Submit at the PC. Then speak to Arata and watch the next scenes. Watch the scene and then go and talk to all 4 people in Akihabara with a quest marker then you will see a scene. Most locations have to be unlocked first through story mode/side cases before they show up. Cross the street to see 2 digimon with quest markers, watch the scene. Version: 2.9 | Updated: 03/15/2016 FAQ of the Month Winner: July 2015 | Highest Rated Guide, For the best experience, it's recommended to view this FAQ in a single page by clicking the "View as Single Page" at the bottom of this page. Lower its HP just enough and a scene will play. The only normal one is a territory battle. After that a scene will play and now you need to go to Under Kowloon lvl 3, Chitose will join as a guest with his Ankylomon. There are no new chests or medals here.

After the opening scenes, you will gain control of your character and be in EDEN Entrance (EDENエントランス). You will now be in a digital space. You will obtain the ability to use Hacking Skills (ハッキングスキル). You will be back in the first room open the chest and use the warp point near the entrance and walk towards the chest east of where you warp to. Then some scenes will play.

Go north to get questioned a third time by Zaxon hackers, show them the Zaxon Mask to get past them. However these quests are completely optional unless you want to complete your medal collection in which case it i advise completing all of them, also there will only be a few that you can access as of right now even if you investigate several time and more will be unlocked in later chapters. You will also have noticed that you can now use the digimon market. Now simply lower its HP to zero however at 1% it will survive once by using "you wanna go home" simply finish it off.

Follow the path to the stairs, take them down and go straight south till you see the girl, speak to her and proceed south to the next stair case. There are 2 more chests both can be gotten from the 2 alleys at the very end of the first room (inside these wooden buildings near the gate).

After fighting the enemy hacker there is a terminal which you can activate (hacking skill not needed) to turn on the warp point to the left. Once you go to the memory server you will reach the point of no return and will be unable to take cases in chapter 18, as well as any other Eden based activities. There are 5 emblems. The effect of 6 actions 6 boosts is that after 6 turns it will use a skill Raising the roof, regardless of turn order, this skill boosts ALL of its stats again and heals him exactly 666 HP, we can assume he increases his other stats by about 66 every 6 turns. Watch the opening scenes. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Now keep moving forward and grab the medal to the side.

You can now access the the Fighting game server from the digilab as a Mirror dungeon called Digital space 01. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Summary : In Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, scan, raise, and train your faithful Digimon companions to battle by your side against a group of hackers.

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