effectively eliminates the need for mules in offline play.

Some people might say “.45 IS UP BY 40!! I have one of these, and they are great. Look at what’s going on at mIRC (ie. - Can open Cow Level Portal even when player has killed the Cow King in that difficulty. PlugY allows the player to complete these two on Singleplayer and over TCP/IP. I freeze, decriptify, and slow with clay golem and he cant do anything.

After this you should be able to talk and discuss. Thx Then one other might connect to a .45 game and sell 1 SOJ. Like I said this could be short, one hour, maybe even 2 days. Once everyone sees it hits 50, they usually follow suit and sell 1 SOJ which is more than enough to pop him if there are hundreds of people on that server. Most of the time, if your consistent you should be fine. Automatically execute /players X when you launch a new game. A bot then informs the channel of the huge spike in SOJS on say .45 and you have 2-3 minutes to get a game on .45. I went on to Blood Raven and killed her, but no Diablo clone in sight. So lets see here, slim chance of it happening, and more often that not, people will join your game and steal your ANNI. Type in irc.dcloneirc.net. Public co-ops usually give people anywhere from 15 minutes to even a couple hours since they release the IP or server they are going to pop.

In each server there will be different commands and conversations, it will take a day or two to get used to. You will notice "6433 Stones of Jordan sold to Merchants" appear as a message in your game. 1. Now they are in range by 15 SOJS on .45.

On waypointing there all my skeleton minions vanished, but my clay golen and revives remained. Because you can just ask “Is .45 a miswalk?” and people will tell you yes or no. If you would like to edit the configuration of the mod, open PlugY.ini in your favorite text editor and save your changes. See his full stats, and more details about this … People will be talking about which channels people are going to be putting SOJS in, which channels are most likely to pop etc.

/swap page : Swap the content of current stash page with the content of another page. These addresses range from .30 to .180 which is a total of 150 servers or IP addresses. You MUST run Diablo in WINDOWS mode, meaning it is a window and doesn’t take up as much space as a full screen. Well here’s the tough part. You have to keep creating games until you land a game in a specific server. ZIP file version won't do.

Diablo Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community.

The clone (Uber Diablo) can appear in any Hell difficulty game regardless of an open game or password protected game. Ahh. One thing to note is that most players cooperate and sell SOJS on specific servers to create DC to get the Anni charm, so the selling of SOJS isn’t as random as you might think. Always display Mana and Life values above the globes.

General rule if it’s over 75+ SOJS for a long time and it’s not recorded as a walk, then its likely a miswalk. Unlike Pandemonium event, this event is random and you cant do it whenever you feel like it.

The Diablo Clone is a special, realm-only bonus monster added in the v1.10 patch. If you ask around, people are more than happy to help you 24/7 all the time. I can’t tell you what the exact conversation will be, but most often you will be using the conversations to make a decision on which servers to join. The second is by people adding SOJS to a server little by little. Also Blizzard kicks people for being idle in their game. So far there are 3 'plugY.ini' files and I'm not sure which one needs to be changed or whether they ALL need to be changed to get it to work. This is a popular build in regular Diablo play, and with maxed resistance, high life, they should be able to tank him.

The AI files for the Three Ubers as well as the scripts that continually spawns monsters during the event, only exists on the Battle.net servers and not locally, hence cannot be emulated off-realm. Probably was dclone off screen that dropped your skelles and stuff too. Diablo Clone and its reward Annihilus is event that only exist in the Battle.net servers of the game. Now remember how I said there are 2 ways in which SOJS are sold on a server? - Shared storage space in the stash (up to 4,294,967,296 shared pages too!) The Diablo Clone is a special, realm-only bonus monster added in the v1.10 patch. The number BEFORE this number is your server number.

A bunch of numbers should pop up and one should read :4000 at the VERY END. Now, once you’ve judged which game is most likely to pop next, you try to find a game on that server say .45.

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